Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Books Revealed, Plus YOUR Star Wars Day Messages

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[MUSIC PLAYING] – On April 30, the galaxy
lost a giant of a man. – Peter Mayhew, the actor
behind the iconic Chewbacca, passed away at the age of 74. – For generations
of fans, he will always be seen as the ferocious
Wookie with a heart of gold. – A character that
with a simple head tilt can conjure feelings of
loyalty, trust, and strength. – His performance
can be terrifying in one moment, joyous
and friendly in the next. Peter’s deep blue
eyes were filled with more emotion than some
of the most elegant prose. – He loved the fans, and
the fans loved him back, always taking time
to talk with them and making sure that their
Star Wars experience was just as joyous as his performance. – Star Wars will never be
the same without you, Peter. Thank you for everything. – The force will
be with you always. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Hello and welcome
to The Star Wars show, the only Star Wars show on
the internet that is actually on a top secret mission
somewhere within the United States right now and has
pre-recorded this episode so you will have
your weekly fill of Star Wars goofs and guffaws. – So if things get a little
weird during the on camera segments, just sit back and know
that you’re in on a movie magic secret. – Wait, why don’t
we just pre-record all of our episodes like this? That way, we’d only have to
work, like, one day a year. Last Saturday was May the 4th. And the internet
collectively celebrated the unofficial
official Star Wars Day with the gusto of a
Hut biting the head off a Klatooine paddy frog. – The California
state legislature celebrated the Star Wars Galaxy
and the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge with a formal
resolution on the state assembly and senate
floors highlighting Disneyland Resort for
its economic impact and job creation. – Mark Hamill made
a special message to promote FIRST, the new
Force for Change Initiative. And registration opened for
teams to compete in Star Wars themed FIRST challenges. – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
released the John Williams symphonic suite for the land. And LEGO announced LEGO Star
Wars Boost Commander Set, a new line of LEGO
Star Wars toys that build, code, and play
with three different droids. R2-D2, a Gonk Droid, and a Mouse
Droid like our beautiful baby boy Cheese. – The droids have over 40
different interactive missions and utilize steam
learning skills to code. The Droid three pack goes
on sale on September 1. – And while we’re on the
subject of Star Wars things, Lucasfilm announced
the complete list of titles coming for
the journey to the rise of Skywalker publishing line. – Titles like “Resistance
Reborn” by Rebecca Roanhorse, which follows Poe, general
Leia, Rey, and Finn as they struggle to rebuild the
resistance after the end of “The Last Jedi.” – “Force Collector”
by Kevin Shinick is set just before the
events of “The Force Awakens” about a restless
teenager as he sets out to discover what connections
his mysterious Force powers have to the fabled Jedi
and what his future holds. – There’s also new titles
from Marvel, IDW, books for young adults and children,
plus more behind the scenes art books and
visual dictionaries that you’ve come to
expect from the release of a new Star Wars film. – For that and more breaking
news from around the galaxy, check out – I’m Pete [INAUDIBLE]. And we are going to
stage a little prank replacing the statues of
Praetorian guards with actors. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] – [SCREAMS] – Oh, my god. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. – Oh, goodness. [LAUGHS] – Oh! [LAUGHTER] [SCREAMING] – Oh, my gosh. – Oh, Jesus! – Oh, my [INAUDIBLE]. – [SCREAMS] – I did wear a Star
Wars shirt underneath. [SCREAMS] – [SCREAMS] – [SCREAMS] – [SCREAMS] [LAUGHTER] – Oh, my god! – Zoraida Córdova’s here. And she was just about to
tell me all the secrets she knows about Galaxy’s Edge. – Every single secret. – Tell me all the things. – Spilling all the tea. – Your new novel, “A Crash of
Fate’s” coming out in August. And it ties in directly
to Galaxy’s Edge. – Yeah. So the book is a love
story set on Batuu. It’s about two best
friends who were separated when they were six years old. And then all of
a sudden, they’re brought back together literally
crashing into each other. And that is their meet cute. And they spend an
entire day basically falling back into love. – So this book actually does
tie-in directly to the story of Black Spider Outpost
in Galaxy’s Edge that fans and
readers can interact with when they go to the parks. What kind of collaboration
process was there? – I got a lot of material
to look at and a lot of behind the scenes images. And going through all
of that, I started trying to place where
my two characters belong in this world. What is their role
in this planet? Where do Izzy and Jules
fit in all of this? And creating their own story. – Tell me a little
bit about some of the inspirations you
drew or the challenges that you encountered. – I sort of went back to my
favorite elements of Star Wars, which is love stories. I love those personal
romantic moments. Pulling that very
specific inspiration is interesting because you
want to create something new, a new love story. But you also want
to put it in a place that also feels like Star Wars. – Yeah. Personally, I love
the relationship between Kanan and Hera. – Yeah. The couple that I always
wished had happened was Obi Wan and Satine. That one destroyed me. I wanted to create one
where we want to pine and we want to go
through this journey. But I want a happy
Star Wars romance. – Can you talk a little
bit about being a fan and now creating
Star Wars and how your perspective has changed? – I think that I appreciate
things from a different lens. Liking it when you’re a little
kid, you like the action. And then as you get older, you
start seeing the relationships and how those relationships
work and how they change and how we can take that idea
of how one person can make a difference or a small group
of people can make a difference and how that is elevated
in the real world. So now as an adult, I get
to just live in these worlds and help create them. – What kind of
real world details did you work into
“Crash of Fate?” – Well, some of the
real world things is the moments where my
characters get really hungry. It’s like, Let’s go on a date. Where can we go on
a date on Batuu? Oh, I know this place to eat. So figuring out
where they go, I got to put in some of the things
that they eat that you might be able to eat at the theme park. – That sounds interesting. [LAUGHS] – One of my favorite characters
to write about was [INAUDIBLE],, who is in charge of the
black market of this outpost. He has all the cool
things in his shop. Why do you even need to go
to the rest of the galaxy when he has pieces of the
galaxy everywhere in his store? – He’ll take care of you.
– Exactly. He’ll take care of you. You take care of me,
I take care of you. – That’s cool. So when you were
writing for them, were you given any
sort of breakdown of their personalities? Or were you kind of
given free rein to– – Kind of, yeah. There are people at
Imagineering who know these characters inside out. And so if I wrote a line of
dialogue, and they’d be like, this sounds too nice
for this character, or this doesn’t sound like
this character at all. And so you got to have a
collaborative back and forth about what they sound
like so that when you go to the theme park, the
experience sort of still feels the same. – I’m super excited to read it. And it’ll be super
interesting for a lot of fans to read it maybe after
they’ve been to the park or before the park. – Right. It’d be a nice Easter
egg hunt of the places when you take the book with you. – Exactly. It’ll give a really
nice, rich context to it. It sounds super exciting. Thank you so much for coming by. – Thanks so much for having me. – You’re watching–
– –Star – –Wars–
– –the show. – Last week, we wanted to know
how you celebrated May the 4th. And we had so many submissions,
we couldn’t feature them all. – Luckily, we’re here to
feature some of our favorites. – Favorites like
Daniel Gustagon’s Day of Lightsaber
pancakes, blue milk, Gorg cupcakes, Wookie cookies,
and lots of Star Wars mugs. Robert Wagner, Jr.
had a 10 hour party that included a game
of Loopin’ Chewie and a first timer watching
“A New Hope” saying it was “a good movie.” – Daniel gave us an
interpretive dance, Liam Toms made a Crait
cake, and our friends over at the Younglings Podcast
nabbed the free Star Wars comics on Free Comic Book Day. – Thanks to everybody
for submitting and for watching
this week’s episode. – And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. – Thanks for watching. And may the Force be with you. [BEEP] You know the ugly duckling
that grows up to be a swan? That swan turns
into an old swan. – With a beard. – And brutal, brittle bones. – And a lightsaber.
– [GROANS] – And his name’s Frank.
[BEEP] – (HONKING) Frank.
[BEEP] – He’s not even here
to defend himself. [LAUGHS]
– Nope. That’s what makes it great. He has to wash through
all this footage to see what the good
footage is, and therefore has to hear all of this. [BEEP] [ELECTRONIC BEEPING]


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