Maldives tourism VIP and budget vacation Мальдивы российский туризм vip и бюджетный отдых

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Hello! Today wanted to discuss with you the news of such a beautiful and desirable for many country, as the Maldives. The news is this: estimates of Russian tour operators specializing on holiday in the Maldives, average bill Russian tourists despite the crisis in the country amounted to 400 thousand rubles or the $ 4-5 thousand, with the rest from 8 to 11 nights. At the same time, demand for holidays in the Maldives is not reduced. So the authorities of the Maldives in 2016 want to increase the flow of overseas tour by 15-20 percent and to reach the value of 1.5 million tourist trips. Including the increase in tourist flow to be implemented at the expense of Russian tourists. To do this, Russia plans to deploy an advertising campaign. . In January – November 2015 visited the Maldives 39 000 Russians What can be said on the matter. Holidays in the Maldives – is primarily beach holiday in a very nice atmosphere: the beautiful sea, beautiful beaches, palm trees, You can also add fishing and diving. Basically, that’s it! More in the Maldives that the excess is not natural. There is not any special historical and cultural attractions. But in spite of this year, visited the Maldives for 39 000 Russian tourists. For comparison, take Morocco, I have not visited for a long time in this country, He visited the country for the year 30 thousand Russians. When compared with the Maldives, there is in Morocco: Morocco has a cultural and historical sights, the country is very beautiful and colorful. There is a beach holiday, but it is the beauty of Morocco can not be compared with the Maldives. And as we see that almost a third because of a beach holiday, Maldives to attend more in spite of the cost of the holiday, which is significantly higher than Moroccan, wealthy Russian tourists traveling to the Maldives. I would like to raise another question. Is it possible in the Maldives for a vacation budget and go to the country on their own. Yes it is possible! I have a friend of the traveler Michael he organized an independent trip to the Maldives with his wife and a holiday in the Maldives for two to 8 nights cost them $ 1800. I’m in the description of this video will leave a link is interesting look. Now, that would be roughly align prices in the Maldives, I will open his blog. And so we see here a dinner in Male cost $ 6-8, Spaghetti $ 3, $ 1 water, and so on, on the prices in the stores. At dinner Islands Resort can easily reach the $ 200-300. This information I have heard not only from him, do dinner at the hotel for two with two glasses of wine can cost 200-300 dollars. The islands are home to the local cafe and have lunch at the price of 7-10 dollars. People interested in the question of the budget and an independent holiday in the Maldives read the link in the description. In general, anyone that thinks about it all until write comments.


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