momondo – The World Piece: Ana’s reaction after filming

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What did you learn
from meeting all these people? That is a very beautiful question. Well, actually as I was listening to each
story I was thinking to myself– At one point I looked at
the person to my right, to my left and I thought: “It’s actually true we are all–” Well, what we see from people
is what they want us to see every time and when we listen,
when we take five minutes to hear them, each one of us has a story
with some vulnerabilities and surprises. We cannot judge
people just like that, it really touched me a lot
because I thought: “This is actually amazing
how human beings can be rich and surprising” and I believe
we can do great things if indeed we go toward the other
or just the fact of being together
being here, present. What I had today is another proof that
we are the mirror of one another, we are all the same actually. We are looking for the same things,
feeling secure, having a roof on our heads and feeling loved. That’s what I took from today.


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