Money Saving Tips | 5 Things to ask BEFORE you buy


Saving money for travel
typically means sacrificing now so you can enjoy more later, or so I thought. While saving for travel isn’t always fun, it can be. Here are five things that I do to get
pretty much anything I need, either free or significantly cheaper. I challenge you to take these five tips
into action this week and see how much money you can save. (Music) Before you pull out your wallet
to buy anything, ask yourself “can I get this for free?” Books, use the library. Students, same goes for your textbooks. Most school libraries
will have several copies that you can actually rent
for the semester instead of having to outright buy them. Clothing, think of all the clothes
in your cupboard that have been lightly worn
and no longer fit, or that you don’t like. It is likely that your friends have
the same situation. Host a clothing swap. This way you will all be able
to refresh your wardrobe without having to actually go out
and spend any money. Think of free alternatives
to the things that you have to do, for example, drying your clothes. Instead of using the energy
and adding to your utility bill or having to pay two or three dollars
to dry your clothes, put them outside in the sun. This is a double whammy because, yes,
you’re saving on the dryer cost, but also your clothing is not going
to be as damaged from the heat, making it last longer. Think of free alternatives
to the activities that you currently do. So, instead of going to the movies,
host a movie night; instead of going to the bar drinking,
have people come over for a potluck where everyone brings their own snacks
and their own drinks. You can also then keep the leftovers
and have food for a week. Instead of losing thousands
from your bank account on a tiny bachelor apartment, live with your parents
if you have the option. If there is no way for you
to get it for free, next, ask yourself “can I share
the cost with someone else?” Does every single one
of your friends have a Netflix account? You can have up to five people
on one account, instead of all of you paying
for your own subscription, where you share the cost. If you’re in a building like I am, where there is a bachelor unit
beside a bachelor unit, does every single unit need
their own unlimited high-speed Internet? Why don’t you meet your neighbor
and see if you can share the cost of a monthly unlimited plan? Do you live in the suburbs
and commute 40 minutes into the city every single day for work? Why don’t you consider carpooling? This way you’re not only
saving the environment but you will be significantly
cutting down on your gas cost. If you don’t have anyone in your same area
that you know to carpool with, check out ways Waze carpooling function
where you can find other people that are going on the same route as you. Next, ask yourself “can I rent it
or can I borrow it?” If you’re going on one camping trip,
ask your family, ask your friends, maybe they have a tent
that they can lend you. If you have one wedding a year,
do you need to buy a $200 dress or can you borrow one
from one of your girlfriends? If you need sporting gear or equipment
for a specific short-term project, see if you can rent it
from a website like Rückify. This would be perfect if you want
an air conditioning unit for one month of the summer
and didn’t want to go out and pay $500 to buy one. If you can’t get it free,
if you can’t share the cost, if you can’t borrow it
and you can’t rent it, next, see if there’s a way
that you can purchase it cheaper than the asking price. Before I buy anything, I will google
“item in question promo code,” “item in question coupon code.” There are so many coupon codes online
that you’ll likely be able to find one. Join every rewards program. The problem with joining these programs where you’re getting
points back or cashback is that you often get spammed
with a lot of email, so I recommend you look
at a program called, where you can unroll
from all of your subscriptions. Or create a fake email address for all of these reward programs
that you happen to sign up with. Leverage any affiliations or status
that you may have for discounts. Are you a student?
Are you AAA member? Are you a veteran?
Are you a senior? Is your mother a senior
and can you go shopping with her at the pharmacy
on the 20% off Seniors’ Day to get your discounts? Does a student card have
an expiry date on it or can you continue to use it
well after you’ve graduated? Can you buy it used? Buying a used item can be
significantly cheaper at very little detriment to you. Often someone who’s just opened the box
has reduced the value of it by about 50%. You can shop online
on used sites like eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji in Canada. Also, you can go in store in person
to one of your local thrift stores. My personal favorite here in Canada
would be Value Village. One thing that I’ll always buy used
are my cell phones It seems that every time
a new iPhone comes out everyone is so eager
to get the latest version that they will sell
their phones for nothing. These phones are fantastic, and this way I can go
to a cellphone provider with my own device
and I don’t have to lock into a plan. This is going to give you
a lot of leverage to save on your plan because they know that you can walk off
and use another provider anytime. It drives me absolutely crazy
to be paying for things that I don’t need or don’t use. Go onto your bank account
and review any subscriptions or memberships that you’re paying for and ask yourself if you’re
really getting the value out of it. If you have Spotify Premium
but never download playlists, cancel premium. If you have a gym membership
and don’t go to the gym, don’t pay for that membership. If you use two gigs of data a month
on your phone but have an unlimited plan, consider downgrading your phone plan. Cut your landline. You have a cell phone,
your brother has a cell phone, your mother has a cell phone, do you need to be paying
for a landline as well? On a similar note, cancel your cable. When was the last time
that you actually watched channels on TV? If you like to have something
on the big screen as opposed to just watching
on your laptop, try getting a smart TV or a chromecast,
where you can cast Netflix, YouTube, whatever it is that you’re watching
on your laptop onto the big screen. Trust me when I say it can be a lot of fun
to see your travel fund growing by just getting a little bit creative
with your spending. Now, if you’ve gone
through this whole list and you’ve decided that
“No, I can’t get it free, I can’t share the cost,
I can’t rent or borrow it, I can’t get it cheaper
and I can’t get it used.” Don’t go out and buy it yet, instead, hit my face
right over here and subscribe, because next week I’m going
to be sharing the absolute genius hacks, tips, websites and apps
that I use to save money on all the things that I thought
I couldn’t save money on. You are not going to want to miss this. These are the things
that I wish I knew sooner. I’m really excited about this one
and I appreciate you being here so much. So I hope you will join me next week. Till then, good luck
on your shave… shaving, shaving… Savings! Good luck on your saving mission
and I will see you next week. Bye!


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    September 3, 2019 10:19 pm

    Great Money Saving tips. I used some of your previous ones for my recent travel. I have been doing this for a while but I am always learning.

  2. Portable Professional

    September 3, 2019 11:06 pm

    I literally ask myself these 5 things before buying anything! Do you have any money saving mindset hacks that have helped you save? Share in the comments 🙌👇👇 Don't forget to subscribe for the specific websites I'm obsessed with to help save (and make!) money for travel. See you next week! 😍

  3. Breigha Gillespie

    September 4, 2019 5:51 am

    Great tips! I'm definitely trying to keep up with my thrift shopping when I can! One thing I've found helpful as a non student is to go on the website of the city I'm living in and try to find out what programs they have available for things like cheaper transit, leisure access, recycling and reuse programs, etc. Sometimes there are programs that even people who have lived in the city for years don't know about because no one ever told them, and they didn't know what to look for!

  4. Mike

    September 4, 2019 8:26 am

    Another "hack" would be: Before you want to purchase something, give yourself a 30 day waiting period. If you still want that thing after 30 days, then go for it.
    This prevents a lot of impulse shopping.

    Also a thing I do regularly: Cook for yourself instead of eating out. It generally tastes better and is waaaaaaay cheaper


    September 4, 2019 7:48 pm

    Great ideas you have there, but saving money is one of the hardest things to do . . .
    Sincerely, I think it almost requires a genetic disposition to be able to be able to save.
    There are people who are able to forgo even the things they crave the most, and there are those who must have what they want even if be with credit. . .

  6. Michael Hallak

    September 4, 2019 10:11 pm

    thank you! great suggestions. i use an mvno for my cellular plan theyre usually a lot cheaper and sometimes they also sell their own (cheaper) locked phones. (or get an unlocked phone on ebay). also most smartphones are very adequate nowadays and dont need yearly upgrades. im sill using thd iphone se and samsung s7 edge. both still have software support and both still have amazing cameras and processing power


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