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If there’s something amazing about Kerala, it’s that when you think you’ve seen it all, another place as impressive as the previous one, appears. In the last chapter we visited the incredible
waterfalls of Athirappilly, the tea fields, and the mountains of Munnar. Places of obligatory visit in your trip. Join me to continue the journey with this great route through Kerala, India. If this is your first time on the channel, I invite you
to subscribe now. There are many more videos and tips for your travels. If you like the video:share it, in this way I’ll be able to continue making more videos. After leaving the area of ​​these waterfalls, we
continue for a long journey to WAYANAD. Crossing villages, markets and climbing high mountains we finally arrived to this region, very
different from what we saw before. There I received hospitality from Petals Resort The bed is huge Four people could enter here without a problem It has a terrace where you can see in the morning all the wild life.
The bathroom has its own jacuzzi. Can you believe this? I had to fill it … The meals at Petals resort were among
the best I enjoyed on the way. The pool also had that fabulous design
that get lost in the infinity. Wayanad is another place in Kerala
that I recommend to stay for a few days. Not only because of the great variety of accommodation
but also because of the activities. You can enjoy the river with what is here
called “bamboo rafting”. You’ll find a great calm in moving smoothly
in the middle of these forests and wide channels. You can also visit tea processing plants
and photogenic fields in this region. But if you’re looking for more activity,
you won’t have any problem finding some adventure experiences like for example:ziplines. There are also nature reserves with elephants,
guided walks and trekking routes. I invite you to look for more experiences in Kerala
at excursiones.mochileros.org Maybe you did not expect this news, but
one of the best resorts in all Asia is just among this nature. The Vythiri Village has earned a distinguished reputation among resorts in the world. Wow this is the room look how great it is we have a private pool inside the same room and from this side, the bed so you can directly jump in the morning from the bed to the pool and start the day. With gigantic and scenic facilities, first class rooms, and high
quality services. There we had a nice welcome and during
the dinner they invited me to improvise a song with the
band that enlivened the night. This is the ideal type of place for groups,
honeymoon couples or families. The next stop would be Kasaragod to
proceed to visit the artisanal center Sargaalaya It is a villa of artisans that produces
creative pieces. There I experienced this for the first time: This is very funny The idea is that the fish remove the dead skin, giving a kind of exotic massage. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing. Muzhupilangad Beach, one of the few beaches
in India where there is traffic on the coast. And when I say coast, I mean literally
the sand next to the shore. These wide beaches with traffic have cafes
and bars in the surroundings and allow a pleasant stop. We are here in one of the last places that we are going to visit in this trip.
Our tour of India is ending. And we are on this beautiful beach that
once saw the British ships. Today it’s completely free. And the curiosity is that it has traffic. Traffic of cars in both directions. You have to be careful with the traffic. As you can see, people are driving all the time. The visit to the floating temple Ananthapuram was an approach to the religious customs
of Kerala. Theyyam’s performance (a typical rite
of the region) showed a mixture of religion and art. Then was turn of a well-deserved lunch in the backwaters of Valiyaparamba. Having fun with friends and enjoying spicy specialties in the boat. Traveling by train is an experience that brings you closer
to the people, to the most popular means of transportation from India and an economical and fast travel option. There are several categories, but the differences
are usually not substantial. As long as you can, travel with air
conditioning. In Kollam we were welcomed by excellent
hotels like the Raviz, Quilon Beach, Turtle on the Beach as always services that exceeded
the expected hospitality. But if there was something colossally impressive was the largest sculpture in the world of a bird. To see it there on the mountain supposed an artistic and architectural challenge. This recently opened place is located at at Jatayu Earth’s Center.
The center also has an immense adventure park where you can practice hiking,
paintball, climbing, shooting, bow and arrow,
among many other activities. The nearest train station is Kollam
(38km) and the nearest airport Trivandum (51km). With this incredible view, we say goodbye to another great experience in Kerala. If you want to have more specific details of
how to follow my steps through India or make your own trip through Kerala, I recommend you
visit the Kerala Tourism website keralatourism.org There is very specific information on
all places that I mentioned. If you are looking for accommodation, cheap flights to
India and other experiences, do not miss visiting Mochileros.org
where these resources are available from the main menu.
Thank you for joining me in this video. If you liked please share it. I’m Nelson Mochilero,
see you in a few days with a new chapter. Bye!


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