Learn To Wing Foil – RIDING

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In this video we will cover how to use
your wing to ride on foil boards and normal stand-up paddleboards. If you have not watched the video on how to handle the wing yet, please watch it as it
contains a lot of useful information that will be helpful when you get in the
water. If you are not a competent foiler we recommend you start out with a large
stand-up paddleboard. Use one that has enough volume, the rule of thumb for how
many litres it should have is your weight plus 20%. Climb up onto the board and get up on your knees. Try to have the board positioned across the wind and in
the direction you wish to start in. To turn the board into the wind hold either
the Y or the first strut handle with your front hand and the third handle
with your back hand. Push the wing downwind and this will turn the board
upwind. To turn the board downwind move your back hand to the fourth handle and
push the wing into the wind, this will turn the nose of the board downwind. When you have the board pointing across
the wind move your hand to the fourth handle and sheet in to stand up make sure to keep the wing flat over your head or else the wingtip will catch on the water
and flip the wing over. Try to get into a semi surf stance as soon as you can as
this will give you more balance. If you have enough power and the wing is sheeted in you should be moving forward. Remember, to sail upwind when not foiling, have your back hand on the third handle and push the wing down wind. To sail
downwind move the back hand to either the fourth or fifth handle and push the
wing upwind. Once you are up and sailing point the board slightly downwind and
sheet in. In light winds using the Y handles creates more upwards lift when
pumping, your back hand should be at least on the fourth handle. Make sure
that your back foot is across the centerline of the board and your front
foot is slightly off-center towards the windward rail. Once the board picks up
some speed you need to start pumping the board and wing to engage the foil.
Pumping is basically accelerating the board forward and out of the water by
pumping your arms and feet against the pressure of the wing. Start pumping the
wing by pulling both your elbows towards your knees, remember to keep your hands
high or else the wing tip might catch on the water and flip the wing over. When
you feel the resistance building up on your arms and the board starts moving
push on the toes of your back foot and immediately take the pressure off your
front foot to let the nose rise a bit. As soon as the nose is up push down on your
front toes and immediately repeat the steps again. In good winds and with a big enough
foil it should not take more than three or four small pumps to get flying. In
light winds you will need to pump harder and for longer. Once you’re up and foiling, the use of
the handles differ slightly from the displacement riding without a foil to
point upwind move your hand back more and push the wing back towards the tail
of the board. To go downwind move your hands forward on the handles and push the wing towards the nose of the board. That is it, now you can wing foil! For more tutorials and information on our products visit ozonekites.com


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