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So I Just Received. Okay Let Me Start Over. I Just Received Some Voxbox in the Mail, And
One was the Glow Voxbox. I Got it this Month and The Origin’s Voxbox. ill be Doing an Unboxing Today. I’m Sorry if I’m Talking Weird Because. I’ll Open the Origins Voxbox First. Because my Gums are Sore. So it Comes. I Already Opened and took the Tape Off and
Tested the Products Previous to Recording This Video. So it Comes with an Card. it says “Join us
for our New Launch a Perfect World Powered by White Tea. Discover our Highest SPF Moisturizer and SPF
Eye Cream to Protect your Skin!” Book a Free Mini – Facial The Ultimate Pampering
Experience, Custom Created to Treat your Skin’s Needs. Meet with a Tea Leaf Reader, Tasseography
is the Ritual of Artfully Interpreting Patterns Created be Tea Leaves to Discover your Destiny. Find out when we will be at an Origins Location
near you at #MyPerfectWorld @Origins and its From Influenster’s and it
comes with another card it says and then on the back it has an List of all the Products
from the Voxbox and it say Nature’s Skin Solution Portent Botanical Breakthroughs that can Transform
Skin. We Travel the World to Unearth Powerful Ingredients
and Harness the Genius of Nature to Create High Performance, Transformative Skincare
Products. Never Stop Discovering. and on the back is
the List of all the Products they have. the first one Listed is Called “High Potency Night
A Mins Overnight Renewal Cream Boost Radiance” The Second one Listed is Called “GinZing Moisturizer
Lightweight Oil-Free Moisturizer Instantly Hydrates & Revs Up Radiance. The Third one called “GinZing Eye Cream Refreshing
Eye Cream Brightens, Depuffs & Instantly Reduces Dark Circles” Fourth One Listed “Clear Improvement
Purifying Charcoal Mask Clears Pores & Dissolves Impurities” Love their Charcoal Mask i Tested
it and it was Really Good. I Love all their Products Actually. and the
Last one “Checks & Balances Frothy Fash Wash Gently Cleanses all Skin Types.” And this is All the Samples that Came in the
Origin’s Voxbox. Hopefully you can See it. So the First one that I’m Picking up is GinZing
Refreshing Eye Brightens and Depuff. This is for your Eyes. I haven’t Tested this Product yet but I’m
Excited. OMG I love this, it Smell like Oranges. Smells so Good its Called GinZing Energy Boosting
Moisturizer. I Already Got the Chance of Testing and its
Amazing. Let me try smelling this one see it has on smell. Nope it Doesn’t have an Smell to it. and the
Next one I’m pulling out of the VoxBox is Called “Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash” I Tested
this and its Really Good As well. the Face Wash Lather Really Well. I haven’t tested the “High Potency Night A
Mins” Yet. But I will be Trying it out Tonight. Im really Pleased with the Voxbox From Influenster
and Origin’s. Because I Received a lot of Products to Sample
and Test. and Finally this is the “Clear Improvement Charcoal Active Clear Pores” Once Agin I’m
really Happy with Origin’s Voxbox. Influenster was so Nice to Send me. Thank You. In Order to Receive Free Products for Testing
Click in the Link in the Description Box or Google Influenster’s. this Month I Received
Glow VoxBox from Influenster. I already Opened it Beforehand. This is all what comes inside Glow Voxbox. The First product I’m Picking up is. well it has Two Cards let me Read the Cards
First. On the Back of First Card Gives you an List
of All the Product Prices and Social Media Links of Where you can Purchase More. First is Sinful Colors Divas Collection. Not Your Mother’s Honey Desert Melon Leave
in Conditioner, SheaMoisture Mud mask and Flash Tattoos. the Second Card is from SinfulColors with its Latest Spring Collection. I’m Picking up an Nail Polish called Sinfulcolors
Professional Color is Stoned Crystal Shimmer Super Cooper. its like ann Camouflage Green. Next I’m Picking up SheaMoisture Purifying Mask. Im Excited about Testing Mud Masks because
I’ll like to Minimize my Pores. I have in my hand Flash Tattoos. It comes in nice package it looks really cool. Finally the Last Item in the Glow Voxbox is Not Your Mother’s
Repair Damage Hair Leave In Conditioner which is an Full Bottle. Once Again In Order to Receive Free Products
for Testing Click in the Link in the Description Box or Google Influenster’s. Make Sure Sign Up and Join Influensters. Thank You For Watching – Bye


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