N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un attends flight contest by regime’s “invincible” air force: KCNA


North Korean leader Kim jong-un attended
a flight contest this week that was conducted by the regime’s Korean
People’s Army Air and anti air force the North’s state-run Korean Central News
Agency reported Saturday that the flight exercises demonstrated the quote
invincible might of Kim jong-un’s flying horse it said the North Korean leader
praised the pilots and suggested such exercises be held regularly to ensure
their combat readiness combat flight contests have been a regular occurrence
in North Korea with the country holding similar exercises three times over the
past five years however the regime did not hold the
exercises last year when inter-korean ties were on better terms


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  1. Cpt.Toraokami *OuTr HeViN*

    November 16, 2019 3:59 am

    Wow…K.J.U…….He's like a kid that never grew up ( mentally)….due to the air force thing with America and whoever….he is being like: hey look at me I have airplanes that do cool stuff too…..what…a…loser….if he didn't inherit a country and a regime…he would probably be some submissive bullied mass shooting crazy type……..ya know its true.

  2. Alla Uddin

    November 18, 2019 3:56 pm

    Yes rocket man rocks.
    You should be happy .he is kick the ass of us etc.
    Stick togather. No vs vs games.ok.help each other .we dont need us uk etc
    Those weaponry can be free for you any time.


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