JETSTAR APPALLING SERVICE #️⃣✈️⭐️💩Warning Mild Profanity

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So we’re here at the airport Melbourne
airport and the showers queuing up there’s not
many people and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion it could be a problem so we
will see we’ve booked a hotel there this evening and until 30 minutes ago I was
assuming we were getting on a flight so it’s really tricky for us is that is
that any advice you’d give us at all you know I appreciate that I’m sorry to
trouble you maybe if you could just put just helping our position for a minute yeah I’m just making a record for myself
because we do stuff so we act so we’ve arrived here at Melbourne Airport with
Tina the lovely Tina from jet star who
basically said what and find your own hotel now I’ll I’ll simplify that they
weren’t interested we actually spoke with them online when they told us how
flight was canceled so jet star actually told us just 30 minutes ago make your
way to the airport where our staff will help you find accommodation they will
help you find accommodation before tonight so we’ve just come in to
Melbourne Airport and the jet star star have basically said we’re not gonna help
you at all not only have you got to go and find somewhere to stay out of your
own pocket which we will reimburse you with but we reimburse you maybe sometime
so really really shocking appalling jet star service what would I say we’ll be
looking not to fly jet star ever ever again okay you know
it’s a tough one Travel is you know I’ve always said I love traveling I just hate
the getting from A to B and jet staff just proven to me just how a falling
airlines can be and how completely uncaring the staff in these airports can
be it’s really shot and you get some little it’s hard to put into words but
you know the sort of person I’m talking about you know the sort of us I’m talk
about some horrible poorly trained careless individual who basically not
only doesn’t want to help them can’t help doesn’t want to help but goes
out of a way to make the experience as unpleasant as possible so Jetstar what can you say I mean they’re not a
budget airline this is a this is a normal international flight by a company
that could care less anyway we’re not gonna let it get us down we’re um we’re
going to go and organize ourselves somewhere to stay with back to fly with
the dreaded I’m really not looking forward to it now because I’m thinking
well if Jetstar are that bad on customer service how are they going to be on
their flights let’s have a look see if they can redeem one tiny tiny morsel of
human decency I suspect not I’m definitely going to
call Jetstar out on this 100% they really shouldn’t firstly they shouldn’t
have start working on a customer service basis that have such poor social
interaction most people know me I’m so easy so easy to get along with never
gonna really rock the boat but my god did this lady have an attitude before we
even got there and my god what what sort of service ask you you know to come in
spend your time your effort no no come in come in to the airport even though
that the flights canceled we’re gonna put you up and we thought it’s gonna be
in one of these sort of local hotels because there are hotels right next to
the airport and when you get there basically just deadpan look at you as if
to say what are you doing here get out of my way anyway shame on you Jetstar but usually
if somebody could just say well this hotel is not far away you should try
this one or anything really


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