I did this & AIR CANADA PAID ME 800 Dollars (41,000 Rs)

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He made an announcement for volunteers because this was an overbooked flight just pay attention to the announcements and be ready to for such situations this may help you get your flight ticket’s money back or even more than that even a free upgrade so keep watching these videos ill keep sharing such beneficial things for you going to enjoy the langar after a long time there are 5 ministers of Indian origin in the Government of Canada This was a house tour which belongs to a person of Indian origin living in Canada its 5:15 pm and now I am at the airport its 5:30 pm now an 4 am in India finally i am inside the airport now my trip has finished now i am going to check in a few minutes will fly via Frankfurt to Delhi now going to do the check-in formalities this is the same area where I arrived a few days back now there are some other people in my place other’s luggage instead of mine rest everything is same conveyer belt, airport, officers… all are same its only the passengers, their luggage and the time which keep changing now I am going to do the checkin everyone behind me are travelling with Air Canada I kept standing in the queue for 15 minutes to get the boarding pass now i have both the boarding passes toronto to frankfurt and Frankfurt to delhi but such huge queues are not appreciated Air Canada should manage the crowd more efficiently while getting the boarding pass i requested them to mark my luggage are fragile so she guided me to another place where oversized baggage are dropped she has pasted the fragile tag however, I have got a middle seat like low cost airlines where you have to pay even for selecting a seat otherwise, they will allocate any middle seat to you similarly Air Canada allocated a middle seat for me I tried to do self check in but couldn’t change the seat They asked me to pay to get a preferred seat then I asked the airline official to give a window seat but she said the flight is full you will have to ask the officials at the boarding gate they may give it to you if in case some passenger doesn’t turns up so this is all about Air Canada now I am going to drop my baggage Some more good memories are getting attached with this trip Behind me is the security check area There is a difference between US & Canada There is a difference between the people and their hospitality of both the countries The immigration and security check is very friendly While security check, I wasnt allowed to carry .. my cold cream which I have just bought from Walmart it was more than 100 ml which is not allowed in a cabin luggage but I did not want to throw it away Also, I had a small bag with me they gave me 2 suggestions either get the 2nd bag as a checked in baggage or throw away the cream I said, let me get my 2nd bag checked in I went back to the check-in counter from the security check I told them that I have to give one more bag for check-in Most of the airlines offer the facility for 2 checked-in baggage in their international flights Then I gave my day pack to the airlines I kept the cold cream and some more clothes in that bag I came back to the security check again got stuck in the long queues Air Canada’s check-in procedure & then the Security check are very time consuming but people are friendly the person who was checking my bags at the security check he was a Sikh I started talking in Hindi as he was a SIkh he looked at me and said ‘I watch your videos’ I was so happy Thanks to everyone in Canada who watch my videos Thanks to everyone in Canada for your positivity and love and special thanks to Amandeep whom I met at the security check You are the ones whom a traveller meets first or at the last after entering or exiting in a foreign country So your interaction with them matters a lot Because of you, I am feeling happy while exiting from Canada Thanks… Stay happy and Keep others happy I am going to the gate no 76 whats your name! ok.. you work here! i am searching for my gate 76 its 8:15 pm its time to board i was editing the videos. WIFi is free Public lounge is quite good Now I am going to my gate I have to request them for a seat change long queues everywhere! I am flying with Air Canada from Toronto to Frankfurt My next flight to Delhi will be Lufthansa I approached them for a seat change request they said – flight is full and no chance of getting a window seat then I went back to my place in the queue I usually do not board early but today I stood in the front Suddenly they started announcing this gentleman was asking for 2 volunteers who can give up their seats as the flight is overbooked thats why we were not able to change seats but we can compensate you probably 800 cad I ran after hearing this I knew that in such cases airlines compensate such passengers I rushed towards him but a few other people were quicker than me I said that I am going to Delhi and ready to volunteer my seat she also gave up her seat a few more people came and tried to volunteer their seats as well afterall its matter of 800 CAD But finally, the airlines chose both of us She is going to Germany Probably they are trying to get a direct flight for me I am happy lets see what is the latest development you may get to learn from my experience I can say one thing for sure be alert and whenever you hear such announcements Rush! because they compensate on first come first serve basis The gentleman refused others by saying that this gentleman came first now my checked-in bags are being taken out of the aircraft i’ll update you with whatever happens after this another change they called the girl and said one of the passengers didn’t turn up so you can board back this flight thanks to the tourist helpline group on facebook people responded very quickly you people help each other in this group thanks everyone Its 9:25 pm Delhi flight got delayed so there are chances that I am going to board that flight now they are not offering any compensation but still, have a choice of going to Delhi I have opted for the direct flight The changes are happening so quickly I dont know why are they not compensating now! finally they are offering the compensation and now I am flying direct to Delhi I have to approach customer care for further processing things are not that complex now everything is clear this is my new boarding pass This is the compensation voucher worth 800 CAD Now I am going to the gate 69 its 11:30 pm i am back in Delhi I didnt shoot anything in the flight today I travelled 15000 km in 14 hours it was a good flight i am not tired they served 3 meals 2 dinners – First at Toronto time and next one at Indian time They also served Samosa The food was Indian it was good but this was also my worst ever experience with the crew members i am sharing this for you also for Air Canada to give them a feedback One of your crew members doesn’t even know how are electronic devices charged! whenever you charge something there is a small light which glows as usual, I was charging my camera and gimble in flight the person named Idris he was over enthusiast many other passengers also complained the way he was behaving he came to me and asked ‘are you making my video?’ no, I am just charging it he said – but I can see a light I said – yes, it glows when it gets charged he came back again he started shouting at me ‘I want to check your camera’ ‘this is not right whatever you are doing’ then he lifted up my camera while doing so the light went off he shouted again… see the recording has stopped i said – let me show you again … This is not the way you treat your passengers I can just give you best wishes get well soon may you get to learn so that other passengers do not face any problem Air Canada, please teach Mr Idris some basics You offered good meals i must appreciate that part i was so happy it was my longest flight one crew member – Greg was also good he apologised for whatever Idris did to me he said – I apologise on behalf of everyone Air Canada, please take this as a feedback please improve your guest services Now I am going out its 1 am now Metro stops at this time I wish we could have a night service of Airport metro but the good thing is DTC operates its night bus service Happy to meet you all I watched your almaty’s vlog Sorry I am not able to respond every message i saw your videos stay in touch so keep meeting like this stay in touch i’ll come back with a new trip a new destination stay happy and keep travelling


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