How to Book Cheap Hotels with Hotwire and Ebates

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Hey everyone today, I’m going to show you how to book cheap hotels using hot wire and Ebates If you’re not sure what Ebates says Ebates is a website that you go to and they give you links to the usual Companies that you shop at and then they’ll give you cash back for shopping there. So Amazon eBay Macy’s Kohl’s Walmart the usual places you click on their link and then they give you Cash back in the form of a cheque or they’ll put money into your PayPal account. So We’ll punch in Hotwire. That’s where we’re gonna be booking our hotel today. They’ve got some special deals on the right-hand side But today we’re just gonna be clicking shop now and they’re gonna give us 4 percent cashback for making our hotel purchase That’s If you’re from Canada, you can do Ebates CA It’s the exact same thing. There might be some slight differences in the web sites You can use but you can see in the top right hand corner Actually, I made a hundred and eighty one dollars and thirty cents just shopping on eBay spying our usual things Christmas presents or daily household items so it for really doing nothing just clicking on the link. That’s quite a bit of money actually So we’ll type in Hotwire here again Actually, I’m gonna leave links below for And You don’t mind signing up through those links. That would really help me out We’ll just hit the shop now and it’s gonna actually forward us on to where we’re gonna book our hotel. So We need to stay in Los Angeles in August So right actually at LAX, so we’re gonna just type in LAX if you haven’t used Hotwire It’s really easy to do you just punch in your destination and the dates? So let’s say August 14th to 15th and We need one room with two adults. So we’ll just hit find hotel We were actually emailed that the price drop down so it had been close to $200 we were emailed that there’s prices as low as 90 now, so on the left hand side It says price alert hotels get it and we just clicked on that and an emailed us the price drop So that’s kind of cool on the right hand side I selected the area which is in red Which is the LAX area and we actually want to stay at this Hilton Hotel for $114 But we’re curious about this $90 hotel if it actually might be the Hilton The the comparables kind of check out it’s a four-star hotel in the LAX Airport area for the dates we need You can select your bed type there’s an airport shuttle which is really important to us in the amenities but if you click here on the show hotels It’s actually going to show you for hotels and for these secret hotels You just want to be make sure that you’re ok with any of those options The Hilton is on there, but we’d be ok with any of those options. And again, it’s important that we have that shuttle So I’m going to go ahead and book this we’re gonna click on the one king bed book now It’s really easy to use Hotwire You can create an account if you like or you can punch in your information manually If you create an account, it’ll save all your information. You’re at the top You can punch in your first name last name phone number email address your payment information down here And Over on the right-hand side, you can go over your details. So the date The type of room again the amenities it shows the airport shuttle there the price for room form so $90 for that and Then your taxes and fees it comes to $113. 29 for a four-star at LAX Which I think is a great deal. You can hit book now at the bottom I actually will just go ahead and punch in my information privately And hit book now and it’s processing the purchase for you And there it says Hilton Los Angeles Airport in green Awesome, you’re staying at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport So that makes me happy. It’s exactly what we wanted we saved $29 over knowing what the hotel was but like I said, we’d be happy with any of those options It’ll email you a confirmation of what you’ve done. You can see it here. You can print it If you want you could actually go ahead and book a car for the same dates there on the right hand side So I’m happy with that deal. I’m just going to give that a happy face there And don’t forget. We also have our Ebates money coming. So 4% back on that so 3-4 bucks for just booking your hotel and You know on top of that 90 bucks, so it’s definitely a great way to save money Make sure you set your alerts make sure you use Ebates go into Hotwire and shop around So I hope this video helps you out and saves you lots of money in the future booking your hotels Please remember to like and subscribe leave your comments and questions below. I would be more than happy to help you out with that Thanks again for watching . Take care!


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