Marrakech Menara Airport Arrival Tips | Immigration, Money, Taxis, etc

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hey what’s up everyone so I am here at
the top of my riad in Marrakech Morocco, this is my third time here and
so for today I want to share some important airport tips when you arrive
in Menara International Airport because two years ago I encountered some
problems and now I’ve gotten things fixed a little bit more and this time I
knows other travelers are experiencing still the same problems, so the first
important tip is you got to have a pen with you on arrival because you have to
fill out a customs form and there are absolutely no pens to be found so carry
a pen or two because you’re gonna probably encounter other passengers who have the same problem okay so next while we’re on the topic of customs forms make sure you know the address of the hotel or the riad you’re staying because if
you don’t you’re going to encounter a lot of trouble two years ago what I
didn’t know the address offhand I just knew the name of my riad, customs
forced me to tap into their Wi-Fi which is kind of spotty and had to open my
computer dig it up and write it into the customs form in, the process added about another 20-30 minutes and this time around I was talking to another traveler
I met and he didn’t have a phone or a computer so he was really in trouble, he
was stuck for a while and what he eventually had to do was borrow the
phone from another traveler okay so let’s let’s talk about some logistics,
the money you don’t need to exchange at the airport some people do
I didn’t exchange mine the airport but I talked to their travel he said there’s
kind of this mini scam going on where they would charge you 30 euros to open
an account to exchange money here’s the money exchange arias there’s no
Commission so I guess it’s pretty reliable just check the rates against
your phone, the Moroccan Durham is a closed currency though so once you leave
Morocco there’s almost there’s very few places you can change your money I was
able exchange it in the Lisbon Airport for a really bad rate, since I don’t
recommend exchanging money I recommend just using ATMs there are plenty of ATMs
in the airport once you exit security you just walk over to the departure or
domestic are I tend to like using BMCE pretty reliable I used another one a few
days ago and I got in Windows error, I find both of these ATM branches pretty
reliable the fee for withdrawal is 29 dirhams and you’ll be using your home
country’s exchange rate, it’s 29 dirhams, is kind of a lot it’s about 3 euros so usually I like to take out about a
thousand or two thousand dirhams at a time, once you got some cash in hand it’s
time to get a SIM card so I think it’s totally worth it to get sim card because
you could be using it right away it costs 50 dirhams for the SIM card and
about 20 to 50 dirhams to top it up with some data, I paid 50 dirhams for five
gigs or average about 10 dirhams a gig which is very reasonable, it’s 4G plus
they say but it’s 4G, it’s pretty fast you can watch YouTube videos you can
Skype on it it’s very useful since a lot of the public Wi-Fi or riad Wi-Fi is
kind of shoddy and by using a SIM card of course you have security so you can
inwi or maroc Telecom, I’ve used both on my travels I used in me all around the
country, some people say Marco is a little better when you’re traveling all
around the country too, but I found both very acceptable another quick note was
that make sure it’s configured right you see 4G on your phone because it was
misconfigured at the airport for me and I was getting 3G and my connection was
dropping my data was really slow and I was really confused because last time I
did, it was very reliable so just make sure that you see that 4G icon, so
another tip while you’re buying a SIM card most people probably won’t use five
gigs like me switch comes up to an even hundred dirhams so if you spend like 80
terms for like the three gig package then that’s good way to break your bill
because change is going to be really hard to find I have a huge stash of
change in my pocket because you just need it for a lot of little things
whether it’s to ride the bus or to buy small things or to maybe give
it to homeless people it just really need a lot of change and
a lot of businesses are reluctant to even take large bills so you break your
large bills whenever you can so by buying a SIM card you break your bill
you get about you know twenty dirhams back which is very useful immediately if
you want to take public transportation in to the square or the medina which is
my next topic okay so if you’re not renting a car which some people don’t so
last time I rented a car to get around and it went smoothly kind of but I was
really weary of the whole process it was kind of sketchy that has to be in
another vlog now to get out the airport you’re gonna run to your first scam
right away if you didn’t arrange for a hotel to pick you up which is kind of
costly the UG charge 20 euros or 200 dirhams, you can take a taxi the taxi drivers at the airport are they are all in a group
and it’s like a cartel if you’re really really lucky you can get out of the
airport for 70 dirhams, that only happen to me once if it’s a good day you can
get out for a hundred dirhams and the low average would be about 150 terms so you
definitely want to have 150 or less I’ll try to go for a hundred dirhams, now if you get a hundred you got it and you’re with someone else you gotta watch out for
this one scam because just as you enter the taxi you need to confirm that it’s
for all riders because before you enter the taxi the taxi driver may say ok 100
dirhams each make sure 100 dirhams everyone okay if the taxi drive if the taxi
cartel is frustrating you you can take the bus so the L19 does go from the
airport to the square so if it’s not too hot the weather is nice you’re okay waiting for the bus that’s a very good affordable option so all you have to do
is walk out of the airport, Google Maps gives you weird walking directions this
is 22 minutes to walk along the road but you can really just cut right through
the taxi and long-term parking lot and it’s like 10 minutes to the big
roundabout and you can get to the city centre for really cheap, alternatively, if you’re tired of the taxi cartel in the airport, the big roundabouts not a bad area to try to catch a cheap taxi there you might be
able to get a taxi into town maybe even share it for like 50 60 70 Durham’s okay
so those are my immediate tips for airport arrival when you arrive in
Marrakech I hope this helps and please click like and subscribe if it did


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