ICE Removal Flight to El Salvador

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Antonio Well, today was the final leg of a journey
for many Salvadorians who have come into the United States illegally, and have some how
been apprehended by the federal government, either through entering the country through
a port of entry or having been picked up in the entire of the United States through one
of the enforcement programs that Immigration and Customs Enforcement operates. But they
have since been taken into custody, and we took them on a flight from Harlingen, Texas
back down to San Salvador, El Salvador today. And what we demonstrated was the capability
for ICE to use a chartered airplane with ICE flight crews and contract flight members to
safely and securely move these nationals back to their country of origin. Alonzo Pena, Deputy Assistant Secretary, ICE
Well, the main thing that’s unique about this flight is that we have with us the El
Salvador delegation. We have the head of Immigration Services for El Salvador; we have the Vice
Minister for Foreign Affairs. We have the _____ who represents El Salvador citizens
in Washington, D.C. And then you also have a group of other members that have accompanied
me from ICE on this flight. I think that today’s flight what is a precedence
is that we have the delegation and myself, and members from my staff flying on a plane
being able to show the El Salvadorian government the professional and humanitarian that we
repatriate those citizens. Michael Pitts, ICE Field Office Director San
Antonio For many of the detainees, it’s the first
time that they’ve been on an airplane, whether it’s a commercial aircraft or a government
chartered aircraft to go back home, so it’s a new experience for them and sort of completes
the journey they’ve had regardless of how they entered into the United States they get
to go back home very safely, very securely. / 0 e
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