How to Clean Soft Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Case

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in this video I’m going to share with
you three different ways on how to clean soft contact lenses and how to
clean the contact lens case let’s take a look. hello and welcome I am dr. Joseph
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additional information and tips about cleaning contact lenses and the contact
lens case but Believe It or Not most people have no idea how to clean the
contacts correctly but I’m gonna show you how to do it so you can not only
disinfect the lenses and reduce your chances of infection but also improve
the comfort of the wearing your lenses now the first thing before you ever
handle any contact lenses make sure you wash your hands just to make sure
there’s no nasty bugs on there that could actually get into your eye now the
most common and simplest way to clean your contact lenses is actually with
some type of disinfecting solution now this has happens to be the opti free puremoist brand it’s the one that I find very comfortable but there are many
different brands that are over-the-counter but I do recommend you
use the one that your doctor recommended for you and your type of contact lenses
now depending on the solution you are using the instructions on the back of
the bottle may actually vary but I encourage you to actually read them the
first step believe it or not most people never follow the first step and it’s
actually one of the most significant and most beneficial steps to cleaning your
contacts and that is to rub the lenses so the instruction says to remove the
contact lens put it in the palm of your hand go ahead and use a little bit of
the opti free solution and then actually rub the lens for 20 seconds now the real
secret is yes rub the lens but don’t rub the lens too hard when you rub the lens
you will break up certain proteins that have kind of latched on to the sides of
those lenses by breaking up those proteins they’ll generally be more
comfortable you also kill some nasty types of bacteria by doing that little
rubbing motion but I do encourage you to be gentle with it because if you rub too
hard you can actually tear or rip the lenses and because you’re breaking off
all those extra proteins and debris that are stuck on the lens generally the
lenses will be more comfortable over the course of their wear whether they’re a
2-week or a one-month lens rubbing the lenses for at least 20
seconds the opti free puremoist solution does require you to rinse each side
of the lens with a steady stream of solution for at least 10 seconds again
that rinses off all that extra debris or bacteria that could be resting on the
lens then it’s just a matter of putting your contact lens into the case and then
filling the case with the opti free puremoist solution making sure that the lens is
completely submerged actually in the cleaning solution otherwise if it’s just
resting on the top then the inner surface of the lens may not actually be
getting any disinfecting on it now again every solutions a little different
opti free puremoist does say to soak the lens for at least 6 hours so most
people do take out their contact lenses before going to bed so that gives you
usually plenty of time to get those six hours in now if you’re cleaning your
lenses this way it’s really important that you do not reuse the contact lens
solution you want to make sure that you dump that out in the next morning and
then make sure you refill this the following night if you reuse the
disinfecting solution it’s no longer gonna be working as well and it is gonna
greatly increase your chance of an infection now when you put your contact
lenses in and you empty out the solution from the case make sure you leave the
case actually facing upward to air dry that will actually allow the solution to
dry out and kill any other bacteria that happened to be living in the case now
it’s actually best practices to clean this case as well sometimes you’ll
actually see nasty little debris and other sort of protein build-up within
the lens case and yeah that can actually get on to your eye and not good
so alongside drying out the contact lens case every night I actually strongly
recommend that you actually clean these contact lens cases every week basically
you just put a little bit of disinfecting solution into the lens well
swirl a finger around in there a little bit agitate any sort of proteins that
may have been built up and then go ahead and rinse it out with additional some
solution and then again dry it out by leaving it to air dry
in general it’s actually recommended that you replace these cases at least
every three months but for the most part if you’re buying some type of contact
lens solution free cases come alongside that solution and generally you’re
buying one of these bottles every month or so of course if you ever misplace
their case or you just need a new one you can always buy new ones at the store
you can buy them in bulk online or you can even reach out to your local optical
or eye care clinic they’ll usually have a couple extra space for you now I’m
going to show you how to clean it contact lenses with a hydrogen peroxide
solution specifically this one is with clear care plus now there’s many
different brands of hydrogen peroxides cleaning solutions out there but this
has just happens to be my favorite now hydrogen peroxide solutions have the
benefit of being non preservative and they actually do clean the lenses
extremely effectively and they remove some of the debris from the lenses I
have a lot of patients who swear that this lens solution actually helps them
wear their lenses longer but on the flip side I also have patients who don’t like
the hydrogen peroxide solution because they feel it makes their lenses drier
but have you ever tried hydrogen peroxide solution if so let me know in
the comments what you think but just like the other solutions it’s really
important that you read the instructions on the back specifically the section
that’s highlighted in red hydrogen peroxide can actually burn the eye if
it’s not used properly and you’ll notice that this solution has to sit in a
specialized case this case actually has a special disc built into the case
itself and that actually interacts with the hydrogen peroxide and then turns
that into complete sterile water but it does require at least six hours now I
want to show you this because a lot of people if you’ve never seen this type of
case you’re probably looking at it and you’re like what is this thing but it’s
actually a pretty smart design you actually just go ahead and flip down
both sides either one side is gonna be kind of color-coded and you can actually
see a little are written on there you remove your right lens put that on the
side with the little R written on it take your left lens put that on the left
side then you go ahead and you close the case once you close the case you
actually go ahead and rinse the lenses with a gentle stream of five seconds
with the hydrogen peroxide solution on each side again that’s just gonna rinse
off any sort of extra debris or bacteria that are actually latched on to that
lens then you’ll go ahead and fill the lens cup all the way up until the fill
line that’s that little translucent line that goes all the way across make sure
you don’t overfill it or under fill it otherwise it’s either gonna spill over
or it’s going to actually not completely disinfect the entire lens after filling
the lens cup you basically just put the lens holder into the cup and then screw
on the top once it screwed on don’t shake the solution but you’ll actually
start to see a reaction forming on the bottom of
the case and it’ll start to actually physical at the solution sit for at
least six hours for it to convert over to sterile water but usually it’s never
a problem but it’s important that whenever you have to buy new solution
that you go ahead and dispose of the previous case the little element that
actually activates with hydrogen peroxide does actually wear off and so
if you continue to try to reuse the same case over and over again eventually it’s
gonna stop activating and then it’s just gonna not convert it into sterile water
and ouch if for some reason or by accident you do get some of the hydrogen
peroxide solution in your eye whether directly from the bottle or you get it
because the solution didn’t completely convert to sterile water make sure you
immediately take out your contact lenses certainly consider flushing the eye and
then contact your local eye care provider because you want to make sure
you didn’t get a corneal burn now the third way I’m gonna show you on how to
clean your lenses is actually with a completely new thing to me it’s
something that I never learned in school and to my knowledge maybe even is kind
of a new way to clean contacts and then just with an ultrasonic lens cleaner now
this is becoming kind of a newer thing that I’ve seen on the Internet a couple
of different products are out there this one is actually from a company called
iclear they actually sent this to me as a gift but it certainly is not gonna
affect my review of it I’m certainly going to tell you all of its positives
and its negatives now the whole point of ultrasonic cleaners whether they’re used
for contact lenses or even for glasses like we have here in the clinic they
actually activate and really shake the lens extremely fast and that actually
will break off extra debris and proteins from the lenses and the whole point is
to really clean the lens and prevent it from feeling gritty or dirty when it’s
sitting on your eye therefore improving comfort now this case from iclear is
actually pretty cool it does come with kind of a cool mirror on the inside it’s
got a couple of different tools so that you can actually pick up the lenses like
this little soft tweezers here it has this little DMV or a little kind of
plunger to go ahead and remove the contact lenses if that’s something you
like to do but actually has this little tray inside that you fit your contact
lenses in kind of similar to the hydrogen peroxide solution and then you
actually set it inside of this little metal well then you fill the well
actually with solution and then you have this little button
that you press and it actually turns on and that activates the ultrasound
mechanism and that goes on for about two minutes after the two minutes are done
you do have to then dispose of the solution then you actually have to take
the lenses and put them into another case and basically repeat the process
with the disinfecting solution now to be completely honest I do think this
technology is pretty cool the whole idea of using ultrasound to clean the lens is
kind of kind of a new and upcoming thing maybe it’s the way we do it in the
future but for coming in at a price point to $50 u.s. at the timing of this
video I do think it’s a little pricey considering you can probably get the
same effect from just rubbing two lenses but again if you’re somebody who has a
really hard time either switching to a daily lens maybe you hat your the
prescription only comes in a monthly lens and you have a lot of debris that
gets stuck on those lenses maybe you could try the ultrasound cleaner maybe
it’ll work for you alright everyone thanks for watching like the video give
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