How to Save Time and Money When You Travel : How to Find a Cheap Flight

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What we’re going to do now is, I’m going to
give you tips on ways to find cheap flights and get a great deal on your travel package.
I like the Internet because there is so many things you can look up and there is so many
resources to get cheap flights and to get cheap, or get discounted prices on hotels,
car rentals and even your transportation to and from your home to the airport, or vice
versa. One of the, just to mention a few, one of the websites is I love because you can actually put in your price on what you want to pay for
a flight or for a hotel, and depending on if the hotel accepts it or not, then you’ve
just created your own price for what you want to spend on your flight, and what you want
to spend on your hotel which is awesome. They have great discounts. Another website you
can go to is Cheaptickets, you can also do a mass Google search, and when I do a mass
Google search I look up hotels, I look up car rental places, and I also look up flights.
Airlines, you want to make sure you compare the prices before your purchase anything.
You can go to different airlines, call, ask them about the date and ask them about the
flight, what they have available, and go ahead if it sounds like a good deal and you’re pretty
crunched for time, go ahead and reserve it. You have more or, you have like a 24-hour
grace period, so you can shop around for that whole 24 hours and see if you find a different
flight for a lower price. You can also do the same thing for hotels. Now, hotels require
you to put a deposit on your credit card. So, I go ahead, I look online, and I see if
there’s any discounted prices. If you’re a AAA member, you may get a discount price.
There is so many different stipulations to get discounts, so when you call ask about
discounts. Don’t be afraid, because they have them out there for us. So, we’re working on
our flight, and you call, say you call the airlines and you get a price, you hold the
ticket. A place like Priceline on the Internet, if you find a price for say it’s $100 less,
what they require you to do is go ahead and pay for that upfront. So, when you’re working
with websites you want to make sure that you know for sure that you’re traveling, know
for sure that you’re going to go, and that there is nothing pretty much holding you back.
If you’re unsure, wait until you’re sure to purchase your tickets on websites.


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