Inside Air France – Working as Multicultural service agent

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Hi, are you the famous blogger, Sam Chui? Come – I will show you something very secret.– Secret office.
[Sam] Oh, secret here. [Sam] I hope that this is not some sort of
trap.[Sam] Oh, you see, this is
interesting. – You have the Chinese pigs and it says African
cell, multicultural service.
[Man] Absolutely. [Sam] Interesting. [Man] So, welcome. Hello, my name is Lofti and I am working for the Middle Eastern team.Hello, I’m Maria. I’m working for the multicultural service
in the Latin American group.Hi my name is Yong-chin. I work for Air France and I assess the current
clients for language and so on.[All] Konichiwa!I’m so happy to see fellow Chinese people in the Air France multicultural team. [All] Welcome to France! Let’s take a look at a flight to Shanghai. Follow me! Let’s go! I am heading to gate K45 for the boarding
of the Shanghai flight. Jenny, do you think that your job will be
smooth today? I hope that my job will be smooth. But we have so many different customers with
so many different requests, so our job is to solve all of the problems and satisfy the
passengers. It could be a problem related to luggage or
seating… Or it could be a last minute upgrade – it
could be anything! – Before takeoff, anything can happen. As a ground staff, our job is to ensure passengers
are looked after so that the flight can take off on time. I need to reserve this for you – can I have
your boarding pass? – What’s happening? – We have a family with two children. They want to pre-board together. I am going to ask the supervisor if they can
pre-board.[Woman] D’accord. They can come to the gate first and have their passports inspected and then they can board
first ahead of the general boarding. So, they’ve got nothing to worry about. Please prepare to show your passport. Thank you… – Is this your baby’s first flight?
– Yes. – Flying is a tough challenge for a mother
with a child. – But don’t worry; the Air France staff will
help you to pre-board. – Thank you… – Hello, how are you doing? Let me introduce you to our in-flight interpreter. She will be on-board to help our Chinese customers. – Hi everyone! [Sam] Hi, what’s your name? – My name is Dong Jing Yi. – Your uniform is different to other cabin
crew. You wear grey and the other Air France cabin
crew wear blue. – This is so that I stand out and our Chinese
customers can recognise me! – I think from your Chinese accent that you
are from the south of China? – Oh no, I am from the north of China! – Where abouts? – I am actually a guy from the north – I am
from the Shandong province. Air France flight 112 to Shanghai will start
boarding in a few minutes. Please have your boarding pass and passport
photo page ready. Air France and the Sky team wish you a pleasant
flight! I am taking care of a passenger with small
children who wishes to board first. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Air France
flight 112 to Shanghai. We have commenced out boarding at gate K45. There are a lot of Chinese passengers. I am going to help them to swipe their boarding
passes to board. Put your boarding pass on top of the scanner.[Man] Thank you! Please use any of the scanners. Scan the bar code on your boarding pass. Nowadays, you have to scan the boarding pass
yourself – it’s self service! There is no more manual tearing off of the
boarding pass! – This really saves time for staff to focus
on other issues like luggage. – I see, it saves a lot of time. Please, come forward. Do you need any assistance?
– Thank you. Would you like to walk to the plane or to
use your wheelchair to board? She will take her all the way to the plane
door. Thank you! Have a good trip! Everything is good – everything has gone well. There are 89 passengers still to board. You’re so tall – you’re taller than me! I like this! This is why I like Air France – so many different,
really different, nationalities, different origins and cultures. You’re originally from where? – I’m originally from Senegal.
– Senegal.
– Yes.
– Cool. – But I was born in France. – Of course, very cool. Hello, I am one of your fans – I often watch
your videos! – Oh really? Thank you! In five minutes, the gate will be closing. We’re missing one last passenger. We’re checking if he is in transit and when
he arrived at Charles De Gaulles. If he is Chinese, I will make a Chinese language
broadcast. Otherwise my French colleague will announce
it in French or in English. There are three minutes left. The last passenger has arrived! [Jenny] He slept over but he heard the announcement. [Man] I fell asleep, I arrived here at 6 AM. Please go left for boarding, thank you. Now my work is done – all 256 passengers are
on board. I will move to my next duty which is a flight
arriving from Beijing. We are now on the train to hall L. Hall L
is in between hall K and hall M. All signs now have the Chinese language on them at Charles De Gaulle. In ten minutes, passengers arriving from flight
AF125 will come out here. Their boarding pass doesn’t show the gate
for the next flight. However, I have an iPad here which can show
all of the necessary transit information. Here, you can see all of the transit passengers’
flight information. Oh, this is a great tool! We used to check TV monitors or go to the
counter to enquire about details regarding the connecting flight. Now, you can just stand here and get it from
your iPad! Also, some passengers don’t have a boarding
pass. They need to be guided to the transit counter
for a new boarding pass. Go this way for transit… – Ah, I see. – Follow those people and then pass security. – Thanks.
– You’re welcome. Now my Beijing flight passengers are coming. Hello sir – are you in transit or are you
collecting baggage? Baggage claim is this way. Go downstairs and take the train – thank you. Are you in transit or..? -Yes, transit. – Where are you going to?
– Zurich. – Terminal 2F – go to the right and pass security.
– Thank you. – I am going to Santiago in Chile. – Let me check your boarding gate by scanning
your boarding pass.– Boarding gate L44. Go downstairs. – Excuse me – I have a phone sim card and
it is not working and I can’t seem to make any calls here. I bought it from China. You want to use the card on your mobile phone? Flight 442, just let me check… Gate L53. Go this way and downstairs and pass the security.
– Thank you! – Go this way and downstairs and pass the security. On this flight, we have 229 passengers – 153
are in transit and 76 are arriving in to Paris. [Sam] Did you make the call? – I made it through! Thank you so much! Thank you so much, when I saw a Chinese face
here, I felt so relieved! So, we are just in front of the Amman flight,
okay. Flight departure time is at 3:50 – so we have
just one hour. This flight has some passenger security – you
have some clients going to Palestine, so it has to be on time because the border is closed
very early, so, with this kind of customer, we have to work on a very tight schedule with
them and to be very careful. When this flight is very late, we cannot let
them go because they will be stopped at the border between Amman… between Jordan and
Palestine. From Amman, crossing in to Palestine, what
time does this border close? – Okay, so we will be in the summer time soon,
so it will be nine o’ clock. – Ah, so at 9 PM, they will close the border
until the next day.
– Yep, absolutely.
– Oh. [Sam] First time tourist to Jordan? – First time, first time but second time. [Sam] Oh, you like Jordan – you go again? – Yes, yes. We are going to see Petra. [Sam] Petra? -Aqaba. [Sam] Aqaba. – Al-Jizah in the north. [Sam] Ah yes, Al-Jizah. Very nice weather now, yes. Good weather. [Sam] Bon voyage. – Merci beaucoup.She wanted one hour to
change herself in the plane, so we will go with her in to the aircraft to ask the crew
to give her privacy one hour before. [Sam] Not changing in the toilet but… – No, it will be better for her to change
in a better area so I will ask for the crew to give the chance to the passenger to do
that. This aircraft is a small one, so we are taking
some handbags to help some of the passengers to travel in an easy way. So, it’s a free service – we are taking the
handbags from the gate and we will return them in Amman.[Lady announces] We now invite the pre-boarding passengers from zones one and two to come to gate 31, thank you. I can see here – she has some heavy bags and
I’m going to help her, so… [Sam] Oh, you’re carrying her bag out of goodwill
because she has a lot of things. – Yeah, yeah. [Sam] Nice service, very nice service. – So, the crew said: Okay, we will give her
a room to change herself and she was so happy and she hugged me. [Sam] How are you? [Man] Hey, I’m doing excellent. It’s been an excellent… – Where are you going to? – I’m going to Amman, Jordan. – And what for? Are you a tourist? – Just a holiday, a vacation, yes. – And you’re from where? – I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio in the United
States. – That’s a long way – Ohio to Oman! – Yes, it is. It’s been an excellent trip so far, though. – Is this your first time? – Yes, it is. – You’re going to have a great time there! – I’m hoping so. This nice guy just came up to me here asking
me if I’m doing a video for Air France and I said yes. – Excellent, excellent! – What’s your name, buddy? – Jeryl. – Jeryl, you’re going to have a great time. [Sam] Have a good trip – bon voyage. – Au revoir.
– Bonjour madame!
– Bonjour monsieur![Man] Bon voyage![Woman] Merci. [Sam] Merci. Bon voyage.
– Au revoir!
[Sam] Au revoir.We are waiting for the last passenger who is coming from Madrid. He landed half an hour ago so it will be a
short connection. I hope that he is going to make it – we are
going to wait five more minutes. We have one passenger missing and one passenger
on the waiting list unfortunately due to the fact that the flight was overbooked and so
now we are waiting for the last passenger to come and if he doesn’t come, it will free
up the seat for the passenger on the waiting list. So, we cross our fingers for the passenger
on the waiting list. So, I have just returned from speaking with
the captain and… Yes, the captain has confirmed the weight
and the balance. We can therefore accept the passenger.So, the story is that he
has been on standby… I just went to the captain to ask and to beg
him whether it would be possible to take one more person and he said okay. So, I went back and I’m going to… [Sam] Happy, happy, happy.
[Man] Thank you so much! Yeah, I’m very happy now! Thank you so much!
[Sam] Bon voyage! [Man] Thank you! We had a problem with the weight balance,
so we had to block some seats up. Earlier, I told you that we had one passenger
missing and we couldn’t get the last passengers but the good thing is that the pilot said
yes to accepting the last passenger, so we freed up one seat and we should be good for
the weight and balance because the captain has recalculated everything. So, we should now have made someone happy
instead, rather than leaving someone on the ground. – Thank you Cyril! – A happy ending! – This is a great story, a happy story – And
we do love to have happy endings all of the time. – I know. – This is our goal. – I’ve learnt so much today because I have
seen that, in the last minute, you guys have been finding solutions. In the last minute, you have dealt with unexpected
problems and you have been trying to keep every passenger happy and give them a solution. Well done. So, Sam, what do you think about the Amman
flight. – What I think about the Amman flight is that
I’ve learnt a lot about… you know, there’s a lot of funny requests that I’ve never seen. Passengers wanting to change in the crew area,
not in the toilets and also, you know, the curfew time and all that. I think that the Middle Eastern flight has
a lot of challenges. – Absolutely, absolutely. – You are the guy to solve all of the problems. People who work on the front line of the airline
industry, you know, rarely get their celebration and I want to make a good video to celebrate
you guys because you guys help thousands and millions of travellers every year and you
guys deserve the credit, you guys deserve the appreciation here. – Thank you so much. [All] Bon voyage on Air France!


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