momondo — The World Piece: Anaíde’s reaction after filming

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To actually just step back and look at everyone’s tattoo, I just was so engrossed in it, and it was just everyone is connected just physically, and their stories. You created a new connection out of thin air with this project. We’re all from different places we got connected through this, it’s fantastic. It’s not about comparison, it’s about everyone feeling something, then expressing, and us being a part of it. They let us in. We barely knew each other and they let us in. I guess the whole [chuckles] undressing had a reason, because the moment you’re naked it’s like, “We’re all really naked.” Physically naked, then we got emotionally naked after, so that was just riveting, I think. Yes, just learning to let our fears go. We just take our clothes off and our fears let go with clothes. We were exposed, like a nerve. By coming here, it’s my first time in London, it’s my first time traveling, going abroad. It’s fantastic to see every kind of people together in the same place. I work at the airport so I every day I see different people. It’s crazy because I see a lot of people, and I don’t get to know them in the airport. I just check in the bags [chuckles] and they leave. Get to know each other here, the cultures, the different nationalities, it’s so warming. We’re so equal.


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