Meet Bud Clark, Paramedic and Flight Base Coordinator for Guardian Air Transport

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(gentle music)
(helicopter blades whirring) – So, Hopi Healthcare is in the middle of a very rural, desolate area. Some folks there live very much like we would imagine a hundred years ago. Bud presented a need
for a air medical base on the Hopi Reservation. We did a lot of investigation to see if it was going to be viable. Almost immediately, we
were able to realize that it was the right decision. The hospital and Hopi, very
grateful to have us there, that the patients saw better
outcomes almost day one. – You know, we say we want to
be involved in the community. This is where we put our money
where our mouth is, right? We say, but we did it. We really did it. – Bud’s the kinda guy
that doesn’t just show up and do a job. His heart is fully in what he does. He’s proud to do what he does. He’s good at it. He cares about the patients that he sees. He cares about his coworkers. And he’s just a pleasure to work with. – It is super beautiful to fly
over North Eastern Arizona. There’s big mountains and pines and elk, and it’s a great view from the office, that’s what I like to say. – I have never really been an inside guy. So, instead, you know, I
am able to give healthcare where it’s needed. And I get to fly in this fantastic machine that’s behind me. And I love flight. I happen to be a pilot myself. But when you really help
someone that’s in distress, and, and, that’s… That’s a key. It’s a way for me to
combine multiple things that I really feel passionate about. So, rewarding second career. – The lives that have been saved, the community impact to
both the Hopi Reservation and our staff on the Hopi Reservation, has been astounding. So, for me, this just goes far and above what’s expected for general job duties. Bud really made a difference in the lives of many, many people through this. (gentle music)


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