Jackson Wang Reflects On His ‘Journey To The West’ | MTV News

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[Music] hi guys Jackson from China what’s good judge I will show you what’s a different game [Music] there are like crazy vocalists and their crazy dancers I was an athlete I grew up in this sport family my dad as Olympian fencer my mom’s a world champion gymnast my brother’s a rugby player I was preparing for London Olympic Games I got this scholarship from this great university in America and during the athlete days I was very motivated by music you know I got introduced to music through Garage Band like making my own songs it sounded like but one day I just sat down with my dad and I was like I want to be a singer I want to be a performer I want to be an entertainer you know to do music which I believe in he thought I was kidding you know he thought he didn’t take it seriously at first until the entertainment company actually came to my school when when their based at like different countries they actually came to the school to cast people they saw me playing basketball and they just they just hey come here I’m like I didn’t know what was going on is I do want to be a singer do you want to be anything like an entertainer so I just went to the audition and I passed so I told my parents I got accepted I believe in it if I don’t do it I’m gonna regret and I went to Korea been through all these like training systems they say like Korean entertainment system is kind of like manufactured it’s like it’s like machines to me it’s the best training system you’ll ever have in your life of course it’s it’s tough it’s under a lot of pressure it’s it’s a it’s like no mercy every single day but at the end of the day it’s because of the pressure and stress that that that’s in the process that makes you even stronger if you pass you stay if you fail you get sent home it made me you know so so I’m very quest I’m very and very lucky to go through that so basically if you’re in a group it’s about us you get like different flavors it’s like rainbow but if it’s on my my stuff you get like you get Jackson as a solo artist everything that I produce when I say I produce it I mean it like top lines lyrics the track bring storming for music video concepts editing the music video like everything like the cover art everything like is is like a puzzle after everything is being processed then I have the guts to say I produced it you know it’s my music the name of the album is called Journey to the West Journey to the West is a very famous story like like a very famous traditional story for all the Chinese picturing myself starting from China my journey to the west’ which is America it’s not about like I want to make it in America or its I wanna I want to be successful I want to break in it’s not about that to me it’s like it’s music you know it’s just like there’s no barrier like there’s no boundary it’s just about me sharing my music globally on this planet I never regret on the stuff that I do no matter if it’s a bad situation or it’s a good situation I think it’s all about experience in life I feel like this generation to me it’s all about the dream and what you really want to do as long as you don’t give up and go till the very end you know I feel like you’re gonna make it in your way I believe in that when you’re doing something you got to do it like deep down go till the end you gotta hustle till the end like that kind of vision is is probably like my my personality


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