Karl Subban’s Health Journey

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What drew me to Karl was he was a
handsome guy. Was?
(Laughter) And still is.
(Laughter) Ok.
(Laughter) You can be saddened by it
or you can get better because of it. I remember the Saturday morning I went
to see my doctor. I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a big blow the day I got the news. My family wouldn’t allow me to think
that it was destiny. He listens and he takes responsibility. Looking at things from a positive side finding the good and the bad those are the things that have helped me to be a good man, a good person,
a good father, a good husband. My dad when he was diagnosed with
diabetes, it was kind of a wake-up call for all of us because you never think
it’s gonna happen to you. It’s just an eye-opener that could happen
to anybody out there It’s my job to work to be better in all areas all the time. This whole idea of a long term view of your health is just not something that men are conditioned
to have or really taught. Small changes make all the difference in
the world, you don’t have to go crazy. Stop smoking, stop taking in stupid empty calories,
and start exercising reasonably and your life will be much much much better. I think Karl is an extremely inspiring person. The thing you couldn’t get away from was
that his family, you know, came first but that’s the way it should be. I remember one time PK came home and he said we’re cleaning everything out of
the cupboards and you guys are just going to eat nuts and grains. We’re really conscious of what we’re eating now eggplant and okra I don’t fry stuff. Family’s so important. If I can’t be part of their life
because of my health condition that was one of the things that I had to work through. I’ve made many many small changes that
have impacted on my health. Take care of yourself before it’s too late.


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