L-1011 Aircraft Take off with Pegasus XL and CYGNSS Spacecraft

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L-1011 getting itself ready at the end of
the taxiway. George Diller, NASA commentator: This is Pegasus
launch control T-57 minutes, 45 seconds and counting. Less than 1 minute away from the departure
of the L-1011. And launch team, we will now complete our
pre-takeoff checklist, currently in our climb cruise checklist. Step 127, you go top nitrogen purge. LC LPO purge is off. Copy, purge off. And LPO you’re go for step 128, configure
GN2 for captive carry and adjust AACS to maintain fairing air temp. at approximately
five nine degrees. LC LPO GN2 configured for captive carry AACS
adjustments in work. Roger that LPO.


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