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What’s up guys and thank you again for
watching another episode of footballers advice in today’s video I’m going to go
over how you can find cheap flights to Europe so whether it be that you have a
trial set up and you need to get over to Europe or you’re going on a European
showcase with one of these third party soccer placement companies or even if
you’re going to do something like I did and go overseas and just knock on doors to
try out with teams I’m going to show you in this video how you can find a flight for
cheap and save you some money make sure to also watch this entire video as
towards the end I’m going to give you guys a really good tip and trick that I think
a lot of people just don’t know about and it actually was able to give me 50%
off my flight to Europe so like I said definitely check out all the video that
way you can get that tip now there are a couple different ways that you can use
in order to find a cheap flight to Europe and I will explain all of that in
this video but just to mention to you guys the order in which I go about
discussing each idea is not in any specific order so just remember that so
the first way that you can find a cheap flight to Europe is actually by using a
budget airline the advantage of using a budget airline compared to your
traditional airline is the fact that they do offer cheaper tickets to fly but
with this advantage there also is several disadvantages with using a
budget airline one of those disadvantages is that there are a lot of
hidden fees that you might have to pay one of these fees will be checking your
bag if you need to put your bag underneath the plane usually you will
have to pay for this and sometimes these fees can be really high another one of
these fees also is any refreshments that you may want during your flight unlike
traditional Airlines where they offer that or that cost is actually
incorporated into the price of the ticket with budget airlines that cost is
completely separate so for any drinks or refreshments that you may need you will
have to pay that as well another disadvantage to budget airlines is the
fact that they don’t fly to every destination that traditional airline
carriers do so this is something that you’re going to have to factor in if you
need to have a connecting flight and or any other transportation that allows you
to get to your destination this is also why it’s very important for you to do
all of your research beforehand and in advance that way you can plan for any
additional costs that you may incur while you fly and or any other things
that you need to do to get to your destination so like I said remember to
add all of those additional fees that you may be paying or other
transportation costs into the price of the ticket sometimes using a budget
airline isn’t the cheapest and using a traditional airline where you don’t have
to pay any of those fees or be concerned with taking a connecting flight to get
to the destination that you need to get to now the budget airlines that I know
about that a lot of travelers use and that I’ve heard other soccer players use
is Norwegian air and Wow air now there are a couple other budget airlines out
there however these are the two most common ones that I talk to other soccer
players about and other travelers about when they go over to Europe the second
way that you can find a cheap flight to Europe is to actually use an airline
search engine website that allows you to compare the different price of tickets
for each airline Airlines search engine websites allow travelers to compare the
price of each ticket for each airline so that way by inputting the information
they get to see not only the price of the ticket but the travel itinerary for
each airline that way travelers can choose their best option and with a lot
of these airlines search engine websites you may also find that they offer
cheaper tickets to fly than going to the traditional Airlines website this is
because a lot of airlines actually give discounted rates to these third-party
websites that way they can sell off any rooms or seats available that they may
not be able to sell themselves now offering a cheaper ticket is definitely
an advantage but however it does come with its disadvantages which I will
mention in my third topic on booking directly through the airline and then
the airline’s search engine websites that I hear a lot of travelers use and
soccer players is Skyscanner Momondo and Google flights now there are
other search engine websites that you can use as well that are out there
however these are the most common websites that I hear whenever I talk to
other people the third way that you can book a cheap flight to Europe is
actually booking directly through the Airlines website now I know this sounds
kind of counter intuitive but at times airlines will
actually have special discounts or promotions on their websites that
third-party airline search engine websites can’t sell so this is another
great way to actually catch a cheap flight to Europe is through the company
directly what you can also do as well as if you find any cheap ticket online you
can usually call a customer service representative from the airline and ask
if they will price match any ticket that you see available from another company
or a third party website usually sometimes they will do this but however
they may not so just take that into consideration and from a personal
experience I actually like to book with the airline directly through their
website or with a customer service representative this is because if for
instance your flight were to get delayed and that you miss your connecting flight
or there were to be any other sort of problems that you run into you can go
directly into the airport and talk with a representative from that airline so
that way they can resolve any issues that you may have with the airline
search engine website if you were to use and book through them the hard part
about this is that there’s no physical representative at the airport that you
can talk to so if anything were to actually happen in terms of like missing
your flight having your flight delayed or missing
the connecting flight you usually can’t talk to the agent at the front desk that
represents the airline this is because you booked through a third party company
and you are now subject to terms and conditions through the website and not
to the airline and so you can see how this is a problem if you were to book
through the airline directly they can help you out right then and there and you
can talk to an actual person if you were to use any of these other search engine
websites you would then actually have to call someone and speak to a customer
service representative to actually get those things fixed and then you can see
how this is an even bigger problem if you’re overseas and now you have to use
your international phone plan in order to talk to a customer service
representative so like I said for me personally I like to book directly
through the airline that way if any issues were to come up it’s a lot easier
to rebook and have any problems that I have
worked out and then the fourth way that you can find a cheap flight to Europe is
to actually book in advance a lot of this is due to supply and demand however
I have noticed that the farther you book out from your departure date the better
price you’re going to get this is partially due to the fact that when
airlines have tickets or seats available they want to sell them as quickly as
possible that way they’re guaranteed that they’re making revenue for that
flight so when they offer a seat or ticket very early what they will do to
incentivize people to purchase tickets early is actually give them a discounted
rate or offer a lower price and as you can tell not a lot of people actually
booked in advance they usually booked a lot closer to
their departure date so as you can see that’s why airlines incentivize people
to purchase their flights early that way you get a better price as a general rule
of thumb if you were to purchase at the very latest a month before your
departure date on an international flight
I’ve noticed that you get a pretty good price for your ticket so I would book
either a month or earlier in advance before your departure date as you get
closer to your departure date I have heard that you can also find a really
good price on the ticket however I wouldn’t recommend doing this and from
my own personal experience I’ve never found a situation where booking
last-minute actually gets you a better price for me it would be best to book in
advance that way you give yourself much more time to arrange any other
transportation or accommodation that you may need once you fly and to be quite
frank if you’re going out to go on trial with a soccer team or you’re going to go
knock on doors the last thing that you need to be worried about is your flight
you need to have that setup in advance that way you’re relaxed and you’re
focused on the task at hand and that is to perform well during your trial and
the last and final way that you can get a cheap flight to Europe is actually
when I first traveled to Sweden and this guy’s is my secret tip that I’m about to
reveal so how was I able to get 50 percent off
my flight to Europe well when I first flew to Europe I flew with SAS which is
Scandinavian Airlines and when you fly with SAS you’re allowed to if you’re
under the age of 26 purchase a youth ticket when you fly
with them the advantage to flying with SAS is that you can purchase a youth
ticket a youth ticket actually gives you a discounted rate in order for young
people to fly I’m not actually sure why they do this because airlines in the
US they don’t offer this but if you meet the requirements and you purchase your
ticket through SAS on a youth ticket you are able to actually get a discounted
rate on your ticket and when you go to the homepage of their website you will
see a section where you can input all of your travel information and just below
that section you’ll see a tab where it says book youth ticket and with an arrow
to the right of that this is where you can book flights
cheaply if you fall under the 26 year old age limit and so when I went over to
Stockholm Sweden the second time I was actually able to get 50% off the price
of my ticket and then depending on where you’re traveling and the dates in which
you are traveling you could actually get a better deal however the one thing that
you guys should be aware of when you purchase a youth ticket is that there
are some restrictions with youth tickets there are only so many available for
each flight and then also for each day but even with these restrictions I was
able to make it work and booked far enough in advance that way everything
was taken care of so even with these restrictions everything was able to work
out so just keep that in mind because not every day you’re going to be able to
purchase a youth ticket and not on every flight you’re going to be able to purchase
one either and so that wraps it up for today’s video guys on how you can
purchase a cheap flight to get over to Europe so like I said whether you’re
knocking on doors like I did in Sweden and you’re purchasing a youth ticket or
you’re going over on trial with a team that you’ve already set something up
with or even going on a European showcase these are some ways in which you can get
a cheap flight to Europe so as always guys don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel that way you can check out a lot more tips and tricks that I have for you
guys here in the future and I will see you in the next video thank you guys!


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