Learn English Speaking – How to Book Plane Tickets

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Hello and welcome. This is the Ryanair website
which is a low-cost, or budget airline in Europe. We will now go through the booking
process to understand the important steps of booking plane tickets in English.
You enter where you will leave from, your departure airport, in this box and then where
you want to go, your destination airport here. If it’s a
return ticket, then enter the day you want
to fly out, and the day you want to fly back. Select the number of passengers.
page loads for you to select your outbound flight and then your inbound flight to return
home. You can see other details like the flight
duration and the flight reference number. Click continue and you are offered the possibility
to add luggage and other options such as airport parking, airport transfers which means you
will have a bus to take you from the airport to your hotel and even if you’re taking
sports or music equipment on the flight. The next screen allows you to enter your payment
details, so I think it’s about time I finish there, unless you’re paying.


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