How to Do a CELTA Certificate On the Cheap. *English TEFL ESL Teacher Cambridge*

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BenTeachesEnglishOverseas what’s up
guys good morning I’m coming back at you with another installment today we are
going to discuss temple certificates CELTA Trinity everything else if you
have looked through all my videos then you’ve probably seen the one where I
discuss the differences okay so a lot of people email me about this constantly
and they want to know hey should I do a temple should I do an online you know
certificate or should I go ahead and do the CELTA or whatever I’m going to
preface this video like I prefaced most of my videos with with something
generally because I don’t know everything about everything but I’m
quite experienced with this I don’t have a CELTA I gotta say that up front I
don’t have one but I think it’s a very useful tool and it’s definitely
something that is pretty badass for a resume a lot of Commonwealth countries
are going to ask if you have one or not and it seems over the course of history
that the CELTA has become kind of the go-to like the gold standard okay now if
you have a temple and you’re watching this video I’m not intending to make you
feel bad and I’m not saying that your certification is of any less quality or
stature but the fact of the matter is it’s like the Rolex watch you know the
Bentley or whatever CELTA is just known as the top okay the British Council and
you know Cambridge have done a really good job at marketing and also kind of
pushing this product is something that’s premium that so for me personally I’m
not you know somebody who wants to do one that might be as good if you know if
it’s me I’m going to do it like a 10% oh I’m not going to do it at all so
obviously I haven’t done it at all yet now why if you look back at the videos I
don’t mean to repeat myself but some people probably haven’t haven’t seen it
before the CELTA requires a great deal in terms of cost okay now it’s not just
the cost of the certificate itself it’s the cost of giving up work for a month
potentially more because you have to have enough time on on either side to
make sure that you show up early you get settled and then you’re ready for class
and you’re not jet-lagged and going crazy and you know everything set up
you’ve got a place to stay and then you got to leave and fly back somewhere else
or or whatever so there’s that there’s the price of the ticket there’s the
price of accommodation there’s the food prices while you’re there I don’t know
if I just said this but giving up work for a month I mean all of these play
into what can be a rather large outlay monetarily speaking okay so personally
that’s why I haven’t done it because in the past I had jobs that were lucrative
and it wasn’t worth it in terms of the opportunity cost for me to leave and go
do a CELTA now oftentimes I’d be working my ass off and then I’d have a month
open and it would be like oh man there’s finally a course that opened up but I’m
just I’m so exhausted I need to recharge my batteries and my time would be better
spent on a beach somewhere rather than trying to knock out a CELTA even if it
would be good ultimately for my resume and career and everything else so what
I’ve done over the years is I have compiled all the data and this is you
know the cost all-inclusive of which CELTA is the best value okay now all of
them are going to come from they are all certified by the same
people so if you the CELTA and Thailand is the same self of this somebody gets
in London now a person in London is going to tell you all mine’s better
because it says London on it I’ll necessarily agree with that because it’s
all accredited and over overseen by the same accrediting body right so for me
personally I wouldn’t let that stand in the way so what I’m about to say if you
are a person who lives in England and you happen to have somebody you can stay
with in London and you you know can take the underground or metro or whatever you
guys call it to go do your CELTA this doesn’t really apply to you because you
know it’s right next door and for Europeans this is a lot easier because
it’s a European program if you’re an American like me or you’re a Canadian it
can be very time-consuming and difficult to knock out a shelter ok if you look
like we have a program in San Francisco but it’s prohibitively expensive because
if you’ve been there before you know good luck trying to find accommodation
in San Francisco if you’re not from there ok like you get the ticket out
there and then I mean if you even look at air B&B or something
you can spend $100 a night easily or you know you have to stay in Oakland or
something and then commute and you got to rent a car then and I mean it’s just
like forget it no chance I the cash outlay would be insane so here’s what
I’ve done I’ve boiled it down if you are in Europe or you can get to Europe
cheaply ok the cheapest programs are the Czech Republic
that’s 1183 bucks for yourself okay you can also go to Cracow Poland 1172 bucks okay by the way I’m only
telling you places that I have been to that I can vouch for okay and if you’re
in Cracow and you’re interested you can go to Auschwitz it is a very interesting
experience but a tear jerker too so I’d recommend you go like after you finish
your celtic because it can kind of mess with your mind but it’s an experience
that I wouldn’t trade and I would recommend it if you’re already in that
neck of the woods okay so Czech Republic and Poland Krakow
Poland those are your two best bets okay both
of those places are super cheap you can get great accommodation you’re going to
save because your your expenses will be so low and I mean eleven hundred bucks
you can’t beat that especially when you’re looking at like 3000 and other
places so if you can get to Europe and you want to go through one of those
programs those would be ideal I can’t vouch for the individual programs but
I’d imagine that since they’re all accredited by the same body it’s
probably pretty good okay if you are so inclined Cape Town South Africa god I
love that place I could live there and it’s amazing there CELTA is only 890
bucks now it’s expensive to get to South
Africa in most situations but here’s kind of a trick if you are already
around India or that area because they are both kind of a former British you
know what’s the word I’m looking for colonies you can fly pretty cheaply I’ve
seen tickets like 250 each way going from India to Cape Town
it might be the same as well I know you can fly you know through a lot of
different former British colonies and it can be quite cheap so check that out and
again when I say cheap I don’t mean dirt cheap you know getting a self is going
to cost you money regardless of how you slice it and I wish that I could you
know make it thousand bucks all in for everybody but it’s not going to be
possible okay for my American viewers the best possible scenario that I have
found this may not be the best that exists but the best one that I have
found is Bogota Colombia their program 1795 okay 1795 bucks but your
accommodation if you stay in certain areas of Bogota especially the kind of
the artsy district like Collin Daria ten bucks a night for great accommodation
meals you can give for like three bucks if you followed my Colombia videos
before you remember I mean I was getting like a big plate of chicken and potatoes
and salad and a drink and everything is like three bucks so as we said before
the other big part of this puzzle is your airfare and in America if you live
in a place like me either in Florida or Atlanta or I believe in New York another
big Hub City for airports you can often fly to Bogota for very cheap I just saw
actually a flight going from Atlanta to Medici in Colombia and it was only 260
bucks round-trip when I started my trip last
year I went Memphis to Bogota and each way was a hundred and sixty-seven bucks
okay so it can be done on the cheap so Colombia offers great value in terms of
not only your accommodation your food every
but you can get there fairly inexpensively now if you live in a tiny
city in Wisconsin or you know just as an example and you want to get down to
Colombia don’t hesitate to look at breaking down your trip between two legs
you could maybe buy a cheap ticket to it Lanta or Fort Lauderdale and then fly
from there don’t just go into you know Google or Travelocity or whatever and
type in you know you’re a small town to there because of course the tickets are
going to look insanely expensive as if they always do so Colombia for my North
American viewers I believe it offers the best possible value okay so this is just
a quick recap on where I would maybe recommend that you start looking if
you’re planning on a CELTA and then go from there please keep in mind you only
have to do this once okay so just shell out that you know
whatever it takes to get to get your certification and then know that that’s
a cool bullet you’re going to have on your resume for the rest of your life I
hope this helps and I hope you have a great week take care


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