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‘Even God is not as important
as the nation.’ ‘No religion is as important
as our independence.’ ‘Prayers are not as important
as our democracy.’ ‘Vadnagar’ – Tea!
– Hey, tea. I sell tea. My name is not tea. So, what is your name? I am Narendra Damodardas Modi. Boys of his age are engaged
in activities. But he is the only one
who sets an example. To become extraordinary, one has to make a lot of sacrifices
and do penance. I want to know
why has God created me. And what he wants me
to carry out as my duties. It is certain that I must go. The place
I must go is also certain. It is okay
if someone accompanies me. Otherwise, I must go alone. – (Sanskrit mantra)
– (Sanskrit mantra) The PM has declared Emergency
in the entire nation. Emergency? What is that? The citizens can’t exercise
any rights right now. Mahatma’s struggle for 30 years… …from the year 1947
to 1975 has been wasted. This is your own country. Hence, this is your own fight. – Jai Hind!
– Jai Hind! Narendra, don’t focus
on how many people are unhappy. You should focus on how many people
you can make happy. ‘Bharatiya Janta Party.
Central Office.’ If we have to connect with people, we must go amidst them. You should challenge the election
of Keshubhai Patel… …as the Chief Minister
in Gujrat. The size of the team doesn’t matter
as there is only one leader. Modi! Modi! The oppressors
don’t have a religion. Please don’t discriminate between
the dead. If we don’t promote Narendra now, the nation will be upset
with the BJP party. I should do deeds that let me sleep
in peace at night. I should do such deeds
in my lifetime… …that will let me die in peace.


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