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Hi everyone my name is Tatiana, and I’m a
photographer. Recently, I started a blog about travel and about other things that
I’m passionate about. One of my recent blogs was titled how to find cheap
flights, and I’m here today to make a video about how I find those cheap
flights. I use the tool Google flights. After making my blog, I was still getting
lots of questions about more specifics on how I find flights. And I wanted to
make a video just so I can kind of walk through how I would look for a flight so
that other people can see what I’m doing and use some of my techniques in order
to get cheap flights so that they can travel more or just travel in general.
Now, this is just the way that I have found to find cheap flights some people
may have other ways like using sites like Travelocity or the app hopper, but I
think that Google flights has the best capability for searching for flights
from different airlines at different times a day. Just to be noted you can
still be loyal to an airline while using Google flights it’s just if you’re
finding the cheapest flights you may always be flying different airlines,
different times of the day, or you may have weird layovers. So it’s always a give
and take situation whether you think that getting that cheap price is worth
what the flight will be. Now in some cases you can get better flights for
cheap like getting non-stop flights can sometimes be cheaper than getting
flights that have long layovers or lay overs in general. I also want to point
out that using Google flights is a very flexible tool, so whenever I’m planning a
trip or starting to plan a trip I try to be the most flexible I can be. If you are
constantly trying to make certain dates work or being stubborn about what time
of the day or how many layovers you’re gonna have sometimes it is a give and
take like you’d rather just pay more to not have a really long layover but we’ll
talk about that later when we’re looking at flight options. Now I want to touch on
briefly that I am living in Rochester, New York so I am very close to a couple
different airports that give me really good options for flights. I’m about
a three-hour drive from Toronto, about an hour from Buffalo, and even though it
sounds like a long drive I’m about six hours from New York City. Toronto and New York City are huge hubs for flights they have tons of flights going in and out
every single day so finding really cheap international flights is gonna be easier
flying out of somewhere like Toronto or New York City rather than directly out
of Rochester. With that being said, you can still find cheap flights even if you
don’t live near a main city if you’re booking your flight well in advance and
you are flexible with your dates and the times that you’re leaving. Talking about
budget and what I consider a cheap flight is kind of different depending on
where you’re traveling. For domestic flights which would be within the United
States I like to budget about one hundred to three hundred dollars round trip for
my flights. It really depends on where you’re going and where you’re starting
from. Obviously if you have a longer flight it’s probably gonna cost more but
that’s not always the situation. That $100 to $300 range is really dependent on how
far you’re traveling. For me when I travel from Rochester to Florida every
year to visit my best friend Kate, I’m only paying about $100 to $150 dollars
round-trip for those flights. That’s because they have a lot of flights going
from Rochester and Buffalo to the Tampa area every single day and you can find them
through cheap airlines or budget airlines like Southwest or Frontier. Now
these really cheap airlines can sometimes not be the best service wise
, but if you’re only on a less than three hour flight from Rochester to Tampa that
might not be your biggest concern. So comparing that $100 to $150 ticket if
you’re flying from New York to California, which is on the other side of
the United States, you’re gonna pay closer to that 300 mark. Each time we’ve
flown to California we flew twice in 2018 we paid $300 or less for our
round-trip flights and that was a really good deal. I would say finding a flight
to California from New York if you’re flying from JFK you could probably get
it for about $250 roundtrip maybe even cheaper if you find a really good
deal. But from Rochester or Buffalo we’ve paid about 290 I think
both times. So generally I try to stick within that $300 max budget for a flight
domestically. I do that not only so that I know that I’m affording the trip but
also because I want to make sure that the trip is worth it. I don’t want to be
spending six or seven hundred dollars on a round-trip within the United States if
I know that I could get that same trip for way cheaper at another time of the
year or just booked way in advance. On the other hand international flights are
obviously going to cost more because you’re going longer distances and you’re
traveling outside of the country. As of now any flight that I’m looking at for a
European country I’m looking at about $400 max roundtrip as my budget. When we flew to Iceland we paid about 390 roundtrip and that was booked kind of
late so I feel like we would have been able to find a cheaper flight than 390 for
Iceland from Toronto if we had booked sooner. Looking into the future, when you
book about six months in advance for international flights
you can almost find it anywhere in Europe or South America or the Caribbean
for $400 or less. Obviously there’s going to be some exceptions if you’re flying
from New York to Tokyo or New Zealand or Australia you’re flying around the world
and it’s going to be pretty expensive. I haven’t gone that far yet so I don’t
really know much details about flying that far but within the United States
and to Europe I have a pretty good idea of what to look for. Okay so now that
I’ve given you a bit of information about why I use Google flights and about
how much I budget for flights I’m just gonna use an example flight to show you
how I actually search using the tool. Flying to Austin Texas to visit
some friends and we’re gonna do about the April timeline just as an example. So
the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put in your current
location I always start with Rochester and then I
also add in Buffalo just because sometimes it’s way cheaper to fly out a
buffalo or Rochester just depending on the airline or the time of day. Right now
we’re gonna do a round-trip and then we’re gonna try Austin Texas. We’re gonna
put in a rough time line for April let’s say the end of
April so that it’s a bit warmer out and I’m gonna pick a two week time span.
sometimes the flights are just gonna be cheaper because you know it’s not a
holiday or people aren’t traveling on those days and sometimes airlines also
have deals or sales and that’s why they’re gonna be cheaper. $243 looks like
it’s the cheapest let’s just do like these two weeks and see what comes up now we’re gonna have all the flights that it’s pulling that it thinks we want.
They’re gonna pick these one-stop flights from Buffalo to Austin these
ones are from Rochester to Austin for about $394 roundtrip once we go ahead and hit that date grid button now we’re gonna see where the cheapest flights are.
Like I said I put a two week time span, well I don’t really want to go for
a full two weeks I don’t really have the time to do that, so if I hit date grid I
see that all these flights here are pretty cheap about this is the sweet
spot where there’s pretty cheap flights. It’s gonna change your days to those
days again I said like maybe a five to six day trip
this one’s $243 Buffalo to Austin that’s a great price. Then let’s look at the
price graph this is gonna tell you for a seven-day trip when it’s going to be the
cheapest. If I go ahead and I make it a six-day
trip it’s gonna tell me when the cheapest is gonna be so this is looking
like April 22nd to Tuesday April 28th. Let’s push it back let’s try that now it
says okay we’re gonna leave at 5:21 p.m. Delta is a great airline to fly
that sounds like a good trip already Buffalo to Austin one-stop 35 minutes in
Boston now that’s a very short layover. For me personally, I don’t like booking
short layovers because they make me really nervous about missing flights and
I have bad anxiety, so I’d probably avoid ir. Let’s look at this again look at
the date grid again so if we do Tuesday it’s probably gonna be the same flight
though let’s go ahead and select
it anyway and then we would leave at 6 a.m. This is the thing about finding
cheap flights you’re gonna leave at weird times like 5:00 p.m. and then 6:00
a.m. And you’re kind of cutting off the first and last days of your trip because
you’re gonna be traveling most of those days.
This one’s nine hours with a one-stop in Boston for four hours. I already know
that Buffalo to Austin is gonna be cheaper so I’m gonna take away Rochester
and then I’m gonna keep my dates for now. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna
make one stop or fewer and then I’m going to do price, and I want my price to
be $300. The reason why I don’t do this to start with is because sometimes
wherever you’re going at whatever time there’s just not flights that cheap so I
don’t really do the price until after I get a general idea of where I should be
flying to and how much those flights should be. So this is the same one for
$243 but let’s look at the details. This one is pretty low so $243 is looking
like the lowest you’re gonna get. I love these little graphs because they give
you an idea of how much you’re paying, and you never want to pay for anything in
the red. let’s say I don’t want to book the lowest of the low because I don’t
want to do this 35-minute layover and I really don’t want to you know deal
with those weird times we could do the next one which is the 264 it looks like
it’s this the opposite so you’re leaving super early in the morning so you still
get there before noon I like that and you get a one hour layover at JFK now
that sounds way more appealing to me I don’t mind waking up early and then this
one leaves at 7:19 p.m. and it’s 11 hours that’s pretty pretty long. Let’s
see what other options they give us so for the flight to go up to get those
better prices you’re doing a 17-hour flight. That’s not fun. What
else is going on those days so now that I’ve put all those restrictions in one
stop or fewer under $300 a lot of days are canceled out. And that’s just what
you’re gonna get if you want to get real specific.
You’re gonna have a lot of things canceled out. The more flexible you stay
the more options you’re gonna have. Let’s change our dates, let’s go
earlier in the month let’s do there’s this little sweet spot here the 15th to
the 22nd this is the same one we saw earlier. And it’s that same funny flight
so you’ll see the same flights over and over just different dates cause they have the
same routes so let’s let’s just choose it anyway for the sake of choosing a
flight. I’ll stalk them later. And let’s say we’re gonna just take this one. It’s
actually not that bad of a flight, I just really hate short layovers. The
price is really good you’re still gonna get your six days. Delta is a great
airline I would say this is actually a decent flight. You’re gonna go ahead and
track your flight let’s say that’s the one you want and then you’re gonna go
ahead and hit tracked flight prices here. Of course you’re gonna see like all
the other flights that I was tracking for this Austin trip which I was gonna
originally think about planning for end of February. You’re gonna see that the
other trip I was planning in February was the same price $243 now it’s up to
$400 just because it’s really close but if we look at the April 15th one now
it’s still $243 looks like it’s probably the same flight. Actually yep same flight
information it’s really not that bad of a flight. You can go ahead and hit price history now like let’s look at this old
one so you can see how it jumps, but you’re gonna see that oh the flight this
is when you start tracking the flight. So that’s when your your little graph is
gonna start. This is when you started tracking. This is today, and you can see
how your flight grows by this trend. I don’t think this flight is
going to drop down again and for other reasons I’ve also stopped
planning the trip for end of February but it’s really close to be booking a
trip. For domestic flights, I usually book about two to three months in advance. For
international flights I usually book about six months in
advance, which does sound very but when you look at the prices it makes
so much more sense to book sooner. but yes so this is like a pretty good flight
but you can see how it’s gone up and now it’s four hundred dollars and we’re not
gonna pay for that because that’s out of budget. This April 15th to April 22nd
is actually a really good deal it’s $243 that’s under my $300 budget and I’ve
started tracking it today so I can see how it fluctuates. Going back to this
main page here I just want to talk about some of the features that you should be
using. I know I kind of took a while to like search through the flights, but I just
wanted to give you an example of how I really would look for a flight. One of
the main things I want to touch on is round trip versus one-way and multi trip
or multi City. Multi City is when you can choose your first destination or where
you leave to your first destination. And then where you’re leaving from the
second time to coming back home. So for instance if I wanted to go from Buffalo
to Austin, but then I’d did a road trip to Dallas and then flew from Dallas
to Buffalo – look the trip is still $25. It’s actually probably a better
flight, it actuallys a different airline so you’re gonna have to book
through two different airlines, which is never really a problem. But it looks like
this one leaves at a better time. The other one leaves at 6 a.m. so if I did
that, if I was doing a road trip, that would be a really good option. So
multi-city is really cool for road trips. If you’re going somewhere and then doing
a road trip or if you want to hit several destinations while you’re flying
out somewhere. If you’re gonna spend the money to fly somewhere you might as
well hit a couple different places while you’re there. For instance we flew
from Buffalo to Seattle and then we road-tripped from Seattle to LA and that
was you know a very big road trip and we did it in ten days. But we were able to use
the multi-city function to get a really good deal on a round-trip flight. Like I
said I think we paid less than three hundred dollars for that flight I think
it was about $280 or $290 and we flew into one stop and out of another. So you can
still find good deals by doing that. I want
to just show you the date grid function again the date grid is such a good thing
to use to narrow down your dates for a trip. Like I said usually if you want to
take a trip give yourself like two to three weeks of a timespan that you know
that you could go on your trip. That way if you know you want to only plan a
five-day trip, but you have three weeks to plan it like roughly three weeks
you’ll get a better chance of finding a cheap flight. If you’re like I can only
leave on the 1st and I can only come back on the 5th odds are you’re
not gonna find the cheapest flight. I also showed the price graph which is
very visual representation. You can even knock it down to
however many days you want to do. Let’s say seven day trip, and it’s gonna tell
you when in that month it’s gonna be the cheapest. By using those
price graphs and the date grid and being able to plug in different destinations
you could even add in Dallas if you weren’t sure which place you wanted to
go to. You can also do Rochester like give me a but cheapest price, I just
need to get to Texas from upstate New York. It’ll keep adjusting to those
different destinations, that’s one of my favorite parts about it. Then you can
also just track a general flight for those dates like let’s say you can only
travel from 8th to the 15th you could just track the flights. It’s gonna
tell you when those flights go up or down, you will get a notification if your
flight drops or increases significantly. But I check my flights almost every
day, I’m a little crazy about it, I like to make sure I’m getting the best deal.
If you go to your tracked prices you’ll be able to see you know is this one
gonna go up? Yes, it’s not gonna go down. This one actually started high and went
down, so like maybe that’s a better time to buy, but it’s still out of budget. So this
was just me showing you how I find the cheapest flights. Again you might have to
compromise with long layovers or different airports or different airlines
,but if you would rather just save the money on the flight, that usually doesn’t
matter too much. If you would like to see more examples of how I find flights, let me know. I hope that this was a better
visual representation of how I find my flights and that this helps you find
flights for your future trips at home. Again, just to recap if you’re doing
anything domestic I wouldn’t spend any more than about three hundred dollars if
you have the flexibility to do so, and for anything to Europe I would say about
four hundred dollars. Even kind of for the Caribbean and South America
you can generally get away with that four hundred dollar mark. If you have
any other questions, just leave them in the comments down below. Make sure you
follow my blog, subscribe, like, and comment on this video. Thank you so
much for watching.


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