How to Travel Around the World for FREE | How to Find Cheap Flights in 2018!


What is some ninjas! Today we are going
to go over the absolute best travel Hacks for booking the cheapest possible
flights and no I’m not talking about Kayak no I’m not talking about Expedia
I’m talking about where you can get 50% Off flights to anywhere in the world and
we are going to discuss exactly how to Travel the world for free utilizing
credit-card bonuses and exactly how you Can start even if you’re a complete
beginner What’s up ninjas welcome to the how to
travel the world for free like a ninja Video today we’re gonna talk about how
exactly to use credit card points to get Free flights and free stuff and
basically be able to travel the world in The cheapest most efficient possible way
and how to utilize credit card bonuses And some hacks that I’ve picked up over
the years having traveled to you know For the last five years to 50 plus
countries and so as we can see here this Is just one of my Rewards accounts I
have you know almost 1.2 million points And you know for about sixty to eighty
thousand points you can get anywhere in The world like literally anywhere in the
world Round trip completely for free so you
know I have ten or twelve of those trips Saved up and you know these points just
continue to build after you kind of Create the infrastructure that you need
you know with your business it with your daily life just spending normal money
kind of doing things in the smartest possible way so let’s talk about exactly
how to do this and just as a little disclaimer I know there’s gonna be
people in the comments to say you know what about this and that and American
Express and City this video is going to be the summation of all of the data that
and research that I’ve done over the past five years these are the methods
that I’ve found to be the most efficient most valuable use of your time and
energy when it comes to credit card points yes there are other programs out
there but these are the best that I’ve found and I’d love to hear people’s
thoughts in the comments if you have you know suggestions or things that I might
not be talking about but if you have no idea about credit cards and you have no
idea but you do want to travel for free and you do want to make the most of all
of these incredible rewards then this is the number one way that you do it so
first of all let’s talk about what our points and miles work so there’s like a
million different you know points systems I’m not gonna go through all of
these but you know we see that the point value I mean this is value person sense
so one credit card point equals point nine cents and so what we see here and
what we’re gonna focus on is face ultimate rewards so this is two point
one cents per point is the most valuable and more importantly most usable point
denomination and currency available anywhere in the world that I’ve ever
found and so that is what we’re gonna focus on if you only focus on chase you
are going to be able to book more stuff and you’re going to be able to make your
points go farther any other currency that I’ve ever found
specifically in the context that you’re able to get these huge bonuses just for
spending money that you do I spend which we’re gonna talk about in one second so
first let’s talk about V and only four cards that you need to be concerned with
as a you know new credit card user or churn or whatever you want to call
yourself right so the first one we’re gonna talk about is called the Chase
Sapphire Preferred so this is one of the original cards that I got when I was you
know just a young little Padawan and so what this is is it gives you 50,000
points and this is basically just a bonus it gives it to you for free they
just get deposited in your account that simple if you spend $4,000 on purchases
after the three months from opening the account and this could be four thousand
dollars on McDonald’s it can be four thousand dollars on you know whatever
you want like if you’re if you needed to buy a new TV or couch or you want to put
four thousand dollars on your credit card for a car you’re purchasing right
I’ve done that in the past where I’ve maxed out my credit cards when I’m
buying cars just so I can get the points for it because there’s literally no
reason on earth why you wouldn’t it’s literally just free money and so you
might be saying yourself Oh Kevin well how do I spend four thousand dollars in
in three months well we are gonna talk about that too because it is your boy
and all of these videos are gonna be completely comprehensive on how to be a
complete ninja in every aspect of life but for now we’re not gonna talk about
that yet but we will talk about how to spend four thousand dollars and get
these bonuses even if you don’t have things that you necessarily want to buy
and so you know all of these cards have a ton of perks I’m not gonna go through
all of them right there’s no foreign transaction fees for some of them you
can just do a simple google search with the title we’re just gonna talk about
the four cards that you need to be concerned with if you you know have
never heard of a credit card before in your entire life right and so these
these mainly work for people in the USA you know you’ll have to you’ll have to
kind of do your own research if you’re outside the USA I know that you know
Canadians and some other countries really struggle when it comes to credit
card rewards and so if you are in the USA then you know you’re lucky and be
grateful if you’re outside of the USA this video might not be as applicable to
you as far as getting points but the end of the video will be very applicable to
you because I’m gonna talk about the three best websites even if you don’t
have credit cards even if you don’t have points these are the websites that get
you the cheapest flights guaranteed you don’t have to check anywhere else you’re
gonna check cock you don’t have to check Google you don’t detect anything
literally there’s three websites that do all of the hard work for
you and find you the hack Affairs that are literally half as expensive as you
know these really big sites that people have a lot of faith in there are
websites where you can get the exact same flights for cheaper and I’m gonna
teach you exactly how to do that but first let’s talk about the next card so
the Chase Sapphire Preferred is one that I definitely recommend get these bonuses
guys there’s no easier way in the world to get credit card points and to travel
the world for free than to take advantage of these bonuses it’s just
free money it’s I can’t phrase it any other way it’s free money and so the
next we’re gonna talk about is the Chase Sapphire Reserve and if you go to Credit
Karma if you’re saying yourself you know I have a 600 credit score or like a 550
or 720 years whatever it is if you have above a 700 and you’ve and you’ve
applied for less than five credit cards in 24 months right it’s called the 5:24
rule and no chase person will ever admit this it’s like this secret Illuminati
esque rule that no one will actually admit but I’ve guaranteed proven is true
if you’ve applied for more than five credit cards in the last 24 months you
will get denied for these you know super cards that I like to call super cards
these cards that will give you huge bonuses literally for nothing so it’ll
give you $750 for free and you can use this on you know going out to eat you
can use this on anything you want entertainment concert tickets it does
not matter you just literally have to spend four thousand dollars in the first
three months and not to mention you get these 50,000 points you also get the
points on that four thousand so you get an additional four thousand points right
so it’s it adds up really quickly and so the Chase Sapphire revert reserve I’m
not gonna go through all the benefits but you know this one is really really
unique you get a 300 our annual travel credit meaning that they’ll just give
you three hundred dollars credited to your statement easiest thing in the
world if you travel every year and so you know it’s just ridiculously it’s
ridiculously valuable and so the next one that I want to talk about is
probably the most important if you are in the e-commerce world that you’re an
entrepreneur so the Inc business preferred credit card is the best card
you can possibly get in the world if you want free money and you want to travel
the world for free and so I’m gonna say this one more time because I think it’s
incredibly important the Inc business preferred credit card from Chase is the
best credit card in the world if you want free money and you want to travel
the world for three and so those are big bold
statements but guys I’ve done a ton of research I’m not just coming out and
just spitting BS out of my you know mouth this is stuff that I’ve looked
into very deeply I have friends who run you know churning companies and the
points guy and million mile secrets and all these you know big travel blogs and
we go through this stuff and you know this is the research that I’ve done and
what I found and I’m gonna tell you exactly why so the ink so generally you
get one point per dollar spent but the ink business preferred and so if you
advertise on facebook if you advertise if you have PPC expense on Amazon if you
have advertising expenses for Facebook or you know any type snapchat Google any
of them you get three points per dollar on the first 150,000 spent and combined
purchases on traveling shipping purchases internet cable phone services
and most importantly advertising purchases made on social media sites
within an anniversary year so you can get immediately a hunt if you if you
have a larger business right we we spend way more than $150,000 a year on
advertising for Amazon even Amazon alone not to mention you know all ton on
Facebook and a ton on Google and so that’s immediately 450,000 points just
from money you’d already be spending and like I said before for 60 to 80 thousand
you can get anywhere in the world completely for free round-trip so if you
make four hundred fifty thousand points completely for free every single year
just from this one card right that’s that’s like what five trips around the
entire world completely for free every year or six or even seven depending on
where you’re going and so you know it just adds up so quickly guys and not to
mention that so 450,000 every year you also get 80,000 bonus points just for
joining it and I have no affiliation with this obviously I wish I owned chase
but I don’t I’m just telling you what I’ve learned over the past few years and
how I travel the entire world that I’ve been to 50 plus countries for the last
five years completely for free and so this is the most important card you can
possibly get and so if you’re only gonna get one do this one for once I hit this
one hundred and fifty thousand which I do generally in the first like couple
months of the year then I switch over to this card and I charge everything in my
entire life to this card you know I have like a I don’t even know like
200,000 dollar limit on this card we charge probably ten to twenty thousand
dollars a day to just this card every single day for advertising for PBC for
all these different expenses because I because I charge it because I want this
card to specifically earn me the biggest reward because every other one of these
cards even though they’re the best cards in the world they still only get you one
point per dollar one point per dollar one point per dollar after the 150,000
and so this card is very unique because it gives you one point five percent cash
back so it gives you one point five points per dollar spent for everything
literally there’s no restrictions there’s no blackouts there’s nothing
it’s your honor it’s one point five percent for everything so after I spend
that hundred fifty thousand I used this card for everything else that I said I
do in my entire life I haven’t taken cash out of an ATM since I was a toddler
and so that is what I wanted to talk about there so if you if you said
yourself you know Kevin I don’t I don’t I can’t spend four thousand dollars in
the first few months right because let’s see let’s see what this one is after you
spend $5,000 on purchases in the first three months so let’s say you don’t have
anything to spend money on you don’t have but you want to get this card you
want to get the bonus there’s ways to do that too so let’s talk about what they
are so you can use a website called gift cards calm you create an account and you
buy $500 Visa gift cards from the website once you create an account so
even when I had zero dollars in my bank account $0 my name I still did this –
first of all build credit and second of all take advantage of all these credit
card rewards that allow me to have completely free money and travel the
world for free so I would buy $500 gift cards and I would do that until I you
know until I met the requirement to spend five thousand dollars in three
months it’s actually way easier than you think to spend five thousand dollars in
three months you can pay your mortgage with a credit card using websites you
know it of course it cost fees but you know it’s
worth it if you’re responsible obviously and so the best way to do it really is
to just buy Visa gift cards and then you can either use the Visa gift cards cuz
they’re basically as good as cash or if you want to actually get the money back
from these Visa gift cards back into your bank account there’s a really
interesting hack that we actually have used a lot what went up when I was young
we use this a lot to basically buy Visa gift cards and then convert those gift
cards back into cash in our account and then we paid off our rewards credit card
statement bills with that cash from our bank account and so that is a really
interesting hack it’s a little bit more complicated if you guys are interested I
can totally make a video on that to leave a comment in the description if
you want to you know exactly how to get these eighty thousand dollar bonuses or
excuse me eighty thousand point bonus eighty thousand dollars would be nice
completely for free even if you don’t have you know anything to spend $5,000
on in the first month so that’s how you do it by Visa gift cards you can convert
it back into cash with a little bit more complicated of a method that I’m happy
to talk about leavin though leave a like to and hit the subscribe button yeah I
put it out all this concept where you guys complete it free you might as well
hit that subscribe button let’s do LAX to Sydney so now we see
this actually brings up a ton of really valuable information it shows us what
the rewards miles are in so if I if I want to say okay I have to go from Los
Angeles to Sydney what is the best credit card miles to use and how much
does it cost right and so what I always use is United chase points like we just
talked about transferred directly to United and so this would have you know a
nonstop flight LAX to Sydney for 40k which is ridiculous like I said you can
go anywhere in the entire world for 80,000 points and just this one card
alone gives you the 450,000 which is the hundred fifty thousand times three
points per dollar plus the 80 so 450 plus 80 is five hundred thirty thousand
points per year and if you divide that by eight right then that is literally a
ton of free it trips around the entire world and so a wart hacker is how I
figure out which point currency to use but just as you know from experience and
if you guys trust me chase ultimate rewards is by far the most usable most
valuable currency which is why we’re focusing the entire video on it so if
you’re saying to me okay how do I actually book this so let’s actually
literally go into my account so we see here that if we’re looking at LAX to
Sydney the weirdest entries January 24th today is the 9th so if we choose January
24th we see that the cheapest flight here is 8
thirty dollars and this is from Los Angeles to Sydney so if we if we look
instead in points and always to do is go to United comm and click this search for
a war travel we’re gonna do LAX to Sydney on January 24th same exact flight
so this one was eight hundred and thirty dollars now we’re gonna see that this is
going to be hopefully a if I’m right a forty thousand point one-way trip and
probably like a hundred dollars in taxes and gas and fees and things like that so
yes so we see January 24th here forty thousand plus okay I was close one
hundred and five dollars in taxes and fees and things like that so it saves
you you know seven hundred and twenty five dollars and all it cost you as
points which you’re getting completely for free if you use the methods that I’m
talking about so United is incredible it’s the number one way to travel
internationally or for you know cross-country trips in the USA
completely for free and you can transfer chase points from your chase account
into United as easy as one two three a job let’s get into Southwest it which is
probably the best way to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points which if you
follow the strategy we’ve talked about you’re gonna have a ton of you know if
you don’t already coming soon if this is the best way to travel inside of the
United States right we’re gonna have some honorable mentions that will do
really quickly after before we get to how to book the cheapest flights you
know in general always even without using points we’re gonna talk about that
at the end but for right now let’s talk about how to book flights with Southwest
and so we’re gonna go to Los Angeles to Las Vegas we’re gonna use the 24th of
January just again just as an example it can be any anytime show fares in points
we click here and then we’re gonna go to search and so I wouldn’t expect this to
be a bunch of points but again you know with 80,000 points as a bonus completely
for free right and so we see that these are literally two thousand points so we
could we could make this trip forty times literally 40 times completely for
free if we only get just this one card only the bonus right so once we start
spending we get about hundreds of thousands of more points but just a
completely free bonus for hitting this payment threshold in the first three
months we can make this particular flight forty
and so it just adds up so quickly guys cuz you know we liked everyone likes to
travel everyone likes to go on vacation you can do it so much more often even
just for a weekend or whatever it is if you use points because you’re literally
all you’re paying out-of-pocket for this flight is five dollars and sixty cents
and one of the coolest things about Southwest is something that I found
right so if you want to cancel a flight booked with points when is the latest I
can cancel a reservation or reservation made of points most airlines right you
have 24 hours to cancel your reservation from the moment of making it Southwest
which is crazy allows you to cancel all the way up to 10 minutes before the
flight and give you a full refund if you book via points which means I could book
today On January 9th a flight for the January 31st and I could cancel it on
January 31st 11 minutes before my flight departs and
I would get a full refund if I booked it with points and that is just absolutely
crazy but it’s one of the coolest things that I found and I’m sharing with you
guys all of my hacks so let’s go over honorable mentions really quick so I’m
not a huge hotel guy I love you know hostels more and people always ask me
what are you why are you not staying in hotels when you have millions of dollars
you know I just prefer hostels I prefer meeting people when I’m traveling but if
you like hotels the best way to do hotels with Chase Ultimate Rewards
points is what’s called world of Hyatt it’s one of the partners it’s very easy
um if you need help figuring out how to spend or transfer chase Ultimate Rewards
points to travel partners it’s literally two clicks of a button from your Chase
dashboard just google it it’s extremely easy so if we want to stay at a hotel
Chase has some absolutely ridiculous deals on how to use Hyatt with Chase
Points Kover a super quick example of this because I’m not gonna go too in
depth on hotels I don’t use them too often but if you want to use Chase
Ultimate Rewards points which are the most valuable points which is why we’re
talking about all of this um you can transfer them to Hyatt in just one
example right so they use thirty thousand chase points transfer to Hyatt
via their travel partners which is super easy in your Chase Account dashboard and
three hundred seventy-five dollars for three nights at a five-star hotel and
Dubai which would cost $1,600 right so they only paid 375
out-of-pocket and it would have cost you know almost sixteen hundred right so
they’re saving immediately saving you know twelve hundred dollars just by
spending these thirty thousand chase points which equates to four cents per
point which is double what you know points are usually worth else what else
where the chase points and the chase points by the way are the most valuable
point anywhere so they’re worth the most already and so the last honorable
mention is obvio so if you get the chase british airways card you get obvious
points and obvious points are much harder to use they have a lot more
blackout dates but if you are patient and you’re willing to book trips and
advanced it’s by far the best way to get to Hawaii from the west coast available
anywhere you can get round-trip tickets first twenty five thousand points to
Hawaii from pretty much anywhere on the on the west coast and so that’s just an
honorable mention we’re not gonna go too in depth on that one but that is just an
honorable mention so something that I want to touch on really quickly is you
know these these these amazing credit cards that give you so much value right
this is worth so much more to me than just eighty thousand obscure points they
do have annual fees what I’m honest because I know people are in the
commentary to be like Kevin but these these cards are annual fees how can I
for that yeah so when I used to be extremely poor not you know particularly
long ago what I would do and I’m not recommending this but what I would do is
I would call kind of experiencing some financial
troubles right now is there any way you could waive the fee in the first year
and a lot of these cards have the feet already waived for the first year but if
they don’t you can call and ask them politely that you really want to keep
the card you know you’re a great chase customer and ninety-nine percent of the
time they will do it and if the person doesn’t do it call back and get a new
person and they’ll do it um so I just wanted to touch on that so nobody tells
me in the comments where Karen you’re gonna talk about the $95 yeah I
understand but it’s work you’re getting so much more value than the annual fee
which is why I continue to pay for all these cards because it’s giving me you
know tens of thousands of dollars of value for ninety five dollars a year so
anyways so let’s talk about how to find a flight if you don’t have credit cards
you don’t have points how to find the cheapest flight and so we’re gonna use
this let’s use the same example right so let’s say that we’re going from San
Francisco to Chicago again on January 24th you know it’s the 9th right now so
what we see here is we see one hundred and eighty seven dollars best flights we
see one forty nine 157 one eighty seven but generally around you know 187 here
and that’s just if we type in you know San Francisco to Chicago on the regular
kind of Google flights interface never use the Google flights interface never
use expedient never use kayak those things are all complete trash they don’t
give you the best deals I’m about to show you the three websites that you
have to check these are the only three you ever have to check if you’re not
going to be using credit card miles and so for international stuff and
Skyscanner is one of the best for international for inside of the USA it’s
not always the best but if I’m going from like you know Cambodia to Vietnam
or something like that I always check Skyscanner first it gives
me all of the international carriers better than anyone else and for the
cheapest prices organized in the best way so Skyscanner I always use
internationally it’s not always the best for the USA so if we look at the same
San Francisco to Chicago here we see one 127 129 but these flights are
significantly longer so if you want to save money and have a longer flight you
can do 129 instead of the 187 right and so Skyscanner already saved us you know
fifty sixty dollars if you’re okay with the
or flight time if you want to go direct you can still pay 164 instead of the 187
here so you know it’s immediately saving you money getting the exact same thing
and so Skyscanner we use for international the next one I want to
talk about is probably my biggest go-to for everything that I do for flights
this is how I find the best best paths this is how I find the best carrier is
the best Airlines is how I find you know all the hacks and all the ways that I
utilize you know points rewards this is how I find the actual flights themselves
pretty much every single piece of software out there or website out there
or flight aggregator software or company out there utilizes what’s called the ITA
made a matrix airfare search software by Google and so Google bought this this is
what they power their main search results with but they do it in a much
faster way in the normal view point which is why you don’t get the same
prices because this this takes you know a couple seconds longer but Google is
all about speed so they use a less sophisticated version so what are we
looking at here is the exact same thing San Francisco to Chicago West Wednesday
January 24th we see in Google 187 we see in the ITA matrix 112 we see 117 here
you know we see 134 for a direct flight and so you see you know an immediate
savings of 50 or 60 dollars or even 70 or more than 70 if you’re okay with a
longer flight time you know these these durations are crazy actually so we
probably wouldn’t want that all right oh this durations crazy but this one’s
actually okay if you’re willing to pay 112 instead of you know 187 right so
you’re saving $65 for you know a 3-hour longer flight and so Google I see a
matrix is where I start all of my searches it’s the most beautifully
intricate and sophisticated and thorough way to check the best flights to
anywhere in the world you know all you have to do is do departing from
destination you can see a lot of my recent searches if you if you don’t care
about what date you travel so let’s say that I want to do let’s say I want to go
from San Francisco to Chicago just some time in February so I’m
gonna go see calendar of Louis fair so I’m not gonna search exact dates I’m in
New Zealand right now so I want to do I want to see it in in USD but if you’re
traveling from like Rio de Janeiro to Vietnam you could still see the prices
in USD so it automatically translates all the currencies into whatever you’re
most comfortable with it’s an amazing amazing service and it’s completely free
so if we press search here it takes a few seconds longer than Google because
it’s actually looking through every single piece of data literally available
from all of these websites and aggregating it into one you know
amazingly beautiful intuitive kind of result and so what we see here is that
actually the cheapest day to to travel on from February 14th on is February
14th so you know we see it’s a little bit more expensive here so if we’re not
particularly you know worried about what specific date we travel this is the best
way to do it so that is the Google ITA software matrix it is what you should go
to first every time Skyscanner International Google ITA
matrix is basically the most thorough and what I pretty much always use kind
of to start my flight search the last thing I want to talk about is what’s
called skip lag and so for those of you who haven’t heard about skip lags skip
lagged was the company made by a really smart guy who figured out that sometimes
it was cheaper to actually get off at a connection and what I mean by that and
so let’s say that I wanted to fly from San Francisco to Chicago as my final
destination what he figured out was it’s actually cheaper to fly from San
Francisco to New York with your stopover in Chicago and then just get out at
Chicago and don’t take your final leg from Chicago to New York and so United
sued them because they really didn’t like people doing this but this company
won which is amazing and so what we’re gonna do is one way San Francisco to
Chicago and we’re gonna do January 24th again and this is gonna show a New
Zealand Dollars because I’m in New Zealand right now but we’re gonna do the
conversion for you guys and so what we see here is 148 New Zealand Dollars and
so if we do 148 is a hundred and five dollars so this is actually the cheapest
flight we’ve seen total right so this is 106 dollars we saw 112 for Google ITA we
saw 127 here and then we 187 in just kind of the normal way that
people search flights and that is how you save money that is how you find the
cheapest flights you know anywhere in the world
skip lag is kind of the the you know sometimes you get lucky and find
ridiculous flights I always check skip lag because
sometimes you just find these absolutely outrageous flights and one thing that I
should note is if you’re going to use skip lag you can’t check luggage or you
can’t always check luggage because you know sometimes your luggage flies from
your origination to your destination so skip lag really only works if you only
have carry-on stuff that you just keep with you so that’s that’s a good note
but that being said the most absurd ridiculous flights even internationally
you know all over the world that I’ve ever found in my life have been from
skip lagged and they have I’ve been getting off at a connection rather than
going to the final destination and I don’t know exactly why this is but just
trust me when I say it works guys so Skyscanner
Google ITA matrix and skip lag and forget about every other website in the
world guys because if you’re utilizing these methods if you’re if you’re
getting these premium credit cards if you’re spending all of your you know
everyday money that you’d be spending anyway on those credit cards if you link
them to your phone bill to your internet if you link them to all of your
advertising expenses and you start to utilize these Chace Ultimate Rewards
points and other point programs with United and Southwest and then you use
and then you synchronize them with these three amazing websites I promise you
that you are going to get the cheapest best traveling options available
anywhere guys and most importantly you are going to travel the world like a
ninja completely for free


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