momondo – The World Piece: Ashley Jane’s reaction after filming

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it’s been so amazing, just because
I came here expecting one thing I got something so much more. I think it’s because mostly the media presents one story and it’s a single story
about a single person. But coming here, you’re like, “No, there’s so much
more to that story. There’s so much more to one person.” You don’t know that
until you meet somebody. I think that’s really amazing. Meeting all these people
has taught me that there’s so much more to one person. You just don’t see it unless you actually go up to them
and talk to them. It’s all just so new and so amazing that there’s so much more
to find out. You just don’t know it
until you just take that one step to speak to somebody. I think it’s changed me because I just have a whole
new different outlook on people, and meeting new people, and how people can change the world if they just put aside everything
they fear, and everything they think
about other people, and just focus on the fact
that we’re all just humans we’re all just the same. Despite looking different, despite acting different,
despite having different cultures, we’re still the same underneath it all.


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