How to Survive a 16 Hour Long Haul Flight

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– Right now, literally right now, I will be about two hours
into an almost 16-hour flight. I’ve probably lost my mind already. Hey, guys, it’s Christine,
also known as Ivy Winter, thank you for joining
me for another video. This one is really timely for me, because as of right now as this is out I’m on a 16-hour flight to Hong Kong. And I need to survive it. But it’s really important for anyone flying that long to be prepared to get through it both
physically and mentally. Like, you’re in a little metal box up in the sky for hours. 16 hours is like two work days. It’s not normal, so you
need to prepare yourself so you can get through the trip. First I want to talk about comfort. Being comfortable is so important. You know, these trips are just so long. And you’re in the same
seat and in the same place. And it can kinda drive you mad. So there are three things that
are really important for me to make sure I’m going to
make it through this trip. First is a travel pillow,
totally necessary. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up at any airport; they sell a ton of them. They’re usually, like, I don’t know, like 20-something dollars. There’s usually deals, like if you buy two
you get it for cheaper, which is what we did,
so Peter has one, too. And you know, even if
it’s not a fancy pillow, this helps so much to feel
comfortable in those seats. Because otherwise, like,
your neck is killing you. Or like, your head’s
drooping in weird ways when you’re falling
asleep; it’s just not fun. And the nice thing about these is that they can clip onto
your luggage really easily, so you can just stick it,
like, on the handle or whatever and, like, roll around with it, and it doesn’t take up too much space. Of course, I’ve gotta have my sleep mask. There are some that come
in the little toiletry kit that they give you on the plane, but I like to have my own, because I don’t find
those very comfortable. This was a pretty cheap, like
$6 one that I got off Amazon. It is super silky, which is nice. It comes in its own little case. It’s called Kimkoo, the
brand; I’ll link it below. Not only is it really
soft, but it’s pretty long. Like, it’s pretty big. So it kind of really covers to the nose, which for me, I’m such a light sleeper, so I need to block out all
light to be comfortable. So, like, this is perfect. And then lastly, you
need a travel blanket. And I’m lucky enough that
my brother got me one, like, literally a year ago for Christmas. And it’s BB-8! Hi, BB-8! It’s really, really soft. So, yes, they have blankets on airlines. Sometimes they charge you for
them; sometimes they’re free. I run really cold, so this
isn’t just for, like, sleeping. It’s just like, I run cold all the time, especially in airplanes,
but even right now. Right now, my hands, my nose are freezing. This is me every day of my life. So having my own blanket is important. And also, come on, it’s BB-8. I’m gonna be the coolest
person on this plane. Also for comfort and for
health, compression socks. When you are up in an airplane for a really long period of time, you can be subject to blood clots. And they can be really dangerous. So what compression socks do is help with the blood flow in your legs. That tends to be the spot
where people get ’em the most, ’cause you’re sitting in
one place for so long. So I got really cute compression socks from a brand called Sockwell. They have men’s and women’s in a whole bunch of different designs. They are not as tight as
some other compression socks. So if you’re not used to
the feeling of tight socks, these are a nice middle ground. But I really, really like them, and they were pretty affordable on Amazon. Amazon has a bunch of them. Also important, again, I
run cold, my feet run cold. These will keep them nice and warm. Also, traveling this long
means feeling kinda gross. So I make sure to pack
a few different things, like a travel toothbrush
and mini toothpaste so I can brush my teeth about an hour or two
before we’re about to land. I also pack very non-scented or very minimal-scented lotions. I like these ones from, I never say this right, L’Occitane? I have no idea; I
probably said that wrong. But I like these. This is a hand cream and
their comforting cream. They have very, very light,
like, barely there scents, which I think is really important, because you never know if somebody that you are flying with is
allergic to certain scents or it just bothers them. You know, don’t be that guy. So just bring something that has no scent or very, very limited scent, for sure, to moisturize your hands. Your skin will get dry. I also recommend some ChapStick. I’m a big fan of Burt’s Bees. So you should pack some ChapStick as well, because your lips will be
definitely getting dry. And you’re just gonna feel so much better once you put some moisturizer on your face and some ChapStick on,
you brush your teeth. You’re gonna feel way better
than you did a few hours ago. And of course, I need
to be kept entertained. So I make sure I have a
great pair of headphones. I love these headphones. I use these ones every single day. They are Bose, so they are
a little more expensive. But they’re really, really comfortable, like, in the ear, earbuds. I use them when I work out. I use them just when I’m
traveling on the subway. So that’s really important to have. I’ll also have an earbud splitter, so that Peter and I can
watch the same things. And then I’m using the
Netflix app on my laptop to pre-download TV shows like Black Mirror so we can watch all that on the plane. Because let’s be real,
that is the perfect time to catch up on all your binge-watching. And it’s great that Netflix lets you download stuff to watch later. And in the same vein, I will be packing a couple books and my Kindle. I mostly use my Kindle because that makes packing so much easier, right? If you want to read, like, five books, you don’t have to pack five books. But one book that I am packing is a new one that I got
called Beyond the Castle. It is written by an
old Disney cast member. She has been there 30 years. And the idea is that she talks about her stories working at Disney and how you can apply
them just to real life, finding your happily ever after, finding the thing that makes you happy and drives your passion. So I’m really, really
looking forward to that. It’s really cool that the
forward was by Glen Keane. So that’ll be a good book to read. And it’s small and easy to pack. But otherwise I’m reading
a couple of other books. I’m gonna be reading How to Vlog Like a Boss
by Amy Schmittauer. She’s a fantastic YouTuber. So I’m gonna be checking that out. I will also be reading another Disney book called Sorcerer’s Brother. It’s about how Roy Disney helped Walt in creating his magic,
making it come true. So it’s a little bit
more about Roy than Walt. And you know, really, it
sounds like a lot of books, but now’s the time to do it. I mean, I have to make this
flight two times, you guys, so I have a lot of books to read. And then lastly, sleeping. Sleeping is so important, especially when you’re
changing time zones. We are going 13 hours ahead
of where we currently are now. And so we’re doing the best we can to actually sleep on the plane at the time that would be the middle
of the night in Hong Kong, which is gonna be a little tricky, because it will only be a
few hours into the flight. But sleeping is really important, a great way to pass time, but
also just important for you. Sleeping aids are totally cool, and if you need them, I say use them. You know, there’s stuff that’s as natural as a melatonin pill. You can get over-the-counter
sleeping aids. And if you really, really need it, you can see a doctor
and get a prescription. I know for Peter, his
go-to is just half a Xanax. I guess it just chills him
out enough to want to sleep. Don’t take anything without
seeing your doctor first and making sure it’s okay
and it’s gonna work for you. But whatever your level is of, like, what will actually help you, go for it. You definitely want to sleep. The longest flight I’ve ever
been on before was nine hours, so this is definitely
going to be a challenge, but I know it’s gonna be okay. And it’s gonna be totally worth it. I want to know if you’ve
taken a super-long flight and how you have survived it, or if you’re planning to, and that’s why you’re
here watching this video. Where are you going? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video, then like it. If you like me, then you should subscribe. I’m putting out videos every week. And with this trip coming up, I’ve got Hong Kong Disneyland
and just general blogs, gonna come to you from
Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It’s gonna be awesome. Thanks so much for watching, guys, and have a great rest of the day. Bye.


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