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Good morning guys, it is Sunday 17. April
2016 and we just traveled from Linz to the airport in Vienna. And will be departing here
to Istanbul in just about 2 hours. We’ve just realized that – I made a huge mistake – We
got a big problem because Jacky forgot to take with pyjama pants – how are we going
to travel trans- continental without… We just got through our passport control quickly
and easy and took a taxi to our hotel we have overnight here in Istanbul. Alright squad
heading out to town. We’re here in Istanbul basically on a layover on our way to Miami.
And this town is just fantastic. You can get great food you can get great coffee. What
I want to talk to you guys about is the politics of fear. Now a lot of people say Istanbul
is dangerous and you shouldn’t travel to Istanbul now because there is certain political issues
that are making this city a place that is very unsafe but as you can see there is nothing
unsafe here there is no gun fire or anything going on here its just people living their
lives. Don’t always believe everything that you hear on television and everything that
you hear on mass media just keep an open mind and don’t ever ever let any opinion stop you
from traveling and experiencing new things. That ultimately is stealing your freedom.
Sometimes you have to go down a few ally ways to find beautiful new places in town. Something
I really love about foreign cultures and foreign countries is just the different set of smells
and aromas that are going around – food – beverages – the feel of everything its just different.
We sat in a plane for 2 hours and basically we arrived in a completely different world.
Do you thing Istanbul is dangerous – let me know in the comments down below. We had our
third coffee within an hour and now we are going to go to cool little restaurant that
we went to last time we were here. And we found it – we were just sitting a few meters
down there and its right here – awesome. Alright we are back at the hotel. We are both pretty
exhausted right now. I am going to close the vlog right now because he forgot to say he
is closing the vlog. He told you he is tired and exhausted. If you are new to his channel
please hit that subscribe button – do it! Because a lot of interesting videos are following
next week – we are traveling to Miami and we are going to make things happen. Remember
to stay awesome be positive and make it happen!


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