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Music Hi Guys wright now i am at in Olympic Park In London the Place called Stratford i came here in Copper Box Stadium to see London Loin Match (Basketball Team) Big Ben Bell Rings Hi Friend’s is good to see you back your most welcome in my London Series bell rings in this series will take you to London’s top attraction’s bell rings Things to do with kids Kids attraction’s bell rings Shreks Adventure M&M World Sea Life will share some useful information Marlin Attractions Choose Any 5 for £70 Valid for 90 days Churchill War Rooms Will Explore London’s Historical Museum’s there are some interactive program’s which give kids a basic knowledge of science Through games let’s explore inside (Science Museum) bell rings will explore London’s Monument Parks and Gardens bell rings will meet some street artist’s and watch some life performance Music bell rings will share some travel tips bell rings and the best part is My London’s series Gone be long as i am gone cover From London to Scotland from wales to Northern Ireland and this i am gone do in 10 days round U.K Road Trip so stay tune and follow Please Subscribe and press the bell icon for all the updates on my upcoming videos Follow me on Instagram stories Link Below and My trip will be incomplete without exploring the hidden streets of London so will do explore London Street Food Veg Options and Non-Vegetarian Options will explore some Restaurants some London Pubs will try some lovely classic cocktails will explore London Night Life and will try to understand London’s Street Food Drinks or Pub and Shopping Culture and some Travel Money saving tips will speak to some Locals Residents Interacting Locals and during this, i will share some useful information which gone help you if you travelling to London so let start a journey, Lets roll to London My Journey starts from Bedford Which is a 45 Min Train Ride its off peak ticket You can travel after 9:30 and return back after 19:00 before 9:30 its a peak hour and tickets are expensive this ticket includes London Return Plus London metro which is called London Underground U.K rail network is one of the best network in whole of Europe in 45 min Journey i was a London Bridge London Bridge is the center point for all the major tourist attraction Including Tower of London and London Bridge you can also visit The Shard which is also known as Shard of Glass it’s the tallest building in whole western Europe Design by the Italian architect Renzo Piano National Rail Station Sign When you traveling around London Make sure to pay attention on Things around you because anything can fascinates you like me, i was fascinated with this bee hive which is next to the King’s College London to promote the bee life so after admiring this bee hive i was off to my next destination which is Borough Hall Market Borough Hall Market it’s one of the oldest market in London and one of the popular tourist attraction to visit if you are someone who likes to visit Places where you can see the culture food Local People Market Seller offering free food to taste Spanish Paella Wild Mushroom Risotto £6 a Plate this the place to come you should try their fresh vegetables Sweets Grilled Asparagus Vegetable Falafal and if you like meat try their Roast of the Day and don,t forget to try their lovely cakes my favorite was carrot cake i am in London Borough Market it’s next to London Bridge (Station) and its very famous if you come to London, do visit this Market You will, find so many choice of Food & Drink here Like Fresh Juices Local Vegetarian Food meat options if you are a meat eater sandwich, Burgers or Pizzas Vegetable, Fruits and Lot Cheese around here make sure you come and try food out here it’s a lovely place to come and for vegetarians Gujarati Rasoi is the best place to go Music Donner Kebab £6.50 Chutney and Jam Paradise Fresh Catch of the Day “Bento” Means Lunch Box in Japanese after exploring this amazing market i saw this coffee shop which is run by homeless what’s your good name “Michel” i just saw you buying this coffee is anything special about this coffee yes, this is the borough market coffee that help the homeless that’s a good thing helping by buying a coffee there are not expensive actually, yes they are not well priced sir, is nice talking to you and that’s good you are helping homeless people by buying a coffee it’s a good thing to do so when you come here make sure buy a coffee from homeless coffee point very good coffee take care, thank you it’s a very innovative way to help the homeless Hi friends i am in one the bar in Borough Market It’s called Whiskey Ginger Bloody Mary Cocktail so with a lovely good bye, i am off to next just next to borough hall It’s Southwark Cathedral which is one of the oldest church in London if you like exploring history then this is one of the things you should visit entry is free at this church basement there are some very old artifacts and from the window of past you can see a oldest roman road from 1st century so now U.K Visit Visa you need to go to VFS Global website for U.K Visa and Just register submit your all Documents online and then you get a appointment on day you go there and submit final Documentation they response usually with in 15 to 45 days visa fees is Rs. 7,900 approx Documents Finance, Passport Job or Business Proof, Ticket Booking Travel Insurance, Hotel booking and Most important Covering Letter Explaining in detail your intention of visit. if you love to now the haunted history of a city the London bridge experience is one of the best things to visit ticket start from £25, it’s a 45 minute Haunted experience if you survive so after this in 10 min walk you are in The Queen’s walk the Queen’s Walk is the walk way towards the London Bridge and It’s one of the best place to go around to eat relax and specially for kids there are lot of things around there Hay Gallery The whole Roof Lights in the Knight Look very awesome, specially for the Romantic couple this place around pack with Restaurant, Bar’s, Souvenir shops and Kids Activity After Relaxing for while, i am off to my next destination which is a War Museum on a Ship It’s called HMS Belfast (Her Majesty’s Ship) Tickets start from £12 It’s a best Museum to see if you are with kids on a ship and it give a complete knowledge of a war ship this ship Commissioned on 3 Aug 1939 and Decommissioned on 24 Aug 1963 So now about flights flight tickets from Delhi to
London vary from 40,000 to 70,000 Rupees the best search engine It’s Google Flights to search Flights even thou you can click on option which gives you a notification and reminders when price changes you can also search flights on Make My Trip and Sky Scanner i am a London Bridge there is lovely place to sit you can sit and relax, it’s a lovely place to sit luckily today, weather is very nice and sunny last two days were horrible, it was cold and raining but today is bright and sunny so today i am gone explore and shoot maximum London at my rear is London Bridge In London Locals are very helpful, i must say and everything is easily available here even metro connection are good Local Street Signs and Information you can easily go anywhere, Plus Cleanliness this are some good things you feel when you are around here But Let see what next, as we move to next destination London Bridge Inside Tour Gives a opportunity to Walk on the platform above Tickets £9.80 and you can look into The History of Making, of this Master Piece Tour take 1 Hour You can visit inside London Bridge Tickets From £9.80 Inside you get complete Knowledge of how this tower is been build and next Quote of The Day You can also Catch this Ferry Ride on Thames River Price Start from £3.20 London Bridge is The Gate Way of London and It’s the one of lovely Monuments i have ever seen There are lot of Restaurant, Bar and Pub where you can enjoy Food & Drinks during Lunch so after admiring its beauty for a while i am off to my next destination before i proceed further, let’s share some information on Accommodation in London is the best site for Accommodation in London where you can search and choose for family for couple or for a solo traveler room start from 1,000 Rupee and it can go up to 7,000 to 8,000 Rupee Depends Which type of hotel you want choose to stay But a budget hotel can be easily found from 1,000 to 3,000 rupee (Approx £11 to £33) Hostel are the best and cheap option for solo traveler For Couple BnB Hotel are best and with Kids Please look Hotels close to city center and nearest excess for transport, to avoid walking But before you book the room it’s my recommendation that make sure your room description and all the facility of the hotel do check their reviews check if the breakfast is inclusive and far is from the city center if you not sure on something please email the hotel please pay all your holiday bookings from Credit Cards as you covered for fraud from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority U.K) My next destination is Tower of London Tower of London is officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London it’s one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and It’s a very beautiful Palace is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. it take’s 2 to 3 hours to explore around the whole palace most of the Royal jewels are on display to see and here you can also admire The Kohinoor Diamond on Royal Crown The Koh-i-Noor, also spelt Kohinoor and Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing 105.6 carats, and part of the British Crown Jewels. Probably mined in Kollur Mine, India, there is no record of its original weight, but the earliest well-attested weight is 186 old carats. The governments of India and Pakistan have both claimed ownership of the Koh-i-Noor and demanded its return since the two countries gained independence from the UK in 1947. The British government insists the gem was obtained legally under the terms of the Last Treaty of Lahore and has rejected the claims. Now Back to UNESCO Located on the Place de Fontenoy, in Paris, the main building which houses the Headquarters of UNESCO was inaugurated on 3 November 1958. The main objective of UNESCO is to contribute to peace and security in the world by promoting collaboration among nations through Education, Science, Culture and Communication in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations. to fulfill its mandate, UNESCO performs five principal functions The advancement, transfer and sharing of knowledge : relying primarily on research, training and teaching activities. Standard-setting action: the preparation and adoption of international instruments and statutory recommendations.
Expertise: provided to Member States for their development policies and projects in the form of “technical co-operation”.
Exchange of specialized information This Palace take you into the deep history of England Monarchy the Monuments, The Castle The Stories the whole tour gives you complete understanding of the Royal Family of England The statue of Trajan is an outdoor twentieth-century bronze sculpture depicting the Roman Emperor Trajan located in front of a section of the London Wall built by Romans Palace Gardens Tower of London’s garden are Beautiful Make sure you spend some time to look around Tower Hill Station is the nearest station to Tower of London and if you come to London make sure you book a free guided tour which can give you a complete Knowledge of things around London Tower so i take your leave from here till next week till then Keep Happy Keep Growing Keep Following Delhi Boye’ and here is next week Promo Princess Diana Memorial Science Museum Westfield Shopping Mall, Stratford London Eye HMS Belfast Imperial War Museum Please stay behind yellow line when train approaches Southall Piccadilly Circus how they charge fair in buses if you go on ferry or bus In one hour Journey they charge £2.60 Thanks for Watching


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