Incheon ✈️ London: Free Flight Upgrade from Asiana Airlines

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and today I’m at the Incheon airport I feel like this is my second home now I’ve been here two days ago, and I’m back because today I’m flying over to London I’m super excited because I haven’t been since 2012 I was studying abroad there and went to some of the games for the Olympics But I’m super excited because it’s been a while. So right now I am going to go get data and also some cash because once I arrived London I’m going to have to take the train to get to wherever I’m meeting up with my friends I’ll need cash for that, so I’m going to do it right now because it’s super convenient. The phone place and my bank is right next to each other, so it should be a quick, quick process. I got my data and also cash at my bank right over there So now it’s time to go inside. Alright guys so now I’m looking for at my gate It’s quite far But I have like an hour to kill so I think I’m going to go grab something quick to eat because I’m kind of hungry My gate is at 48 all the way back there. You guys are probably sick of the passport shot So I’ll just film the airport. Oh my gosh. They have an All Saints. Let’s go check it out So apparently this All Saints opened up nine months ago, and I left with the jacket I shouldn’t have done that, but you know what? That was a very impulsive purchase. I definitely didn’t need another leather jacket, but it was on sale. All right, let’s go grab something quick to eat and then sit by my gate. Gonna grab a quick bite at Moss Burger I think I want chicken nuggets. Alright guys. I got my chicken nuggets and a water See how they taste Mmm. Wow this really good! And I thought I would share with you guys my in-flight pouch because so many of you guys ask me questions on what is travel friendly? First off we have the COSRX one step moisture pads, and I know it’s very bulky but because they’re pre-soaked pads, you can take them with you on the airplane So I just wanted to talk about it because every time I upload like my skincare routine when I’m on the airplane, people asked like how I take my skincare into the plane. They’re all usually like travel friendly. So this is the pouch I like to use, it’s from HERA I got it as a gift a long time ago, and I like the transparent like pouches because it just makes everything easier to find and First we have my toothbrush and toothpaste It says Joan day on it, the shochu joan day on it Alright, so I have the pony palette and this is a very simple Shading, blush and highlighter. I’m not a huge fan of it, but it’s just Super-easy to take around with me. So this is the one I like to carry whenever I am traveling I have my skin complex formula. This is the toner I like to use and also when I’m on the airplane I like to mist my face because it can get really dry. So this is perfect and very travel friendly I have this one in parkour pack Easy to take on the plane. I have the Acsen recovery and this is 25ml so another product that you can take on the airplane. I have my eyeliner, browcara and mascara and then eye cream. This is the Trioareuke one this is the most airplane friendly that I have The innisfree ones really nice but my mom doesn’t like it when I take it with me, so I just left it at home This is the Acsen UV sun protector, and this is 50ml which I think is the max you can take so 50ml I can’t forget these especially when I’m breaking out on the airplane I like to you know pick at it. But with these stickers, I won’t touch it. I have my warming eye masks, sheet masks. You guys all know that I will sheet mask on the airplane. I’m sorry if it’s loud It’s a public space, and then I have my Burts bees chapstick So this is like how I massage my face. I try to give myself a face massage Once or twice a week to slim down my face, so hopefully if I get bored enough, I might do this on the airplane because I have nothing better to do and then finally we have sample size perfumes and this is the Chloe one that I love So yeah. Walking over to my gate It’s here! Last one boarding, and they gave me a better seat which is closer to the exit which I always like because I hate waiting to leave the airplanes. So yay! Bye bye Korea Guys, I got a free upgrade to business class Look, what just happened? Wow, I can’t believe this just happened, but thank you so much, Asiana This is not sponsored by the way just happened by chance One of the articles that I read a long time ago was that If you’re one of the last people to board on any flight, if the airplane accidentally over booked they usually just upgrade you and I think that’s what happened because I was the last one on board so this is very exciting Here in business class they give you a pouch This is so extra. I can’t handle this right now. So we have a body lotion, wipes, socks and eye mask some earplugs and a toothbrush and toothpaste I basically have all my own stuff, but that’s just really cool I’m definitely going to use it while I travel in Europe, but dang this upgrade is making my trip so much better. Guys I made it to London Paddington and the station is beautiful. Here with Choi. [Welcome to London] I got hummus and chicken and then pita. This is what I’m excited about I’m at my friends dorm and she cleared a shelve for my skincare. Thank you, Christina. [You’re welcome] I’m gonna wash up now and then get some sleep because that was a lot of traveling and I like barely slept because I was so I was enjoying business class But yeah, I’m gonna end the vlog here. Thank you guys for watching. Thanks to these people for transcribing or translating my videos I really, I never know how I got to do that. I really appreciate it I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog Have a Joan (Good) day. Bye!


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