Mack Brown’s coaching journey comes full circle

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Mack Brown was introduced as the new North
Carolina football coach in December 1987.>>That we will preach to the players as
we get around them is that we wanna win. Because I really do not feel like that
you can have the full experience and self-confidence and molding your
personality unless you do win.>>The first two years of
Brown’s tenure were rocky, with the Tar Heels going 2 and 20.>>If it wasn’t for John Swafford,
I wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. I wouldn’t have won
a national championship, and I sure wouldn’t have been back here, cuz we wouldn’t have won enough games
if John had panicked for me to stay. And I can remember in those early years,
Frank Beamer and I were the two that they were talking
about whether they were gonna keep or not. And that was part of our deal,
but fortunately for both of us, Virginia Tech and
North Carolina decided to keep us.>>Over the next eight seasons, Brown’s teams would go 67-26-1 and
play in six bowl games. In 1997, the Tar Heels finished that season
ranked number six in the final AP Poll. In December of that year, Brown shocked the Heels by leaving
Chapel Hill to coach at Texas.>>Last day and
a half have been really tough for me. It’s been emotional, it’s been tough. I got a call from Texas and
met with them yesterday.>>It’s with great pride and pleasure that
I introduce to you the new football coach at the University of Texas, Mack Brown. [APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you. I think we can do that
a little bit at the start.>>At Texas,
Brown reached national prominence. His Longhorn teams went 158 and
48 over 16 seasons, playing in 15 bowls and
two national championship games. His 2005 team went undefeated, beating
USC for the BCS National Championship.>>I don’t want this to be the best
thing that’s ever happened in your life. When you’re 54, I don’t want you to say
winning a football game’s the best thing that ever happened in my life. You’ll have it and you’ll be
a champion for the rest of your life. You make sure that’s one of the best
sports things in your life. But you promise me if you’ve got enough
about you to win a national championship, you’ve got enough about you to be a great
citizen and a great role model and a great father and
a great leader in your family.>>In 2010, Texas went five and seven. Brown coached the Longhorns for
three more seasons, but retired from coaching in 2013.>>We have absolutely
nothing to be ashamed of. You are good young men, you’ve done
everything we’ve asked you to do. I love you, I appreciate you,
I’m proud of you, and I will walk out of here with
my head damn high tonight.>>In January 2018, Brown was inducted
into the College Football Hall of Fame.>>For every college football coach, the dream is to be in the National
Football Foundation Hall of Fame. And it’s happening, it’s real. To be able to join such
a wonderful group and to have your name going in
tonight with Frank Beamer and Mel Churchman is just really,
really special.>>11 months later,
Brown rejoined the coaching ranks.>>First of all, welcome Mack and
Sally Brown back to Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This team has a void. They lost their coach. They had some very
difficult games this year. Well, Sally and I have a void,
cuz we haven’t had a team for a number of years now. And this afternoon when we meet that team,
we will fill their void for being their leaders and their coach, and
they’ll fill our void for needing a team. [BLANK_AUDIO]


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