How to Find Cheap Flights in 2018 – 4 Awesome Tips to BOOST Your Travel NOW

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In this video, I’m going to share 4 awesome
tips on how to find cheap flights in 2018. Make sure to watch until the end of the video
because our last tip can save you hundreds of dollars per plane ticket to amazing destinations
no matter where you live in the world, so stay tuned. I’m Patsy with The Vacation Life, and my passion is helping you to
live your best life, so let’s get into those tips on how to find cheap flights. Tip number 1: Be Flexible. It’s very important that you’re as flexible
as possible. Now, this might seem obvious to you, but it
really does open up the opportunities that you’ll be able to take advantage of the more
flexible you are. So, the more flexible the better. And when I say flexibility, I’m referring
to flexibility in your dates and also the destinations, so where you’re going. Make sure that you’re as flexible as possible
when it comes to destinations. If you’re just focused on one destination,
you might miss out on tons of other really awesome places just because maybe that particular
trip is really expensive at that particular time. So, the more flexible that you can be the
better. Tip number 2: Google Flights. We start all of our flight searches on Google
Flights because they bring in pretty much all of the flight information from all of
the major airlines out there. So, you’re able to search a ton of different
places at once. Also, you can look into the Explore option
where you can check where exactly you might be able to go for the cheapest at that particular
time. So, you might look at a certain weekend or
a certain week in the future then you can do explore from your origin city, or you can also
do another origin city if you’re going to be traveling somewhere else and then maybe
there’s a cheap flight leaving there to go to somewhere else. So, definitely check out Google Flights. If you look at the portion of Google Flights
where you submit a date range and you click a destination, it’ll give you this calendar
with these green prices. The green prices are the cheapest prices for
that particular trip. So, you can look in the future, a couple months
down the line and see when it might be the cheapest for you to travel to that particular
destination. So, it’s a really good resource when you don’t
really know where you want to go or you’re looking for the cheapest flights as we are
in this video. Tip number 3: Consider Budget Airlines. If you’re in the United States, you want to
make sure that you are looking into Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines. Those are the two major budget airlines in
the U.S. And although we don’t have personal experience
with them just yet, we’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Their flights are ridiculously inexpensive. They’re very cheap. You should definitely sign up for their mailing
lists. I’m on the Frontier mailing list, so I get
their emails pretty regularly. They do flash sales all the time. They have discounts. They have flights from $20 or $40 one-way,
so $40 to $80 round-trip, all over the United States and actually they have flights I think
to Puerto Rico and Mexico and a couple of other countries, I believe for Frontier. I’m not on Spirit’s mailing list just yet,
but I might consider doing that in the future just to check it out and see what they have;
but I’m pretty sure that they’re going to have similar deals to Frontier since they’re
direct competitors. So, definitely check into the budget airlines
in your country. I know that Ryanair is really big and really
popular in Europe. It’s a budget airline over in Europe and Wow
Air is another budget airline. It’s out of Iceland. They fly all over to Europe and the U.S. and
of course to Iceland, but you might want to look in to those budget airlines for whatever
region or whatever country you’re in. They can save you hundreds of dollars, tons
of money. With that being said, you want to look into
their baggage policy because they tend to charge extra for carry-on bags. Typically, they charge you extra for bringing
a bag onto the plane, but they do allow you to bring a purse, or a small bag onto the
plane for free or a small backpack, so just look into their baggage policies with the
budget airlines and make sure that you are following those pretty closely because the
fees could add up and you could be almost to the point where you’re paying for a regular
plane ticket. Tip number 4 is is a really awesome website. I’ll link it down in the description box below. Make sure to check them out. I personally follow them on Facebook because
it’s much easier to just see the deals roll through on my timeline on Facebook than to
check the website everyday. The deals are amazing. You’re gonna want to check this out for sure. So, when using you can actually
go on the website and use the search function. You can search from your origin to wherever
you would like to go and you can leave the date ranges option, or you can search from
your origin put a date range in and then leave the destination open, and it’ll give you a
list of where you can go for the cheapest. Just, if you see a deal that you want, make
sure you go an get it as quickly as possible. Make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking
the red subscribe button and definitely check out our next video on how to travel for cheap
because that video can help you save even more money, hundreds and hundreds of dollars
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