How To Find Cheap Airline Flights Like The Pros / Travel Hacking

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Hello! Welcome back and today I’m going
to talk about some trade secrets on how to save money on flights. Let’s get
started. The best and easiest technique is nearby airports which basically means that you are looking for the airports nearby
where you are flying from so for example if you are flying from Houston and you
want to get to London then you’re also going to want to look at the nearby
airports around Houston. So for Houston you have Dallas and Austin which are the
two major hubs and you can drive to those within five hours or take a bus. Also you have smaller airports like San Antonio, College Station, etc… And you can look for nearby airports on Google just searching airports but also on Travel
Math. I’ll put a link of that site in the description. So usually people will just
look up Houston to London and stop there but you also want to look up Dallas to
London and Austin to London to see what the deals are and how much more money you could save by flying from those other places. If it’s a significant amount of
savings then it’s going to be well worth it to drive or take a bus to the other
city in order to fly from there instead of from your home base you can also
reverse this technique so instead of flying Houston to Gatwick for example
and just checking that one you can also check Houston to Heathrow and that works
a bit more for certain destinations than others but that’s an also good option if
you haven’t checked that kind of route another related technique to nearby
airports is kind of extending your field of range so for example instead of
looking for airports that you can drive to looking for airports that are cheap
to fly to so for example with Houston you could fly to Houston Denver or
Houston Vegas or Houston Atlanta so let’s say for example Atlanta to London
was significantly cheaper then it might actually be worth it to go from Houston
to Atlanta and buy one plane ticket there and then buy a separate plane
ticket from Atlanta to London the risky part of this
technique is you’re basically buying two flights so if you miss your first flight
your second flight isn’t really going to help you at all just because it was on
another airline and it was on another flight so this kind of technique is a
lot better if for example you wanted to go up to Atlanta and stay a couple of
days or you wouldn’t mind doing that and then going and continuing to your next
destination now usually airplane search engines will
already do this for you but sometimes they won’t necessarily get all the
possibilities and one of the best ways to kind of do this technique is having
travel maps it’s good practice to know your airline map so online you’re going
to find the routes that spirit takes the routes that United takes the routes of
smaller airlines like Copa Airlines Norwegian as well if you’re going to
Europe and helps you look at what may be the cities you should be looking at
instead of the normal cities that you are looking at to have these more
affordable and better routes the next tip is to compare. Never just by a flight
ticket when you see a good price so for example I like to use the app Hopper
but I won’t stop at Hopper once I find a good deal I’ll go on Skyscanner
Priceline CheapOair just really just typing what other kind of network
services there are I’ll also check the airline to see if there’s any good deals
and usually you can actually cut the price of your ticket maybe like $50 more. One thing you really need to know is how to spot a good deal so if you’ve never
traveled to this place before or if you haven’t traveled there in a while you
may not know what a good price for a ticket was for example whenever I was
looking into tickets for Australia I saw $800 and I thought oh my god that’s so
expensive and so I waited on that and then I found out later by continuously
checking that $1,000 $1,500 was actually a very typical price and $800 was a
phenomenal I should have bought it then lesson learned so a good way to check
what the price you want look at is by using fair detective
underneath the graph you’ll be able to see the average flight price now this is
an average to take that into account for example if you are traveling on the high
season maybe the average is actually what you want to aim for but if you’re
traveling in the low season the average may not be what you want to aim for
definitely aim for lower than that average now the idea is that if you want
to buy an international flight then you gotta buy it six to nine months ahead of
time and if you want to do a domestic flight you’ve got to do it three to six
months domestic in the u.s. that’s a good rule to follow in general but don’t
let it trip you up you really gotta focus on when the low
season and the high season of your destination is so for example if you
were in the US and you wanted to go to Europe let’s say London in September
then the idea with the international flights six to nine months ahead is that
you would buy it in January to March but then let’s say March passes and you’ve
decided in July or in June that you want to travel to Europe then you’re just
gonna buy a ticket there because you think The Closer that it gets the more
expensive it’s going to be but the thing with London and Europe in general is
that the fall is their low season so actually if you wanted to get a
September ticket in general buying it in August is actually going to be way
better price than if you would have bought it in June in July
so really know what those destination seasons are and be aware that just
because you wait a bit more last minute for something doesn’t mean that
you’re going to get a worse deal. It’s also important to look at the
weekday that you are buying your ticket so in general what you’ve probably heard
is it’s good to buy a Tuesday and Wednesday and actually yeah that’s
that’s a pretty good time to buy I’ve seen some very significant drops from
looking at a ticket on a Saturday and then looking at the same route same
destination same time on a Wednesday so try to get more into those middle
weekday times when a lot of people aren’t going to be
searching for flights and black prices are going to be likely lower you can
also sign up for travel alerts or for travel websites or travel deal
subscriptions through email some of the ones I really like are Scots cheap
flights completely free and they’ll send you one every couple of days that they
found if you want to become a Premium Member they change the price recently so
I’m not sure how much that one is now but they’ll also give you some more
deals I’ll also use Skyscanner. There’s a link
in the description of the website where they kind of update a cheap sort of
last-minute deals again I like to use hopper so hopper can give you a
notification for the destination that you want to go to the route that you
want to take or also for the dates and in addition to what you want to be
notified for it’ll also give you suggestions so if you’ve been looking at
Houston London maybe one day will be like hey Houston Madrid is actually $200
cheaper why not travel this time or if you want
to do Houston London in August it would be like hey actually Houston London’s
gonna be a lot cheaper if you travel in September so give you some nice
suggestions there’s also escape so there’s escape
ATX escape Houston escape Seattle there’s kind of a whole chain of those
so I’ll link those in the description as well they might have one for your city
but also just Google for your city so for example New York City flight deals
you might end up finding just a person or a small company that really likes to
research these flight deals and that will send you emails of these flight
deals so that you can stay updated on when there’s a good price and your
destination might be one of those that has a really good price also don’t
forget the airline so if you really just loved an airline sign up for their
emails especially if there’s a route that that airline does very well or does
very cheaply signing up for those alerts is good to know so those are just some
of the main techniques that travel agents won’t tell you but that will
definitely help you save a lot of money in your next flight let us know in the
comments what technique you used and how much you saved thanks for watching and
I’ll see the next video


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