How to Fly: FULLY LOADED Short Field Takeoff in Alaska + Tree Clearance

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Alright everybody, just picked up Cale here,
he was the drone operator of those cool videos. Now we’re going to be taking off doing that
same thing, but I definetily have more weight in the airplane now. So you’re going to notice that the airplane
is … it’s not going to accelerate as much, it’s not going to climb as well, and you’ll
get an idea of what it’s going to be like when you’re going to an airport almost fully
loaded, or fully loaded, the performance difference. So it’s good to see the difference between
that. Now it’s a calm wind day. I’m going to change my technique a little
bit. Instead of staying right over the runway,
I’ll get my speed, but then I’m going to go to the right side of the valley. It’ll give me a little bit of extra room to
climb. I’ll do that if I need it. Then we can come around that corner and go
through the gap in the trees. So that’s the plan. And we’re all setup here. Carb heat is in, mixture in, “Seldovia traffic,
Skyhawk 23U, we are taking off runway 34 departure to Homer, Seldovia”. Alright, so we’re going to do that soft field
technique. If I’m not off by the half way point of the
runway, we’re going to abort the takeoff. K, we’re off. We’re accelerating in ground effect. Getting plenty of energy. We’ve got those trees coming up. I’m going to hug the right side of the valley
here just a little bit. It’s going to give me a little bit more room
to turn and climb. K, and I’ve got plenty of energy. So now I’m going to come that other direction,
let the airplane zoom up just a little bit. And once I clear the trees, I push the nose
forward a little. I’ve cleared them, now I can deal with any
with that’s going to happen. And we’re good to go. Was that fun? “That was dope”. A little different, uh? So, fly the airplane, stay patient, and you
got it. Beautiful beaches out here. And we’re climbing. I’m going to start cleaning up the airplane. “Seldovia traffic, 23U just off 34, headed
back to Homer”. Alright guys, hope you enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy his awesome drone footage,
I can’t wait to see it. Cale Green, check him out on Instagram. Subscribe, like, share and I will see you
guys next time. Keep flying safe, and “Throttle On”.


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