Kate’s Evo Journey: Episode 6

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Georgia: So After all this time it’s so nice
to finally meet you as well. Kate: I know, tomorrow, at last. Kate: I know Georgia, it’s been months and
months Georgia: Yeah, yeah. Kate: All I heard was your voice and you were
such a lovely girl and you answered my questions, even when you didn’t have to because you would
have been finished work. (Georgia laughs) Georgia: How were you feeling when we were
messaging and chatting? Kate: I was feeling hopeful, because remember
I said this is my last kind of option because I’d been looking into everything else so I
was really feeling hopeful when I spoke to you and then you were so nice about it. Georgia: So when we were messaging and stuff
did it make you feel more comfortable, rather having a conversation… Kate: Yeah because I stuck with you, it was
you and then you have different ones to speak to, it was just Georgia…
Georgia: One port of call Kate: I knew and if someone else messaged
me I would say can you get Georgia to message me back because I like speaking to the same
person. Georgia: Especially with something like this,
it’s such a big thing. Kate: Yeah, you’re quite self conscious anyway
to open up and let people see you so to have the same person and get used to the same person
is great. Georgia: Yeah it’s a lot better.
Kate: Aye, definitely.


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