London to Denver Direct Flights with United Airlines


– Really excited to be
back in the Denver market. It’s one that’s being serviced
by United in previous years. It’s one that we now
think is the time to go and reestablish our presence there. It’s a very strong, very vibrant hub for United domestically. We’ve obviously started
serving Tokyo out of Denver in the last couple of
years and now is the time to go back on to Heathrow, Denver. It’s a summer-only service at the moment, and we run it through to October. It’s been very well taken on
both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s a great city and a great state, and a very healthy and
strong business environment within the United States. We’re looking forward to 787 being put on to that lane segment of 787-800, and obviously offering the Polaris product in the front cabin and economy plus and economy in the back. – [Interviewer] An IPW,
the big travel trade show of the United States is
taking place in Denver. The same time as you’re
bringing Heathrow, Denver back. – Delightful coincidence for us. We’re thrilled that that is there and of course we’ll all be there. As United always is with IPW. We’re a big partner of them. We’re in Washington last year. Now, the great coincidence
of being able to go and talk about this new service and to use this new service to go and attend IPW in the summer of this year.


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