Microsoft is accelerating the journey from automated to autonomous systems

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Autonomous systems bring intelligence to machines; so they can sense, and dynamically respond to a changing environment. Delta is a hundred year old company, but we still bring magic to every customer through innovation. We are number one in bags; but, we want to be better. And, we are using autonomous systems to get there. Imagine you’re designing a next generation wind turbine. They’re huge. With the power of autonomous systems, you can build smarter wind turbines that produce cleaner energy, more efficiently. These drones are making aviation more efficient, by inspecting airport runways faster, cheaper and better. 80% of construction companies face critical labor shortages. We’re working on a fleet of machines that are helping build solar farms. These robots are helping people get everything set up. That is a very large, collaborative effort. Microsoft has a history of ethics, in thinking about how technology impacts us, on the human side. We have to be able to trust that the AI, behind the machine intelligence, is safe and secure. These robots can be used in just about any scenario where it’s dangerous or infeasible to send humans in. It’s very important to have a rich simulation and modeling environment in order to model scenarios. To make drones fly safely, we’re working with Microsoft AirSim in the simulation environment and then comparing them against real world results. This is going to create an FAA regulatory world for the 21st century. The opportunity is to make all of this easy to use; to quickly build the models, so they can simulate on a massive scale, without being computer scientists. With these systems, we can solve some of today’s biggest challenges. It now feels like we’re hitting the real world.


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