How to buy plane ticket for a round-the-world trip

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– Hi, this is Yun Qing
from and I teach young working
adults how to plan a career break to travel. Today, we’re talking about how to buy round the world air tickets. So, I did my own round the world trip So, I did my own round the world trip in 2013, and I was just
researching plane tickets. It is really, really difficult. So, I first of all, I tried, you know. I tried looking at
airlines which are offering like round the world
tickets, but the problem with those tickets is that the terms and conditions are quite long. For example, the ones that I looked at they said that you can only go in one direction, you cannot
go to a city twice, and there was just so many
things to take note of and even after, you
know, I tried plugging in all the places I want to go, it was so complicated that I gave up. And what I did instead then, was that I approached
to use their system to, like, plot my air tickets. And they gave me a quote, and eventually I send the quote over and they emailed me back saying that I was
booking my tickets too early. So, I was trying to book
my tickets 11 months in advance and turns out
I think I couldn’t do it. So, I had to wait until the period was much shorter and then finally I did. So when I finally did buy
my round the world tickets through AirTreks, they had someone call me and I told them, that
you know, I want to reach a city during the day, preferably, and of course, other things
I was concerned about. So, what I like about AirTreks is that they know how airlines fly, they actually recommended me two places that I wouldn’t have thought of visiting if they didn’t suggested that to me. For example, they
suggested going to Istanbul for my transfer to South
America and I thought, you know, I’ve never been
to Turkey, that’d be cool. So I went there and I
spent about ten days. My mom came along as well
and it was really fun. So, that was a suggestion they added and I really liked it. And they also told me that I could stay in El Salvador for a few days if I wanted to. And I just wanted like another country on my Passport, so I said yes. And I went to El Salvador. It was okay. It wasn’t like ahhh
fantastic because I was like down with a really serious flu then but it was a really chill
trip so I liked that as well. But of course, if you’re
buying through AirTreks, some people will like to track tickets and buy it during a
really drastic price drop. If you’re buying through AirTreks they’re buying it on the spot, so you really can’t do that. But I do appreciate the
convenience of not having to plot all my airplanes
and ‘course they also updated me when there
were changes to my flights which I appreciate a lot
because if you’re buying air tickets ’cause they
would send a announcement as well, but I liked that it was AirTreks was keeping track for me and I didn’t really have to worry about it. So that was how I bought my own
round the world air tickets. If you have any questions
about how to take a career break to travel,
leave them in the comments. I’m Yun Qing from Yqtravelling. Remember to subscribe for more career break travel tips and
I’ll see you next Monday. Buh-bye!


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