Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – How To Bypass Baggage Fees (feat. Alycia Cooper) | truTV

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They charge you for stuff you
shouldn’t even be charged for. $25 at the airport
to check your first bag. They know we going out of town.
We gotta take something. I’ll fix them. I stood in the lobby and put
everything in my luggage on my body. I had eight suits,
four skirts, a Wonderbra,
some feety pajamas, a pair of shoes on my feet, another pair tied around my neck. I sprayed all my perfume on. [ Laughter ] Drank my Scope like it was Jaegermeister. [ Laughter ] I said,
“You ain’t getting this $25.” She was like, “Ma’am,
you’re leaving my luggage.” I was like, “You mean my hat?” [ Laughter ]


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