Kayak vs Google Flights vs AirWander – Adding stopovers [Cheapest Flight Search]

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Im Ela, Founder of AirWander today I’m comparing flight prices of AirWander Kayak and Google Flights I will search 25 flights and I will use top 25 destinations by TripAdvisor as the destinations of those flgihts and the busiest airports in us as the origins of the flights I have input them all in the spreadsheet and I have used the random dates for this comparison so let’s start the search I will do the search on all three websites starting with AirWander Let’s select the date now I will add the cheapest suggested stopover to each search this is how AirWander reduces the prices feel free to come back at the end of the video for the result as I will do it for the 25 flights so it’s going to take a while but the result is definitely worth to see now, I have completed the search and we got all the results from all three flight search engines and now I will go through one by one and highlight all those that are cheaper on air wonder out of all three so now let’s count the number of times 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 so that’s 13 times so now let’s calculate the percentage of that until we hit 25 flight searches so let’s calculate that and that’s fifty two percent so this is the result of this comparison AirWander found cheapest flight online in fifty-two percent of time it’s compared to Kayak and Google Flights and this is when we add stopover and when we combine flights with AirWander thank you for watching!


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