My weight loss journey (Week 192)


Hi guys; I hope you’re all well. Its currently Sunday the 15th of September 2019 and welcome to week 192 of my weight loss journey right here in Oklahoma City. In last week’s video we all saw I decided to weigh myself a little bit earlier than I would normally do. On the Thursday morning, instead of my normal Saturday morning. It’s because I was doing a lot of traveling on the Saturday to get to Chicago Illinois to start my route 66 trip. But that weigh in on that Thursday saw a gain of 4.1 pound or 1.9 kilogram. Which in turn saw my Body Mass Index (BMI) go from 47.6 up to 48.2 Just like I always do I’m going to start the proceedings off by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week, which we can see in the graph above. The average of this was 2,100 compared to the previous week at 2,573. So I’m well within my allowance of 2,700 which is obviously a fantastic thing. It’s a lot lower…than I was expecting it to be. My fluid consumption has also taken a dramatic hit downwards to 2,232 millilitres. Compared to the previous week at 3,109 millimetres. So I’m well below…my 3,000 millimetres, millimetres? millilitres that I try to achieve on a daily basis. The main reasons for this guys is because I’ve been that busy…seeing the sights. I’ve not being able to drink that much and I knew this would happen. All the time I’m away on holiday……I struggle being able to fit in or the fluid. The amount of fluid I should be drinking and of course food wise I was expecting to be well above in terms of calories. But again I’ve been far too busy…walking about seeing the sights……that I’ve not really eaten….that much. I’ve mainly cut out my breakfast at most places, because if the hotels or motels or Inns that I’m staying at….don’t serve breakfast. I’m tending not to have any breakfast and just waiting for lunch and my evening meal. But yeah, okay so that’s that. That’s reminiscing for the past week on my calories and fluid. If we now look at my step count which you can also see in the graph above. The average of this was 15,456 compared to the previous week at 7,085. So a dramatic increase in steps, I’ve been averaging well over 10,000 steps per day. And again as I’ve already mentioned there’s just plenty of things to see and do, whilst I’ve been on Route 66. So the step count has been well up above the target range and obviously I’m very pleased with that. And if I were able to weigh myself….it will be interesting to see what the result would be. As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, I’m currently in Oklahoma City. About 1.5 mile from Bricktown in the downtown part of Oklahoma City. Really nice place, I had a walk through there yesterday had something to eat it was really great. All you can eat buffet for pizza and salad bar. And I’m surprised by myself but I was actually really really good. I had…two helpings of salad and I only went up once for pizza. I ended up having three slices of pizza and I am shocked by that. I thought I would have gone up…many many times. I could have cleaned them out of pizza if I really wanted to, but I’m still conscious of the weight result I had before my holiday. So errrmm yeah I didn’t go overboard whatsoever just had a few salads and three slices of pizza pepperoni and
chicken. Anyway I diverged…where I have been to on my Route 66 trip; Well it started in Chicago, I had three nights in Chicago Illinois. Before moving on for one night in Springfield Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln started out. Where he’s lived in Springfield for 24 years before he moved into a well known larger White House. I then moved on for one night in St. Louis Missouri, great fun went up the arch. A nice little cramped capsule to get you up that arch and it’s a uniquely designed lift system. Which is; well as you would expect, it’s unique. It is unique to the arch of St. Louis. I then after St. Louis, I moved onto Branson Missouri…for one night, which is mainly young family orientated. It was still lovely to walk across, walk across? walk down the river on the promenade what they’ve got set up there. After Branson I then moved onto Tulsa Oklahoma, where I had another walk around the downtown part and one…. thing what I did notice is that they have a lot of churches in downtown Tulsa and a lot of banks too. A lot of the restaurants and shops around the downtown part area closed at 14:30, 16:00 in the afternoon. So the really wasn’t much places open in the downtown part, to have something to eat. But I found somewhere, had a fantastic turkey salad sandwich with some homemade potato salad with chunks of bacon thrown into the mix. But they did tell me that I can have some really nice restaurants in the Arts District of Tulsa. After my walk about, well over 10,000 steps in Tulsa and made my way back to the hotel room ready to start the day to make my way over to Oklahoma City. Where I’m currently at now, so that’s been an insight into the places where I’ve stopped off so far along my trip. But just to give you some visual stimuli. Here’s a few photographs of some of the stops and points of interest, that I’ve…come across on my travels. As I mentioned in last week’s video, I’m not going to be able to weigh myself this week and for the coming weeks
whilst I’m on my Route 66 trip. So therefore obviously there is no result and again for my Slimming World weigh in…there’s no result for that as well. That won’t happen until I get back home in the UK. So for the purpose of this video and for the purpose of this weigh in…I’m gonna have to put it as they maintain result. So a zero across the board, because I’ve got nothing else to prove otherwise. Obviously if I’m putting this week’s result down to a maintain result. It means my Body Mass Index (BMI) will not move and will remain at 48.2 And the same can be said weight loss target, which will stay at 54.1% complete. So in the 192 weeks I’ve been doing this weight loss journey, I’ve lost total of; 177.9 pounds which is 80.7 kilograms or 12 stone 9.9 pounds. Next week the journey continues along Route 66, I am going to be setting off in the next hour or so to head over to Amarillo Texas. And then I’ll…just have a day there, just have a walkabout, see what’s there and yeah continue on my journey. Obviously regards to stats though…I would like to increase my fluid consumption for sure. My calorie consumption….is well within target I don’t know if that’s going to be a hindrance to weight gain or loss. My…step count though I would say is definitely on point. I’m doing more than enough in terms of activity in the form of walking and I’m gonna keep that up to the best
of my ability. But other than that guys, that’s it. That’s the end of this week’s video. As always if you’d like to continue following me along the weight loss journey and hopefully get to see a lot less of me in the future. Why don’t you subscribe to my channel, so you don’t get to miss out on any future videos that I post. I wish you all a fantastic week and I’ll see you all again next Sunday.


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  1. Kevin Clements

    September 22, 2019 12:00 pm

    Awesome self control Stu !!!! That pizza would have tempted me too. It's been 3 months since I had any pizza !!!! I have been tempted to order but always held back at the last minute. Yes Oklahoma is the heart of the area known as "the Bible Belt" – very evangelical Christian part of the US…..mostly Baptist and Methodist folks. Oh that potato salad sounds REALLY GOOD. Nice photos !!!! Try to find a grocery store. Many times they have a scale at the front of the store….I know all Publix's do as well as Safeway's & Kroger grocery stores. Stu keep up the terrific step counts those I am sure are keeping you in check !!!! My weigh in comes tomorrow….hope I lost some this week myself. Take care and happy travels !!!!!

  2. Robin Exley-Williams

    September 22, 2019 12:17 pm

    Hi Stu! Great pictures! Your step count is fantastic! Is it hard to drive on the opposite side of the car and road??My sister and her husband of 44 years lived in Scotland for a few years. She scared to crap out of me when they moved back. Lol work has been busy, today I go spend it with the grandchildren. I went to the movies yesterday. I saw Angel has fallen. Great movie. Best wishes!!

  3. Grey Wolf Fitness

    September 22, 2019 12:36 pm

    Keep enjoying yourself Stu and just keep doing what your doing just being mindful of how much your eating but when your doing 15k steps you'll be fine MINT

  4. Dominique

    September 22, 2019 1:04 pm

    Hiya Stu! This is my first time commenting but I'm a long time follower. You are looking incredible, there's such a transformation & it's particularly noticeable in those fabulous holiday snaps. You are a tremendous inspiration & proof that this is a battle that can be won! I thank you for taking us along on your weight loss journey with you, it's such a personal & brave thing to do. Your self control, particularly on holiday is very impressive. I'm really rooting for you that your dedication will be reflected on the scales. There is something about your video this week that I personally have found particularly motivational, even more so than normal and right at the very moment I needed it too, so I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Enjoy the rest of your Route 66 adventure! Best wishes, Dominique xx

  5. juanitajean70

    September 22, 2019 6:19 pm

    Hey Stu. I have been out of the loop for awhile. But I am happy I am going to see your route 66 trip. I have always wanted to do that. You looking good keep up the good work 👍

  6. Sally

    September 23, 2019 6:55 am

    Well done on the calories and steps. If you look back at your old videos you would not believe that you would be doing that many steps with so much ease now.
    It looks like you are having a great time, enjoy the rest of the Route 66. I enjoyed the photos so far.

  7. Kevan McNay

    September 23, 2019 9:56 am

    Hi , not watched for a couple of months …I can really see the change , fantastic work mate …..get in with the steps ….. I knew you could do it !

  8. Robin Exley-Williams

    September 23, 2019 5:39 pm

    Hi Stu! Are you in Vegas? How is your vacation going? I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. If you gamble, I wish you lots of luck! Lol take care friend!

  9. The Plant Based Mom

    September 24, 2019 8:45 am

    Hi Stu! You are doing great and looking fantastic!!!! I have always wanted to do a Route 66 trip. I live in Tennessee and we went on a road trip to Tulsa to visit my new grandchild in early May. We had the best time! We really enjoyed Tulsa. We went there and came back via Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. We also went to The Arch for the first time. It was amazing! I did great for being afraid of heights. The lifts were worse than the height for me. lol I hope you are having a great time on your trip. I'm originally from the western half of the US and I miss it dearly. We're headed to NM soon and I'm so excited! We'll be in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos. It would be cool if we could do a meetup!

  10. Chris Ackroyd

    September 24, 2019 5:39 pm

    Keep going Stu – so the conclusion seems to be eat less, walk more but drink less = gain weight!??🤯
    Good luck!


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