momondo – The World Piece: Lidia’s reaction after filming

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The emotions were so high all the time, I did not expect it to be that way. I met some beautiful and amazing people today that I know I’m going to be in a way linked for life, and hopefully make friends for life, cause I know for sure I’m going to visit these people where they live. It was just incredible how much all of them, every single one of them with their stories inspired me today, and how much love and positive energy I got from this day. It was just incredible, like pure positive vibes and positive vibes only. I think in my country, sometimes it’s– There’s lots of evil in the world. We need to make something to all get better. If it’s just about to go to London– It’s not about this film or this document make world better. When you start, I said to myself, “I need to make me better and that’s why I make world better.” Just start with me. It’s reminding myself, especially by inprinting something on my body, and it’s going to be there forever. The change starts from within. It’s literally in the small little actions, the small acts of kindness, how we literally can change the world.


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