Most DANGEROUS The Voice performance in history? | Journey #29

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You’re supposed to be here.
You are one to watch, kid! Thank you so much, Kelly. Habla español? Not at all. What?! No, no Spanish at all. Hey… hey me too… We’ll work great together. What’s your name? I’m Aydan Calafiore, I’m 17
and I’m from Melbourne. You were here last year, right? I was here last year, yeah. My name is Aydan Calafiore, I am 17
and I’m from Melbourne. You may recognize me from
the last season on The Voice. I got to the blind auditions… I was a little nervous… …my heart was, like,
in my throat… I was, you know,
I was totally freaked out. So I didn’t turn a chair. Delta is the one of the four coaches
that regretted not turning last year. After the blind audition,
I was bummed out for a few days. But it was definitely, like, someone,
you know, lit a fire inside me. You look like me when you’re 17,
so we should work together, first of all. Secondly, I say, you know the fact
that you came back… …shows me… that… You’re willing to put in the effort… …and really take my advice
to be able to go to that next… …platform and hopefully
win this thing. I believe in timing and
your moment right now is right. I feel like my one-on-one time with you,
is where I specialize in. So I want you to be on my team. Delta I think that I owe you a lot… …because you were the person
that wanted to turn for me… …and you heard something
when the other coaches didn’t… and I am 100% grateful for that So come with me!
Let’s finish this up! There is a ‘but’ following that speech… I’m gonna have to go with Joe. Yeah buddy, you made a good decision. The Knockouts are… intense. Three artists go in
to the knockout ring… One walks out. First up tonight,
it’s team Joe. Well, hello. Hello. Your theme is… …Ariana Grande. Sorry. Bit of a challenge. So not only are we
just trying to… …obviously nail the notes
and the melody, like… …feel comfortable to
kind of, show off, okay? Try, you know, smiling,
it helps with your pitch a little bit. This song, there is something
really sexy about it… So, you got to just go for it. Joe does want me be
a little bit sexy in the song… …which is… it’s not the easiest
thing to do, you know… …because it kind of comes with age… …so it’s… I feel a little premature
doing this whole sexy thing. Aydan you did ‘Despacito’… …the most annoying song
since ‘Karma Chameleon’. And I remember thinking: “That’s such a popular song,
are you gonna be able to top it?” …and with that song, you did. I think the person
I want to go with… …is somebody that’s gonna
work really hard… …is Aydan. Aydan, congratulations! For this battle, I put together
my two best performers… No…
– I know it! Stop! When I saw Maddie walking
through the door… …the very first thing that
went through my mind was: “Oh, no”. Obviously, you both are
a little sad to see each other. It’s definitely hard to get
so close with someone… …and then, if you want to succeed,
it’s got to be at their downfall. You’re both great performers. And when I’m looking at all six,
I’m saying okay… …like, “what’s gonna be the
best challenge for everyone?” You two delivered
such explosive performances. What I need from them
during this performance is to give… …that stage what this song deserves. A little note for you Aydan,
it’s be confident on the verses. Yeah.
– Like, attack it, you know. When I look at you, Aydan,
I kind of feel like you’re somebody who’s… …like, ready to go. You’re in such
great hands with Joe. And you clearly are a force,
you two, as a team. The fact that you guys
got up on stage… …you danced your asses off… …and yet you still sounded good… …is, like, really something
that’s very rare to find. All that said… My tough decision has
to be made so… I want to work with
the person who I feel like… …is going to be
dedicated, work hard… …and, I think, ultimately can… …show the confidence I need
and that’s Aydan. Aydan, congratulations! I’m about to go on live TV
in front of whole Australia. It’s definitely, definitely crazy. Because last year too, I mean…
– Yeah. …you auditioned, so like, to be back…
– Yeah. …and this far… Aydan is only 17, but he can dance,
he can sing, he’s a full package. I’m always blown away… …and that’s why I always give
you songs that are really, like… …maybe happy pop songs, right?
– Yeah. So I feel like this time around… It’s time to give you a challenge. I’m curious if you could
finish that last line up… Yeah, I think so, I think… Like, at least going up there, like… …you can do some really
fun stuff with your falsetto… …which I know you have. We got really technical, when it
came to some of the high notes. Really choosing his moments
to really go for it. If Aydan commits to the high notes
and ends big like he plans to… …he’ll bring the house down. The high note… …what happened to the high note? What happened to the high note?
– I’m pretty sure there was a nice… …high note at
the end of that song. You actually, first of all… …fantastic performance.
– Thank you, so much. But I’m saying
this to everybody… …y’all have got to trust
your performer instincts. You could hit that high note. You could hit that high note
and notes way past it, okay? Trust your voice. I don’t know what she’s talking
about, it was perfect. I know exactly
what I’m talking about. He still had a great performance… No, he still had a great performance… …but I’m saying… …he should stay here… One, because we all want to see
him grow as an artist… He’s awesome, but I do want
to see him push himself. He deserves that for himself. I think he pushed himself tonight.
– He deserves to push himself more! We are set to find out… Who has made it through
to next week’s show… Team Joe… …all of you are safe tonight. So how you feeling
about Kelly’s comments? I definitely get where
she’s coming from… …like, trusting my vocal. But, I want to prove her wrong,
you know? If she wants to hear high notes,
let’s give her some high notes, shall we? I want to give Aydan
the ultimate performer’s song. That has a lot of high notes. I think we’re at a good place
with the vocals. I want this to be
an epic choreography moment. I brought in my friend
Shannon, from LA. And he is actually
one of the guys… …that used to dance
with Michael Jackson. One thing I’m really worried about
is controlling his vocals… …with his dance moves. It’s something that
Michael Jackson did so well. He always was on it. This is the third week
of the Lives. And… …it’s time that we… …show people a
different side of Aydan. I think this time
it’s about… …stripping everything away. No light show,
no rainfall, no dancing. I just want you up there and sing. Ballads can be
the ultimate exposure. You have to show heartache
and connection with a song. For you, what is special about
that song, that you like? I really like the emotion behind it. Like going on two years now… My great grandmother
passed away. And she was… she was
like a second mom to me. This song came out
a little bit after she passed away. So I, kind of, gravitated to this,
you know, this particular song. You know,
used it as an outlet. There’s nothing to hide behind anymore,
it’s just me and my voice. And it’s really, really scary, you know,
it’s gonna be a big thing for me. So… You know, hopefully I don’t let it,
you know, get the best of me. It was very pretty… …it was a little bit more
revealing about who you are. And I think that’s the way
to go really, you know… …more of that, you know? ‘Cause you’ve come on here
with these big songs… …week after week… …and now we get to really hear
a little bit more about who you are. And that’s good. Thank you so much. Hey! How are you doing, man?
– How is it going, bro? Yeah, I was really starstruck
when I saw Nick. It was like meeting Joe
all over again, you know… …I was back to square one… …and I was like,
I didn’t know what to say. I mean, right off the bat… I was really impressed,
the first time I heard you sing. So I think for this next step
it’s about combining… …everything that you’ve done
so far, so well. And also, not to forget,
the stakes are very high. He’s the tough brother,
if you didn’t notice. Yeah.
– Really? But I know you want it… So time has come to step up. You know, we did rain… …we had dancers,
we had some fire, whatever. …maybe we should
start making you fly… That’s actually a good idea.
– I think it’s a pretty… I think we should make you fly.
– We’re gonna make you fly on this song. For real. What? We’re gonna call our fly guy. I’m not joking, I’m gonna
get you on a bungee… We’re gonna get you
in the sky and sing. Really? It’ll be the most dangerous
Voice performance in history. They’re kidding right? I’m not actually gonna be flying? You’re supposed to be here.
You are one to watch, kid! Thank you so much, Kelly. I came here to prove to myself
that I could turn a chair. And now I’m
in the Grand Finale. It’s like I got to pinch myself
to wake up. With the Blinds,
Aydan was my first pick. And now he is
my last surviving artist. And I couldn’t be more proud. You did it! Man, we did it. Everything you’ve done so far
has been leading to this day. Let’s go get it,
let’s go get that win. Oh yeah. The first artist… …who does not have enough votes
to win The Voice this year… ….and will be leaving
the competition, right now… …is… Aydan, from Team Joe. Oh, come on! Joe, thank you so much… …this experience that
I’ve shared with you… …has changed my life totally… I’ve never had so
much fun on stage.


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