momondo – The World Piece: Aida’s reaction after filming

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It was whizzing around, wasn’t it? You could feel it. Buzzing. Yes, absolutely buzzing. It was such positive energy, because normally you find that somebody who’s negative, don’t you, in a situation? Yeah. Everybody was positive and nobody was trying to make out they were any better than anybody else. We were all just so awestruck by the whole thing. All the energy is super contagious. We were probably super tired flying in from everywhere yesterday, but then today everybody just completely smiling, they’re all just full of energy, and that’s contagious and all this positivity. That’s amazing. Yeah. A lot. Well, it’s brought us together as a human race, I think more than I’ve ever thought of it before. I realized if there were problems it’s usually due to a personality type rather than a nationality. Definitely. It’s important then for us to do more of listening of what other people’s story are instead of making some assumptions, right? Judgment or stereotyping. And that vulnerabilities actually mean that you’re strong, that you’re actually confident on what you believe in. I think that’s the lesson that I got from today. I think that I want to go out and do something more as a result of today. It’s not going to stop here. It’s going to go on and the ripples are going to go out Beyond, yeah. It’s going to make a big difference.


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