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Next time. Okay, now they
really all want a piece. Hi, I’m Tom. I’m traveling through one of the most
colorful and vibrant countries in the world, and with the help of local knowledge, I’ll be trying
to find out what makes this place so special. Join me on a journey through India. Our first stop is Mumbai. Located on the west coast of the
country, it’s home to 21 million people. Frantic but functional, this is India’s economic
powerhouse and the home of Bollywood. From luxury high rises to some of Asia’s biggest
slums, everyone here lives in the fast lane. This is one of the most
densely-populated cities in the world. Getting around on the roads can be pretty
slow, so we’re going to take the train. This looks pretty busy. Right. On we go. Not too bad. Mumbai’s suburban railway
is fast but crowded, with 11 million people using the
city’s public transport every day. The elbow-to-elbow experience,
however, may be coming to an end. A new Mumbai metro network more
than 100 miles long is being built. Its aim is to boost the city’s rail capacity
and reduce traffic congestion. For your wife? Lovely roses. Can I smell? Perfect, smells fresh. Well, that wasn’t too bad, no worse
than the Central line in London, and now we’re in downtown Mumbai
ready to explore the rest of the city. To help me do that and understand
where this city gets its energy from, I’m meeting up with
a fellow journalist. Kevin? Hi, how are you? Hi, all good. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Mumbai. Thank you very much. Kevin Lee is a reporter for CNBC TV18 and has
lived and worked in the city for several years. Have you gotten a chance to
look around the city a little bit? Yeah, we came in on the train. Did you get pushed
around a little bit? A little bit, a little bit. It’s part of the
charm of the city. Have you eaten anything?
Do you want to get a bite? No, but I could eat. Let’s get you some
Bombay delicacies. Mumbai’s reputation for street food is legendary,
but its famous fare was actually born out of necessity. The city’s early prosperity came from its textile mills,
and workers needed quick and cheap food on the go. The mills may have faded into the
past, but the cheap eats have not. And in this 24-hour megacity, the streets
are still buzzing with thousands of hawkers dishing out their specialties
late into the night. Khau Galli literally translates,
the street of food. So you have these all over Bombay,
but it’s not very fancy food. It’s just functional food that you can get in
10, 15 minutes, you can have a whole meal. We’re going to try some chaat first. Chaat is a famous
Bombay thing. I don’t know exactly how to define it. It’s just a mixture of a lot of flavors, savory,
sweet, spicy, etc, just thrown together. How spicy are we talking? Oh, this isn’t spicy. You don’t
have to worry that much. Okay, we’ll start low. We’ll start you off easy, yeah? And get a bit of everything in one bite. Okay, that’s quite a big mouthful… Yeah, yeah. You can do it. There’s just a lot going on. Right? A lot. You can’t isolate one flavor. There’s loads of different
textures as well. He’s got a tiny little kitchen back there,
like this tiny stall and he manages to create something that even looks
pretty as well as tastes good. So now we’re going to try something called pav bhaji,
which is another thing that’s famous in Bombay. This one involves a fair bit
of cooking, unlike the chaat. So it’s this gravy that’s smeared with potatoes, tomatoes
and a little bit of capsicum, a little bit of onion. It’s all just mashed together and he serves it with
a lot of butter, and pav which is basically bread. Absolutely drenched in butter. Yeah, I wasn’t exaggerating. It’s just a lot of butter. He’s used half a kilo! Good work. Really good. Kevin, thank you very much
for showing me your Mumbai. I hope your stomach is
fine tomorrow morning. Well if it’s not, I blame you. Thanks, man. Cheers. Refueled I’m heading to my next
stop in the heart of Mumbai. But with its limited public transport, we’re taking
the roads and this is a city famous for its traffic. You may not realize it, but there is actually
traffic lights at this intersection. The guys who installed it must have been
laughing because there are no rules. Slightly less noisy but
no less busy is Dharavi. Home to one million people, this is
one of the world’s largest slums and like the rest of the city,
it’s full of energy and industry. I’ve hired the help of Naynish Salvi, a tour
guide attached to the NGO Reality Gives. The money from tours of the slums is used to support
families and help run educational programs for people that didn’t finish school, to increase
their chances of finding employment. The word slum itself
surrounds with negativity. People always try to relate it with favelas
and basically those kinds of things. But when they come over here, when they see the kind
of things, it’s something different to what they expect. Because there are thriving businesses
in Dharavi slum, that’s right? Roughly all in total, Dharavi has
nearly 10,000 different businesses. Wow. And if we tell you, the annual amount
of revenue generated from this slum, only from businesses, is
roughly $665 million a year. $665 million?
That’s amazing. That money comes from industries like pottery
production, which began in Dharavi in the 1840s. The slum is also home to a thriving recycling
industry, which the city has become increasingly dependent upon to manage
waste, particularly plastic. Everyday people roughly recycle between
13 and 14 tons of plastic a day. Hard work? Yeah, very hard work
sir. 15 hours work here. Leather production, however, is
what Dharavi’s most recognized for, and it all started here at the
city’s first ever leather factory. As well as developing its own brand, the factory also
supplies leather to fashion houses around the world, ensuring that Mumbai maintains its
status as the fashion epicenter of India. The owner, he was the person who
introduced leather production to the city. Basically, he started working
when he was 12 years old. Because sometimes the skins are thinner, some
of them are thicker, they need to be surfaced. Okay, so it’s to a level? And all the surfacing
makes the skins softer. There’s a lot of guys here. I mean
you’ve got six guys sorting… They need to also be separated by the size
as well, the size and the thickness as well. They need to check what skins
need to be shaved off or not. Even just walking down one of the side streets,
you wouldn’t imagine that there’s 20 guys in here working hour after hour
producing some of these leathers. It’s kind of amazing that it’s all tucked away in
these tiny little nooks and crannies of the slums. When they say, “I’ve been inside Dharavi,” it means
they’ve actually passed within, from the street. They haven’t seen what you are able to see today. They
just think, “Oh I’ve seen Dharavi, it’s a slum, that’s it.” But to break that barrier, to make them
realize what actually they’re missing is the reason why
we are here for. This city doesn’t seem to stop, so neither
am I. I’ve got one final visit across town before the day ends. A bit of retail therapy,
but unlike I’ve ever experienced before. So I’ve come down to Crawford Market, possibly
one of the craziest places I’ve ever been but hopefully, we’ll find a little bargain, something to take
home so that we have a little memento from our trip. Crawford Market is the largest
and most famous in Mumbai. It began as a fruit and vegetable
wholesale market way back in 1869, and many of the city’s big restaurants
still come here to source their food. But if you’re looking for clothes and souvenirs, then
the surrounding streets is where you’ll find them. Love it. Could I give you ₹100 for this? No ₹100, ₹250 best
price, only price. Okay. Not sure about that,
a little bit creepy. I’m buying a present for my daughter. It’s quite
big. I don’t think I can fit it in my suitcase. Oh, I quite like that.
How much is that? ₹100 only. 100? Do you think it will fit me? Yeah, perfect size. Cheers guys, thank you. Supposed to buy something for other people,
but ended up buying something for myself. About one-year-old girl. Girl, girl, what do you want? Shoes? Something traditional Indian,
maybe a small sari or something? Sweet. I don’t think my wife will let my daughter
wear that, but I think it’s quite fun. What do you think? How much for? ₹175. How many pieces do you want? I only buy one, I only have one child. Okay, take it. I haven’t actually said yes that I’m going
to buy it, but he’s sort of given it to me. ₹175? ₹175. What about ₹150? Okay then. Yeah, or what about ₹100? Just terrible at haggling. Cheers boss, thank you. Thank you, welcome. I want to buy a scarf. Come, come, please sir. Forcing me to sit. What about this one here? Show me how long two meters is. Yeah, yeah. Maybe I should have
just bought a t-shirt. Thank you very much. Welcome, another time. Cheers, thank you. Lovely. It’s lovely. No, it’s okay. If I had to describe my overall impressions
of Mumbai, I’d say it’s fast-paced and busy. That can be overwhelming at first, but getting
to meet people who live and work here has helped me understand that they all
thrive off that energy – and it’s infectious. All the shopping’s now done, and I think I’ve
experienced a fair bit of Mumbai, onto the next stop. Hi everyone, thanks for joining
us on our journey through India. To catch our next stop,
make sure you click here. And do let us know your favorite travel destinations
in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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  1. the perfect zone

    November 6, 2018 5:47 am

    I don't understand why indians care about CNBC and BBC showing bad side of India….relax brothers we know we have bad side and good side too….let's completely focus on ourselves and make it better.

  2. Sudip Santra

    November 6, 2018 8:00 am

    CNBC: Let's go to the Dharavi
    BBC: No it's time to see Poor India 🙂
    India needs it's own Foreign media channel :

  3. Ranadeep Jash

    November 6, 2018 8:36 am

    we need our own media channel employing experience journalist from abroad doing documentary video on so many positive side of india. we need our own BBC CNN CNBC type channels with global man power and global reach but indian news channels such as Republic, zee,times now are only interested in indian mudy politics and prime time is wasted on bogus debuts.

  4. Nitul Das

    November 7, 2018 8:24 am

    I knew the comments section will be full of Indian Citizens complaining about the content. We talk and laugh about the poor state of our country among ourselves. But some Indians don't like it when a white person talks about it. Coz they still r a little bit under the influence of slavery. Just a tiny bit. A white person's opinion matters the most to them. If a white man says, ''India is so beautiful'', we celebrate a festival that day. If it is a white woman saying the same, damn; we have a carnival here. That is how some Indians are. Physically independent, and mentally still slaves…So don't hurt their feelings. Show the metro stations, a few shopping malls and Ambani's house. Start with the airport of course; that is a must. Skip the Worli sea link, if u have a death wish….


    November 7, 2018 10:24 am

    2:18 and 4:39 ,what is this bro? What about bandra, andheri, juhu and ghatkopar? Where is the lane of celebrity estates??

  6. Anwar Ali

    November 8, 2018 2:54 pm

    why are showing only slum area in mumbai? Mumbai is world class city but foreign media only show in india dirty place India is now very fast develop country after China

  7. Raj Das

    November 9, 2018 6:42 am

    The western media , just can't stand to see a developed India . So continue to feed the ignorant., uneducated masses back in their countries, the stereotype images they expect and want to see.They will never show both sides .

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  9. srav

    November 11, 2018 7:07 am

    I think this is the first time foreign media is showing actual India ! Many times they go to slums or poor . I don’t say there r no poor there r 21million poor but it has been much worse when British left India !

  10. ex rider

    November 11, 2018 10:06 am

    My request to all my indian brothers , pls report this kind of videos in this channel , because it will keep on showing only poor and slum areas of Indian cities , and it will only bring a negative impression about India .

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    November 11, 2018 3:21 pm

    India prospers and decay at d same moment. Slums… Shrine… Ganga..taj…tech…cricket.. Bollywood… Few super rich… A few middle-class…and lot of hungry folks…. PS: Mr ambani gifted his wife 200 million ship on her birth day .

  12. amrit prusty

    November 11, 2018 5:08 pm

    I am from Delhi . Yes there are many slums in Mumbai .But there are huge buildings and skyscrapers .Infact most of tallest buildings exist there. But somehow they were able to hide all of that .Not evenby mistake they showed any of the posh areas. I am pretty sure on they are in the capital they will do the same. They will ignore the cyber city .Go straight to the slums .Ignore the metro or ola and use a "tuk tuk ".

  13. BaBaboooeee

    November 11, 2018 6:59 pm

    What a fetid dump. If you want some livable conditions over there you might want to consider having less children.

  14. Jack sparrow

    November 13, 2018 2:54 pm

    Super cringe
    You should have shown the other side of Mumbai.Seems like western media loves the poor slum part of India.

  15. Manohar Dhruv

    November 14, 2018 5:00 pm

    The City Of Dreams. The Maximum City. The New York of India. That's our Mumbai and Maharashtra.

    But western media show only the bad side of our most developed city. Go to the areas where the millionaires live and especially where India's richest man Mukesh Ambani lives.

  16. अखंड भारत

    November 21, 2018 10:53 am

    no..they will show you only poor india…if they travelled in train then they will show general class in which they travel onve for shooting that how indian trains are but not show of the AC class.not the maharaja train…not the rajdhani n etc.thats the mentality of these westerns

  17. sandhya000

    November 23, 2018 1:06 pm

    The dress 👗 for 1 year old baby costs Rs 150 is pretty good deal. I usually avoid to bargain too much with road side vendors. They usually sells their stuffs in very cheap rate.

  18. Roni Roy

    November 24, 2018 8:34 am

    80 % time they show the slums and undeveloped areas in the video…but only 6% area is filled up with slums in Mumbai…then where is the developed areas..94%…that's why we Indians don't like western media…they always underestimate us to the world…and show the worst places in the cities of India….I wait for the time when india will be a second largest economy and the powerful country in 2050 then my age will 48 yr…then I will go to UK and USA..and I will show homeless and poor people from there…you western media fuck of…I am waiting😠😠😠

  19. Ambrose Liu

    November 30, 2018 8:17 pm

    In these day, Slum become the icon of India. Why don't they wipe out the slum area, and rebuild and redevrlop the area like developing cheap public housing for the poor citizen. Once they get rid of the slum, the image of the city would improve.
    Like the Chinese doing in later 1990s, they destructed all the old and primitive building in major cities, relocated all the poor people to the public housing built by the government, widening the road and driveway, renewing all the traffic light, intersection, making it way more modern like building big mall everywhere in downtown area.

    Narrow and dirty street, slum, chaotic street make India having a poor image to the rest of the world. Once they get rid of this, it will be much better.

  20. Buhlebuyeza James

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  21. Givson Kamson

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    The officials and Maharashtra government are responsible for the poor impressions made to the world. Why not rebuild multi storey buildings for slum dwellers and provide a places for each business to flourish. In turn government can take rent in small amount from each households n businesses if they are unable to buy the property.

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  24. No Name

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    Everyone in the comment is mentioning how this guy is not showing India's bright side: let me tell you this! Cause we see that in every hindi movie and now we want to see this part of India.

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    January 31, 2019 5:42 am

    India's economy gaint and so called backbone city is very worst than USA village
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  28. vaibhav

    February 11, 2019 10:40 am

    its to hard to make such videos…i know how challenging it is to show only negative part of the city and getting more views.
    Mumbai total population = 21 million legal and 6 million illegal
    slum population = 0.9 million. (it is also reducing due to rehabilitation )

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    April 4, 2019 2:03 pm

    People should be introduced to the other lifestyle of the city as well, it’s also a part of Mumbai.

  32. Kapeesh Soni

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    complains about traffic problem

    Stands on the street blocking the traffic


  33. Harsh Pawar

    May 10, 2019 7:12 pm

    ENOUGH WITH " USA doesn't shows the developed side of India , " U HAVE TO ALSO REALISE THAT ITS THE ONLY WAY TO ATTRACT VIEWS FOR THEM ,
    They don't keep in mind that the people who see these " jOuRnEy tHrOuGh COLOURFUL iNdiA , with tabla and sitar playing in the background, " get inadequate exposure to the development which has taken place , I highly recommend watching Mumbai volgs of other yt creators , who do a really good job of filming not only the beautiful side of the city but also the innocence inside the hearts of the people , bad job really cnbc😑

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    May 30, 2019 8:47 am

    All countries hsve their own slums….. India is a beautiful country well mannered people and delicious food…..

  35. Majoni Das

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  37. Tony Stark's Daughter

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  38. firefox

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    Lets just face it. The western media is never gonna potray the good sides of any city. Thats how its been all these years. Its fine, well just assume that you are scared to potray to the world the massive developments India is undergoing. You can live under your small shell for all we care, but then dont be stunned when u see us emerging in a few years.

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