Inside America’s Largest Right Wing Militia


God is great and God is good;
Let us thank him for our food. By his hands we are fed.
Thank you Lord our daily bread. Amen. So you said you did the mile in
seven minutes and fifty seconds? Fifty-five. That’s slower isn’t it? You got to push it. You don’t want to have nothing left
in the tank when you’re done. Give it all you got. I remember when you brought home
your first pocket Constitution. It said, “What form of government do we have in the United States of
America?” It said we have a
constitutional democracy. You know what form of government
we really have? Here we go again. We have a constitutional republic. Power comes from the people
in the United States of America. It’s the voice of the people.
It’s the will of the people. Our position is the people
need to take point. Take a good look at the face of the
militia and the Three Percent movement. Move! These are patriots that are not going
to have their rights infringed upon. And our way of life will be
preserved and maintained. So help us God. Guns up! Guns up! I don’t want nobody taking
my gun rights away from me. I don’t want nobody taking my
freedom of speech from me. You know so. I’d die for that. Hell yeah. This is where the administrative
part of the operation takes place. So I put on my sidearm when I leave
to go to work each morning. And I keep it on my side
until I get home at night. So I am definitely
pro-constitutional carry, and pro-second amendment. And nothing in the world
is going to change that. So I am General Holy War of
Georgia’s Security Force Three Percent. There’s several different chapters
throughout the country. The media will paint militia groups
as anti-government. And it’s not anti-government.
It’s anti-tyrannical government. I mean initially, I’d say, “Fuck
yeah, I’m all alt-right.” I mean alt-right to me
would be a conservative, maybe a white, or black, Christian,
conservative that has strong convictions about upholding
and defending the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. If there’s one thing that we can’t
have in the United States of America it’s a disarmed populace. I got to be prepared to move quick
if I get some information that says there’s a martial law. There’s a nuclear attack. There’s a chemical
or biological situation. I’m getting prepared for anything
short of a nuclear bomb landing on my forehead and killing me, I want to survive it. And if it’s done by a hostile force, I’m going to kill as many bastards
as I can before they get me. And move on without remorse. Most people look at militiamen and
Three Percenters as being uneducated, southern, redneck types. It’s quite offensive really. I mean, we’re talking about
a group of people who come from all walks of life. They’re professionals.
They’re teachers, businessmen. They’re engineers, electricians. Where’s Chris at this morning? So if we want to go ahead
and start some breakfast. Go help yourself. You’re welcome. Eggs and bacon over there sir. Eggs and bacon there sir,
are ready, so. Waiting on everybody to get up
and get rolling out of bed, which most everybody is already. Some of us have had breakfast
and we’re prepared for the day. We’ll start the training,
just shortly, as soon as Blood Agent
gets out of the barrack. We’ll go from there. We went into quick cooking mode. Is General up yet or moving? I haven’t seen him yet
this morning so. The Three Percent movement has been
around for quite a number of years. But I took a personal interest
in the Three Percent movement following the election of
Barack Hussein Obama. And after witnessing different
things taking place in government, after witnessing and learning about
things taking place across the planet, that caused me concern
for my individual safety. So I began looking out to other
people to help me, and help each other build a network
to provide mutual assistance if that should ever be needed. We got new scopes on our rifles that we can’t wait to try it out.
Yeah, see how they work. I realized about a year ago
that I was not prepared and I did not feel safe when I was
out and about in my own hometown with my 12 year old. So I began the journey to get my
concealed weapons permit, had my husband teach me about
firearm safety, and once I got that legal, then I
looked for a group of like minds. And we’re sticking together.
And, you know, we’re defensive. I mean that is our first posture. We’re not here to start anything. But we’re here to defend and protect
our families first, my loved ones, anybody that you see wearing a
uniform and their family. The dogs that we bring. That is why I’m here. The Three Percent movement is a prevailing
belief that has root and foundation in the Revolutionary War. And the belief that a small group of
motivated people and minutemen, patriots, can defend themselves
from tyranny. Yes sir, I consider myself a
Christian. I believe that most of the people in
Georgia Security Force Three Percent would would identify as Christian. Our laws are based on
Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Bible tells us that there is
a fight for good and evil right here on planet Earth. My views on the religious beliefs of
Christians in comparison to Islam, I think that their belief systems
are in stark contradiction. In Christianity, I don’t think we- I’ve never heard of a situation
where people are commanded to convert non-Christians
at knife point or gun point. But I think Islam
is terroristic in nature. And it’s good and evil and it’s
what it basically comes down to. Is good and evil. The Southern Poverty Law Center,
they put us on their hate map. which is total bullshit. But if you bring up an argument
that they don’t like, you’re just a racist. And it’s freaking nonsensical. So my name is Phil King,
Corporal Cowboy. GFS knows me by. I found Security Force a while back. Unfortunately, it was because of a
loss of a very good friend of mine. It was Chris that I met first. Like I said, unfortunately,
I met them at a funeral. Pulled him aside and talked to him
about it. And come out to my first FTX. Everything’s been great since then. Come out here to train.
Great group of guys. They treat me like family.
I treat them like family. If I need something,
let somebody know, they’re going to help me out
to the best of their abilities. If they need something,
I let them know, I’ll help them out to the
best of my abilities. While I was in high school
as a junior, I joined the police
explorer’s program and went on to be a sheriff officer,
a detention officer. I don’t have a military background,
but I have a police background. So you know, being able to train
with them gives me that aspect, military aspect, but also gives them
that police aspect. It’s a great group of guys. Nothing about this militia
is racist at all. Yeah, we have, you know,
rebel flag and whatnot. But the rebel flag is just a flag.
It’s a piece of cloth It was an American flag. It wasn’t the best of times, but it was an American flag.
It’s our heritage. It does not mean anything. It’s a piece of cloth. Do you think that we’d be wearing
patches and you wouldn’t be? Put that on and wear it proudly, sir. You got a lot of people that think
Three Percent is white supremacy. That’s bullshit. Excuse my language. That’s BS. We’re standing for the Constitution. A lot of people are trying to take basically our constitutional rights
away from us. They want to take our second
amendment away from us. I mean we stand for that. That’s what this whole thing is
really about, you know? We use our second amendment to
protect our first amendment. We’re building the next generation. Maybe like Iron Witch said,
it may not be our time. But we see that freedom is not free
even in America. Even in America. The country is divided. I mean looking at it from 30,000 feet,
this country is straight up divided. We’ve never been in this situation,
not in my lifetime. But in the end, we’re not
going to yield. We’re not going to back
down one iota. They can take that, anybody on the
planet can take that as a threat. Or we’ll say it’s a promise. We’re going to get moving here shortly after we get
our bellies full. And get cracking with the training. It’s going to be some high-speed,
low-drag training. We’re going to be doing
hasty roadblocks, going to be doing patrolling. We’ll be doing live fire exercises. It’s going to be motivation. Mota, mota, got a lot of motivation. Alright, let’s circle up. Get some real estate. Get a little bit of space,
arms distance. Alright. Good morning. Good morning. Morning, morning. Alright so we’re going to get this
thing kicked off right man. We’re going to get out PT in. The Second Amendment
is under attack. We need to be prepared
and ready to combat that. Our first exercise is going to be
side-straddle hops. Side-straddle hops,
four count exercise. Gandhi wrote that the darkest
times in India’s history was when the people did not have the
right to bear arms. Look at Europe. Look at the mass influx of refugees
and all of the terrorist attacks going on in France. And you see these videos where the terrorists are running in
the streets with machetes or AK47s. And the poor people in France all they
can do is pick up their cellphone and video it. I’m saying, if this is America,
drop the damn cell phone and put two shots in his freaking
chest and end it. Push up! Exercise! One, two, three. One! One, two, three. Two! One, two, three. Three! One, two, three. Four! Five! Six! Seven!
Eight! Nine! Ten! Everybody up! Recover. When you look at our group, it’s not
just about if something’s going to happen with the government,
or this is going to happen, or if a war’s going to happen. That really don’t matter to us. If a hurricane hits tomorrow,
we’re going to be there. So it’s not just about standing up
and acting big and bad or nothing like that. Like I said before,
it’s about the people. Warning, warning! This is a secured area. Go back to
where you came from. Move back! Going hot. Going hot! Wow. Alright. For you guys that haven’t
been assigned yet, bring it over here real quick. So obviously we’re going to need a
two men search team. So let me get two volunteers
real quick. Got one. Blackout. Two. Alright, I need at least one tango.
Give me two tangos. What we’re about to do now is
conduct a hasty roadblock. We’re simulating that
the shit has hit the fan. So you’ll be in charge of our
detainment area right here. Our first objective is to make it
safely to the RP. Once we get to the RP,
it’s going to be to secure the area. Then any traffic, vehicle traffic
that we have coming through our perimeter would have to go
through a roadblock. Turn off the vehicle. Driver! Turn off the vehicle! Stop the vehicle. Turn the car off. Alright, alright. Keep your hands on
the fucking wheel. Step out of the vehicle. Keep your hands where
I can see them. Yeah, I’m watching you with that
laser on me. What the hell? Hands on your head! Come on now. You can’t just talk. I pray to God everyday that I do not
have to use these skills for any reason. But I’m also preparing
my daughter over there in case it happens during her time. And we’re protecting what my father
also fought for. What these men that have served
have been fighting for. You cannot give up on that because
then you’re letting somebody else define your liberty, your freedom,
your rights. Stand by! Going hot! I just got off of work.
I’m a paralegal. And I do bankruptcies. Pretty cool job. Get to help out a
lot of people using my wits. My legal jurisprudence. So today we’re in Henry Square,
McDonough, Georgia. This is the sight of recent
controversy with people asking that the statue of Colonel Zachary
be taken down. There’s a lot of talk sweeping the
nation about tearing down everything that represents the Confederacy. Everything that represents
the South. And the way things are looking in
Henry County, Dee Clemmons and the
Board of Commissioners, we believe and we anticipate,
they’re going to be advocating for the removal of this
Confederate statue here. It’s the same group
of people that are basically Antifa members themselves or basically BLM members themselves. They’re just occupying
higher office. And they’re getting their foot
soldiers to do all the dirty work. But they’re all fighting
for the same cause, the same bullshit belief that
everything southern, everything Confederate
has to be removed because it’s associated
with slavery. It’s ignorant. It’s fascist. It’s straight up terrorism
is what it is. It’s straight up terrorism for a
group of people to go out and destroy property and injure
people on any side of the spectrum. But again, the bigger portion of
that lies with the alt-left and these marches that I’ve been
seeing across the country. We met in 2000 at college. So we’ve been together 17 years. You know a lot of people is like the
group is racist or somehow connected to the white supremacist groups
or anything like that. That’s so not true. He really hates racism
more than anything. He’s the first one who would defend
everybody no matter what skin color they are. Oh snap! We’re only like a month away from a
possible government shut down. Did you know that? President Trump is saying we’re
going to build a wall. And if they don’t put money in the
bill to build the wall, shut it down. Shut down the government. Can you imagine that? That’d be so awesome. Shut it down. Lock the doors.
Don’t let them come back. -And build the wall.
-Okay. That’d be sweet right? No matter what happens,
it’s better than Obama. Oh my God. That was good. Thank you, Mommy! -You’re welcome.
-Thank you. Can you clean up the kitchen for me? Yeah. Kayla’s going to do her speech. She’s got to practice. Alright. Hello fellow Beta members. I’m running for Beta Club President. The reason I’m running is because
I want our club to be the best club this school has ever had. We are the future and we need to be
prepared. I would like to see all of us come
together and build up our weaknesses, our
confidence, and our friendships. So join me and let’s get started. Vote Kayla Hill, a Beta choice for a
Beta tomorrow. Thank you. Good job, baby! Alright guys. Time for goodnight. – Kayla girl.
-Goodnight, love you. – Goodnight.
– Sweet dreams. You too. Sometimes he comes home
and he’ll say something like, “Well, I’m done. I’ve had it.
They just rip me to shreds or say anything that’s so false and
I’ve just had it.” But then, he’ll calm down
and think about it. And I think he feels like
the fight’s worth the fight. And then he’ll go back into it. And he’ll do it again because
he just feels like he wants to reach somebody
even if it’s just one person that he managed to get through to. That’s enough for him. The Patriot movement, the Three
Percenters, they’re always splintering. They split for a lot of
petty reasons. More or less it’s, “Screw this guy,
me and my friends are leaving.” “I came in with this guy,
I’m leaving with that guy. And I’m taking two or three with me.” If they break off from me, they
basically imitate what I’ve done. And for what it’s worth,
I’ve probably left behind a lot of, probably 10 different,
freaking individual groups. My character’s often led to the
downfall of Three Percent Security Force because I trust
people way too much, way too quick. Four men unleashed their aggression
in a ferocious attack. -Is he a white supremacist?
-No, he’s not a white supremacist. He’s unstable. Hill told me that’s why he kicked
Ramos out of the militia after a year. For the record, I quit the militia because he does not have a stable
mind for leadership. And almost everybody else, they
don’t want the media in on it. And that kind of divides
the camp right there. That’s another reason
for people to divide. It’s, “we don’t talk to media because we know they’re going to hack
us and make us look like dumbasses or radicals.” Then media has created this big
tornado in a little freaking teacup. No doubt they sensationalized
what they saw. So it’s kind of weird, you know?
I mean, I’m nothing really. I’m just Chris Hill up in the
freaking attic, doing my shit in the computer
and fucking running around on the weekends
doing target practice. But, I guess some
people are interested. It’s resonating with some people. Somebody out there is going
to watch this video, and it’s going to
resonate with them. Like, “I know where that
dude’s coming from. I’m a Three Percenter. I go out and I prepare for worst
case scenario.” It’s out there. No doubt. It’s not how fast you
mow down terrorists. It’s how well you mow down
terrorists fast.


70 Responses

  1. Deneuve

    February 19, 2020 7:30 am

    Interesting group, probably not how I’d do it but the constitution is worth protecting. I find most people end up with a favorable view of the first and second amendments if you just talk about it with them. Friendly discussion is a powerful tool when the people have a say in who gets elected.

  2. Mayson Cunningham

    February 20, 2020 2:23 am

    Nothing but respect for that militia. Great people and they are using their constitution to protect themselves if need be.

  3. Victor Coleman

    February 20, 2020 2:41 am

    Ok, here's my 2 cents.

    I see a lot of variety in their weapons platforms, not good. They should require that everyone run the same make/model of carbine and, sidearm. Same should apply to any optics. This would ensure that all parts, magazines, ammunition, etc. are universal and, should the need arise be interchangeable.

    They should ban alcohol, and tobacco use while doing their training. Ideally, they should prohibit members from smoking at all (I can only imagine how the smell of cigarette smoke would give away your position, let alone lighting one up at night).

    Gym memberships. Require that all members be within 10 pounds of their ideal body weight for their age/sex/body style and maintain that weight.

    Learn an actual fighting style, not that badly executed shit they were attempting. Whatever they were doing looked like a fantastic way to get killed really quickly. I'd probably go with Kali Escrima and, Jiu Jitsu.

    Weapons training…get some. A reputable gun range will offer a wide variety of classes on proper firearms handling techniques for multiple platforms and scenarios. I wouldn't advertise that you're taking those classes so you can practice later with your militia buddies. Take the class or, several…hell take every class they offer. Then practice with your buddies in the woods.

    Ditch the rank structure and, stupid nicknames.

    There's lots more I could add. I'm not knocking these folks. I would probably just take a different route if I were to start my own group…

  4. Charles V Swenson

    February 21, 2020 4:22 am

    Dumb-shit gun 'expert' (7:39) racks his .45 THEN removes the magazine to clear it 🙄. No wonder there are so many unintentional self-shootings.

  5. Che Hughes

    February 21, 2020 5:39 pm

    Ole boy can't even make it out the rack how in the hell would he be able to fight starting before the crack of dawn. 😂😂😂

  6. thax cook

    February 21, 2020 7:06 pm

    Anything ppl disagree with us on makes us alt right. But last I checked it’s the left who burn shit down. Yea I’ll be keeping my guns thanks

  7. Mark Twain

    February 21, 2020 9:52 pm

    Why does this group even have to exist? Is the government so out of touch with the wishes of the people that these kind of groups are rising?

  8. Einar

    February 21, 2020 10:14 pm

    Sure they are fat but I bet they exercise more than 90% of all Americans. They're just regular people living how they want to live and not hurting anyone.

  9. Dr Jewlittle

    February 22, 2020 12:24 am

    This is how the 2nd amendment could never be taken away because these guys would start a civil war. Badass.

  10. Karate kid Ian

    February 22, 2020 5:48 am

    These guys should do karate and learn how to fight hand to hand and lose some weight or do bjj which is also really good

  11. Pascual Smith Valdés

    February 22, 2020 9:42 am

    Nothing about this militia is racist at all: shows confederate flag. And they call it Rebel Flag, how convenient

  12. Randy Rauch

    February 22, 2020 2:25 pm

    The second amendment is under attack? Where? There are more guns than ever in history? This reminds me about the war on Christmas. I have no idea what these people are talking about.

  13. Randy Rauch

    February 22, 2020 3:11 pm

    Again, you’re getting your facts confused. President Trump says he’s going to shut down the government if he doesn’t get the money. Your short memory forgets to tell you that he said Mexico will pay for that wall and not the United States.

  14. ethan spain

    February 22, 2020 7:11 pm

    what reason has anyone in the video given any of you in the comments to talk with a vile tongue towards them ? you all speak foolishly.

  15. Collin Reagan

    February 22, 2020 9:09 pm

    Look at the boys playing soldiers in the woods I'm glad to see that some adults dont lose their playful side as they age.

  16. Exploithe Truth

    February 22, 2020 11:55 pm

    I will join them to war against new world order elite agenda 21 and 30. I will slaughter all who opposes my Constitution, Amendments and bill of rights. I would also secretly kill the corrupt and make it look like a suicide. Nothing beats a good O hanging and ill set them on fire while these witches burn. Eff the liberal population I am already ready and self train to kill.

  17. Frank Bertram

    February 24, 2020 12:31 am


  18. Bilinmek Istemiyor

    February 24, 2020 12:58 am

    Bunch of grown up but with kids mind playing with real weapons, bored…By looking at these dumpasses, I am sure that I can start a cult, make them what I want, rip them off..So stupid, easy to manipulate dump people…

  19. Christian O. Holz

    February 24, 2020 11:50 am

    Alcohol and guns. Yea, always a good idea to mix these two. General Blood Angel here should lay of the booze and hit the gym. Many of those who take on such roles often simply seek attention in life. To find a larger cause to give their life meaning. It has led to many great atrocities throughout history.

    "General Blood Angel." Seems like someone has watched one too many action hero movies. This clown says he's never heard of Christianity forcibly converting others. Apparently he's never heard or read of all the native tribes in the Americas being held at gun and knifepoint to be forcibly converted.

    Ignorance and stupidity at the same time. Well, it certainly is very efficient of them.

    Religious fundamentalism/extremism esp. when combined with a dark political ideology and victimhood mentality are the real threat, no matter where it comes from. The novel "The Handmaid's Tale" come to mind.

  20. Mike Arebalo

    February 24, 2020 1:28 pm

    a militia leader that's not even disciplined enough to get his fat out-of-shape ass out of his cot… enough said. trash ass fudds

  21. Joseph Falcon

    February 24, 2020 4:47 pm

    Our second amendment is to guarantee the people have the tools necessary to combat a tyrannical government. I would die for my rights as well.

  22. Adam Gallup

    February 24, 2020 6:03 pm

    Just a bunch of improperly educated, xenophobic confederates. I'm surprised to see the black guy hanging out with a bunch of white dudes that have half confederate flag patches on their shoulders.

  23. Kim André Skogstrand

    February 24, 2020 11:13 pm

    This so perfectly illustrates the point I'm always making when discussing gun regulation with that special kind of retard that use the "armed militia" defense. I'm gonna ship the others reasons why that is such a historically ignorant and stupid defense, and focus on the funny hypocritical one: Look at how these people vote, what kind of polices their in favour of kind of, and especially when they educate you about all that is wrong with America today. At that point everyone who know how a nation becomes tyrannical, realises that these people will never be defending you, these people will be standing in lines to volunteer for any aspiring tyrant.

  24. White Tiger

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    they said they need to be ready to fight at any moment but what about the guy sleeping during the day and i doubt that training is working because i still see alot of….protein on them 😂😂😂😂

  25. Eli Levit

    February 26, 2020 2:18 am

    "not feeling safe in my own hometown" guarantee you she just doesnt like/trust nonwhites but doesnt wanna say it outright

  26. Danny McLeslie

    February 26, 2020 2:32 am

    When war comes I hope every person who commented negatively on this dies a horrible death along with their garbage families!

  27. emily b

    February 26, 2020 3:00 am

    I’m shocked by their belief that they can stop the US government or any government that would try and take them over. I kinda understand that they have hope because of the revolutionary war, but that’s was fought in the late 1700’s. Everyone had the same resources. Do these guys have tanks? Predator drones? If the “tyrannical government” wanted them dead, they’d be dead before they even knew what was going on.

  28. Don Grand Master

    February 26, 2020 3:03 am

    What I see a group of unfit, loud, ammunition wasters, unlikely have a good level of IQ people think they have a chance inflicting a damage to a fighter with basic professional training.

    Ladies and Gentlemen: please meet a group of dead bodies.

  29. ArticStudio

    February 26, 2020 4:31 am

    "From each according to their need to each according to their ability" being used by a conservative group. The irony.

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    February 27, 2020 3:02 am

    I see they’re an all inclusive militia. They don’t discriminate against the athletically challenged.


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