How To Start YOUR Luxury Lifestyle Journey

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How to start leveling up? Now I think this is the most frequently asked question that I receive over and over again from women who join my community and they want to know where to begin, and especially where to begin when you are a complete beginner. I’m going to give you of course all the answers.
For those of you who do not know, I do run an online finishing school called School of Affluence, where actually I teach this exact formula how it works when you want to enter high society or when you want to navigate successfully in high society. What steps to take? Where to start when you
want to achieve a more affluent lifestyle? There are of course plenty of ways around
it but there is a common formula that women tend to take. And that’s exactly what I’m sharing
in the online program. But I know that not everybody joins my program. Maybe some don’t afford or whatever reason
it may be. I’m still gonna give you some action steps
to take so that you can start your journey whether you take my course or not. So here they are the action steps. Number 1. Define your luxurious lifestyle
goals. This is a task that actually my students have
in the first module on my course. It’s very important to decide what exactly
do you want to get out of this lifestyle? What do you want to achieve? What goals do you have? You see, not everybody has the same goals. There are many different ways how we can create
a luxurious lifestyles for ourselves how we can live this lifestyle. Some women maybe they want the whole package
of private jets and billionaires, whilst other women perhaps want a more low key modest
but luxurious lifestyle. Now depending on what goals you will set for
yourself, you will have to create kind of customize your own little action plan around it. Now once you define your goal, it will be
much easier for you to strategize on taking the correct action steps how to execute your mission. Number 2. Scrutinize yourself
from top to bottom inwardly and outwardly. This is not the most fun task to do. I know it! And a lot of us have a difficulty
with being open and honest with ourselves. But if you want to improve yourselves, you
really need to look into the details of where you’re lacking and where there is need
for improvements. You have to really scrutinize yourself. You have to admit to yourself that maybe the
way you dress is not elegant enough or maybe you curse way too much. And once you start scrutinizing yourself, you
will notice where you should improve yourself Because of course you need to be of a certain
level if you want to be part of high society.
One can of course join high society in all kinds of shapes and states but you will be more
successful the more refined you are. So this part is actually quite important. Number 3. Create a financial strategy for
yourself. Ladies, nothing in this life is for free. That is the harsh reality! We might not come from money. We might have limited funds to play around
with. But if we want to level up, we will have to
have some form of money. Now some women decide to create money for
themselves. They don’t want to depend on any man. They create a fantastic career for themselves.
So they have cash flow to work in. Some other women they choose to go the route
where they want to find financial support from a man. But still these women will have to have some
form of money to start off with. So having said that, you will need money. On one level or another. Regardless of how
you want to kind of strategize on this journey. You have to find a solution where you’re going
to get the first investment from. If I take myself as an example, in the beginning
I was funding my own journey and I did it in bits and pieces. I was working and sometimes even took a part
time job just to get that extra income because, yes, finances they were tight in the beginning.
And if you have this very tight budget, sometimes it just means that things will maybe
take a little bit longer for you to achieve. But it’s still doable! So those of you who feel that ‘OK, I have no
money, very little income, I cannot really invest in myself’ Well, this is the thing. Sometimes you just have to make either a sacrifice
to organize your priorities. Maybe you have to get a second job. Maybe you just have to do something. Think outside the box. I don’t know what’s your situation but there’s
always a solution. Become that solution driven person and you will find a way. Leveling up does not
work in a way where somebody wakes up one day, and have you know everything
fall on their lap, and magically appear without them having to make sacrifices
or hustle a little bit. Everybody has to hustle and sacrifice things in order to make this leveling up
journey happen. That’s just a rule. No journey has zero obstacles. So make sure you’re prepared for these obstacles. Make sure you have a plan. Think through how you can get a cash flow
going for yourself. And don’t be afraid of taking things gradually. It’s absolutely fine. There is no stress. The most important is that you do something
and perhaps that you start today. Number 4. Educate yourself. OK this is definitely my favorite point. Well obviously because I run an online finishing
school. So if you’re interested, if you want to have a bit of a fast track, you can just go to and there you can join the cause and definitely educate yourself on how to become this woman, that transformational bit. You know all the action steps that you will need. But what I also mean about educating yourself
is actually about starting to perhaps read books on these topics. Maybe start seeking out role models to take
fashion or beauty inspiration from you can join the JetsetBabe Facebook group community where you can ask other members about their journey, perhaps learn from them. My success really started to happen when I
really took this whole leveling up education seriously. I was researching this game for years and
how I did it was that I seeked out women who were affluent, who were already much more ahead
than me, and I really just kind of picked their brain, and was curious, and ask questions, and
how did they do it, and can they give any advice to me. That is an amazing way of leveling up There
isn’t just one way of educating yourself. Really, try and do as much as possible from
all kinds of different areas and you will really start learning loads on this journey
that will take you where you want to be. Last one. Number 5. Take action! Yeah. It’s that simple. Now you can educate yourself all day long
and you can plan and dream and strategize but nothing of that is going to be useful
if you do not take action. Results are going to come once you take the
step forward. Once you do what you have to do to actually
have something happen in your life. It’s easy to sometimes get stuck in la la land
and dream about it and look at pictures or fantasize on how things could be. I think it’s easy
for us to sometimes do it especially in this online world we get sometimes stuck in these
Facebook groups, in front of these books, but you need the action! Ladies, action is where
the magic happens. So think about this. Have you taken any action since you started
leveling up? Can you take more action? What is one thing you can do today that will
actually take you closer to your levelling up goals? Think about this every day when you wake up. What can I do for myself today that I know will benefit my journey? Always keep this in mind. Your goals have to always be on top of your
mind, so that you accustom your new lifestyle towards your goals, towards your needs, towards
to where you want to be. That’s how results happen. There are plenty of more videos ladies on how
you can learn about this lifestyle. If you want to do like in
Number 4. Educate yourself. Hop onto my next videos! I will be uploading loads of content. So if you still
haven’t subscribed, you know what to do. I’ll see you in the next video! xoxo


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