Lower Baggage Cost with Airlines:(Part 1) Tip DeeNice Goes To Las Vegas

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Hello there this is DeeNice, I guess I’m
looking pretty harried, I’m going to talk to you while I’m getting ready. Today is
the last day of CES, sorry yesterday was the last day of CES ended but today is Saturday
and I’m going to driving back to los angeles is my very cheap
cheaply purchase rental car and then i’m gonna fly back home to
washington d_c_ So I guess you want to know what i’m doing
Well there’s like catalogues of goodies that collected and CES
and you know the airline down traveling which I was traveling
was virgin which by the way it was great fun
they do charge twenty five dollars a bag if you go over that by one pound they charge
you and additional twenty five dollars
so i’ve made right at
fifty pounds but when i came here
but i guarantee you when i get home but i can’t take it back into the airport
tomorrow it’s could be more than that so
this is what i’ve decided to and this is a great tip that you might want to remember
when you’re traveling if this comes down to a point stain on your budget
very important what to do is
checked with federal stress for the post office i decide to go with the post
office because when i checked what it would cost for five or ten pounds
of stuff
to be sent back to my house it was less expensive so
i went online i thought i’d post office is about three miles from here on my
way there now And I pbut a whole bunch of stuff in
my in my uh…
back to you business clothes Curling wand along heavy stuff
and i take it and let us close it all in one of those boxes would you pay a flat
rate no matter how much it weighs the most that it should cost me a fifteen
dollars that could save me a lot of money
and also get all these things on monday or tuesday
So that’s just the tip for you if you know that you
uh… don’t want to pay fifty dollars round trip
you know you may want to consider shipping in everything to
your location for flat rate of maybe fifteen dollars
and then picking it up may not sound like a lot but there’s a difference
between spending thirty dollars and fifty or possibly more if yours if
you still really goes off the edge DeeNice as far as
traveling how to reduce your cost I’m rushing now because the post office
closes at three o’clock on saturday
it is now 2:05 so I have my g_p_s_
out i got the stuff catch here i’m ready to go deenice the dynamo in the
relentless pursuit in taming the technology tiger grrr


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